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The war begins...supposedly
The word spreads rather quickly after the Volturi's so-called press conference. The Volturi have declared war on the Children of the Moon. But what's more? Aro has insisted it is not just the...

Three Volterra Citizens Murdered in Napoli
A spot that ran on national news networks throughout the day, mentioned in passing. It's not a big story, after all, people are killed every day And tonight outside of Napoli, investigators are on...

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Eventide MUSH takes place in the sleepy and rain-laden town of Forks, Washington. Aside from small town gossip, Friday night bonfires, and breathtaking natural beauty, the town has something else to boast: it is home to the largest supernatural population in the US. While many people go about their lives oblivious about the town's darker side, others struggle to cope with knowing that outside of the questionably safe confines on their homes, vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters blend in nearly seamlessly with society.

Many vampires, however, are not content to blend in. There have been a tad too many murders and disappearances for a small, reverential town as of late - it's spurred some of nature's greatest protectors, the shifters and the werewolves, to action. Will their action be enough, or will it take a true uprising of heroes, partnering together with humanity to save Forks?

Eventide is loosely based on the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. The game explores an alternate to the route taken in the books, introducing a variety of paths for original character concepts and themes, including Children of the Moon (werewolves) and the possibility of other supernaturals. The theme provides unlimited possibilities. Every vampire is not bad - some aren't even murderers! Every wolf doesn't come from the nearby town of La Push, and every human is not a pawn.

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