A Reunion And Goodbye

IC Time: May 14, 2007
Location: La Push - Olympic National Park: Cliffs
Synopsis: Micah and Emma speak before she leaves.
Submitted by: Micah

Emma lopes into the tiny clearing, carrying - a bright pink backpack in her jaws. Coming to a skidding halt, she drops the pack and gives a growl to the intruder. She only pauses a moment, however before picking it back up and heading over to the tree line, which isn't far at all. Dropping the pack there, she shimmers and contracts, the air rushing in to occupy the loss of mass, making a faint popping sound. Emma reaches up into the low hanging branches of the tree and retrieves her other, thread bare backpack, beginning to rummage through it on the ground, glancing over her shoulder at Micah, "What are you doing up here?"

Micah could smell the creature long before he could see or hear it. He turns as it comes into the clearing and growls, though it does not frighten him or even cause him to flinch. He turns back around as it heads into the woods and turns back into a human, his eyes not gazing over his shoulder at all as he recognizes the voice that speaks to him, "Me? I am enjoying the view." he pauses for a moment, making sure to memorize the scent before continuing, "May I ask why you growled at me?" his voice slightly hoarse, with a hint of pain in it as if he has been crying. Ah the idiocy of children.

Emma pulls out her top and shorts. First the shorts, then the top as she walks towards the edge of the cliff and you. "Why did Emma growl at you? Emma isn't too happy with Indian wolves lately - that's why." Okay. She's blunt, no doubt - at least when she doesn't have to skate around the existence of the supernatural. Stepping beside Micah she too peers down at the beach area, "Any more leeches down there today?"

"No. I do not smell any vampires at this time." he looks down as a wave crashes against the rocks below. He turns and looks at you with a slight smile on his face, "Why are you mad at us?" his brow furrows slightly and then he amends his question, "Why are you mad at the others?" since he knows he has not done anything which would warrant any form of anger. He absent-mindedly fumbles with the strap across his body and looks at your backpack from the corner of his eye, a slight grin forming.

Emma crouches down, rocking on her heels, using her arms as leverage, finger tips balanced on the rock in front of her. Glancing over towards Micah she grins, "Cause your alpha is a pussy and needs to grow a pair." She turns her attention back to the beach, watching the few figures down there. "You like Emma's new pack?"

Micah cringes slightly at the mention of Sam and addresses your second statement first, "Yes. It is quite ingenious really. Quite a few of my friends just tie a pair of shorts around their legs, or go with nothing at all." he pats his satchel and smiles, "But you and I actually figured out a better way to carry stuff, more stuff than they can at least." he grins slightly, though the grin is quite fake as he addresses the first statement, "And I unsure as to what Sam has done. I have not spoken to him in a while actually, been quite busy with my own dealing. Why do you think he is…well….what you said he is?" unable to actually call Sam that, well in front of others at least.

Emma pulls out a big word, or two, maybe three. "He vacillates, is indecisive and doesn't know how to manage a pack. He really should turn it over to Jake." She lets her body slip backwards onto her butt, stretching her legs out till they are dangling over the side. Idly she lifts her feet and examine her toes, which she recently tried to pain blue. It's a messy job, especially up close, but for a first attempt, not bad at all. "He let Asset and Abbey be taken." This comment alone illicits a low growl from Emma before she cuts it off with an apologetic smile to Micah.

With a sigh Micah looks at you and says, "Sam is a very good leader, he has led us this far and with the Cullens help we have done good things. I cannot question him as a leader." he words seem true, but the look in his eyes would tell anyone that he fully agrees. Jacob should be the Alpha, it is his right, "And I am sorry for your friends being taken. So much is happening so quickly. I am sure all my pack mates feel the same way." He tries to sound as sincere as possible, he does care but sadly there are more important things on his mind at this time.

Emma turns to face Micah, clamoring onto her knees before him, studying him for a few moments. It's obvious she wants to pursue that conversation but she also has other things on her mind and her anger is a slow burning one when an obvious target isn't present and disappears as quickly as it arrives. She starts to bring up one of these other 'things', "I…" she trails off at Micah's expression. "What's wrong with Micah?" She leans in closer, sniffing and studying him, mostly his eyes, putting her own sad thought away.

Taken back by your closeness, as he himself is more used to personal space, he simply shakes his head slightly. "Jacob is…well Jacob is hurting. Someone he loves will be leaving him soon." he sighs, his thoughts a jumble at this time but he tries to bring himself back together, "It is nothing really. One of the Cullens is to wed soon, and some of us are just unhappy about it is all. Like I said, things are just happening so fast and getting out of control."

Emma says, "Sad over a wedding? They are happy things, Micah." She shakes her head in confusion, leaning back to rest on her heels, giving you a bit of space anyways. "Why is Jacob hurting over a wedding, does he love the girl too, or the boy?" She seems confused, tilting her head slightly. "Not like marriage is permanent…" she offers as a weak form of solace."

"Jacob loves the girl, you should feel his thoughts and feelings about her." he sighs, wishing things were different in more ways than one, "But…when Bella marries Edward…" he pauses a moment and sighs, "Well sooner or later she will become like him, a vampire. And I know Jacob has said he is okay with her changing, but I have felt his feelings in the past and I know he must be hurting. But what can I say to him? He is the Beta." he turns slightly, his thoughts on Jacob and also on Bella, "..and I tried talking to her about it…but it did not turn out like I expect. I got…carried away I think I may have hurt her feelings. I did not mean to but…Jacob.."

Emma blinks at Micah in pure astonishment, mouth slightly open as she attempts several replies soundlessly. "Your pack needs to grow some wisdom. One should always be able to approach each other. Afraid to talk to your own beta?" She shakes her head sadly. "Indians are very very different." It's almost a mantra for her now. Sighing long and deeply she continues to shake her head, still mulling over the situation as a whole and having trouble grasping it, so she picks it apart. "It's the girl's choice, always, Micah."

Micah's jaw clinches and he turns back to look at you, a mixture of pain and hate in his eyes, "It may be her choice, but when it affects others…when it affects the people I love it becomes more." His hand comes up to his face, wiping it as he tries to calm down, "This girl…falls in love with a vampire and turns everyone's lives upside down. You know if she had not come here I would still be human? Going through high school with Jacob and the others like we used to. Seth would be playing games and bugging Leah…but no. She decides these things and it affects everyone. I know Jacob will be mad at me for saying this…but she has made my life hell in many ways…" he looks at you, his hand wiping away a tear from his face, "And I do not mention it to Jacob because he has enough to deal with, why would I want to add more stress to him?"

Emma's mouth draws into a firm thin line, "You can not blame the girl for making a choice of her heart. She did not decide to cause all this grief, she is not all knowing - besides which, Love blinds you to much." Glancing away, down towards the crashing waves below she shrugs slightly, "Why the pack would allow a human to be turned, even for the sake of love, is beyond Emma." She smiles looking back at Micah, "Your life is not hell because of a girl. She cannot control events any more than you can."

"They allow it because it is either be turned, or die. And my people will not allow anyone to die, not if it can be prevented someway." his hardened face softens a bit, only a bit though as he says, "If she were not turned then we would put everyone in danger, the pack, the Cullens, and the people of Forks. We cannot allow that. I just hope she knows what her choices are doing, how much weight they carry…" he thinks about your last words for a moment, "It is not just my life anymore, I am part of the pack, we are joined. I have heard that your kind…you can live on your own. That is something not known to us really. We are born into this family and we stay that way." he runs his hand through his hair, "…some life I joined. Makes me think how stupid I was to rush into it."

Emma chuckles slightly at Micah peering closely at him, "We can survive on our own and so would you if all your packmates were killed." She shakes her head violently as she finishes that statement trying to clear the painful memories from her head, emitting a another low growl, "You don't actually think Emma or any wolf would choose a life of solitude?" She closes her eyes and holds herself very still, shuddering for a few long moments. "Knows or not, Emma is sure Micah will make sure the girl learns." Emma changes the subject away into easier territory, for her, at least.

Micah lightly taps his head and says, "Sometimes…solitude is wanted." he squats down and looks at you, "I was trying, but the wedding is tomorrow. So any time I had is gone. So now…it is just sit back and see what happens. Let the chips fall as they may..or so the saying goes." he tries to smile, to repress and turn his mood around, something which he is good at. "Maybe after all this idiocy with the wedding is over, we can see about your friends. I will help out in any way I can…though I am not much of a fighter like the others."

Emma snorts, opening her eyes, focusing intently on Micah. "Don't your worry about Asset and Abbey, or Emma. I will get them back." She glances over her shoulder as she releases your gaze - looking back down the trail, "You just make sure they are protected when they get back." She swivels her heads back towards Micah once again, smiling, and slightly embarassed, her voice lowering into a more soft and loving tone, "And Helena. Make sure she stays okay - she's so new."

Micah's eyebrow raises slightly but then he nods, "I will make sure Jacob and Sam know to keep an eye on everyone. With the guests coming the patrols have been reinforced." he turns slightly, realizing he continues to put Jacob before Sam and shakes his head, "I am sure she will be okay. You guys are strong." he smiles, "And like I said, once this is over and done with we will be able to fully focus on any threat which might enter the area. Things are just stretched right now, and I apologize for everything that has happened…I will make your thoughts known to Sam for sure."

Emma smiles at Micah, reaching out to caress his cheek, "Strong yes. But she needs direction, my Helena. Just keep an eye on her for me, while I am gone." She shakes her head as she lets her hand drop, "She's searching for a cure." This brings a bit of cheerful chuckling to Emma. "Go figure…. She works at the hospital in Forks. Helena Lyons. Please?" she asks. Her expression is rather sorrowful but determined.

Micah nods, "Okay…I will keep an eye on her. I will pass it on to Lorelei and the others as well, as soon as I phase, so they to will know." he rocks back and forth slightly on the balls of his feet, "Though she is probably very safe, since one of the Cullens works there. He can keep an eye on her as well…I will let Jacob inform them of that if I see him. If not I will get word to them somehow." once again pain taints his words, just slightly, before he composes himself and stands up, "But don't worry."

Emma plants her hands onto the ground, hopping up by pushing with her hands, landing in a crouch. "Dr. Cullen already know about her. Emma just doesn't trust vampires." She straightens from her crouch, peering at the new backpack of hers. "They are far too self serving." Turning her attention back to Micah she smiles warmly, never-the-less, "Thank you." she simply says as she begins walking over to her two packs getting ready to consolidate them.

Micah watches you and nods, "I see that now.." he says, more of a whisper to himself than towards you. He sees where you are going and looks out over the cliffs, the place it all started in more ways than one and sighs, "You are welcome. And like I said, if you need anything else…just ask for it. It was our responsibility to protect this area." he turns his head just slightly, "..and sometimes we mess up." his words not only speaking about Helena but other things as he turns back to the sea.

Emma smiles at the words as she crouches down between both backpacks beginning to transfer everything to the new one: food, candy bars , wads of cash, baggies of beef jerky, articles of clothing, a brush, nail polish, etc. "Mistakes are unavoidable. Correcting them… however is noble." She glances back over her shoulder at Micah, "Time for Emma to correct her mistakes." She finishes back and begins closing up all the pack's various pockets and so forth. Standing she slings it over one shoulder, testing its weight.

"I hope everything turns out okay." he looks at you completely now and smiles, "Next time though remember, the cliffs are mine." his smile turns into a grin at that moment, his voice laced with humor than any real threat, "I mean if you want to stay here that is fine, but make sure I am not around. Especially before you start biting into live fish." he gives a slight shudder, he himself never eaten while in wolf form, especially not live prey.

Emma shakes her head smiling at Micah, "You can have the cliffs. Emma won't need them anymore." She turns and begins making her way into the woods, slipping the pack completely onto her back, jostling it till it's nice and secure. "Be well, Micah."

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