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Afton Blackburn
Fullname Afton Blackburn
Birthday April 17, 1667
Species Vampire
Age 340
Apparant Age 25
Height 6'1"
Weight 160 lbs.
Eyes Crimson/Ebony
Hair Black
Parents Long Dead
Coven Volturi
Occupation Volturi Guard Trainer / Diplomat

It depends on who he is around or what he is out doing to how he acts. He is very, very hard to anger, and just so, he is hard to sadden. He has epitomes of patience, making anger nearly impossible for him, but annoyance? Very easy. When training, he is the strong, dominant teacher type that is hard and pushes his students to be the best Guards that they can be and push their powers to their limits to reach their full potentials. If they aren't good enough, he will kill them himself (with Aro's grace, of course).

Amongst the Volturi bretheren and hierarchy, he is humble, but he knows his place is important and carries the air of a noble. Amongst humans, he holds an arrogant, but yet charismatic sense all the time. Think fairytale Vampire; he likes to lure them in, especially his prey, play with them, and then do the deed and dump the body like yesterday's news. He loves the thrill of the aristrocratic hunt. Its so boring when they just run.

With Chelsea? He is as much as a good husband as he is a good playmate. He enjoys seducing her, twisting her, bending her to his will just as much as he enjoys the bindings she herself puts on him. Their bond is extremely strong, though through love or manipulation is yet to be seen. Even if he has been manipulated, his love for her is unmatched. And every chance he gets, he treats her like the queen she is to him.


Standing scarcely over six feet in height, Afton is of slender frame and tight muscular build. His short-cropped hair is always kept in a fashionable style with traces of ebony brushing his forehead. A prominent nose, high cheekbones, full pale-red lips, and strong chin lend him a youthful almost aristocratic appearance. Thick brows rest atop deep knowing eyes of brilliant crimson—eyes which give the impression of vast experience, betraying his otherwise youthful appearance.

His attire is a simple yet of fine quality and flexible material, allowing him to be inconspicuous while still allowing for the freedom and agility his work requires. His shirt is a dark shade of crimson, collared, French-cuffed finely tailored to fit closely to his toned chest and ripples slightly as he moves. He wears a simple black silk tie, fastened in place by a small sterling silver tie-clip with matching cufflinks which glisten coldly in the light. A pair of pressed and pleated black slacks cover long well-toned muscles and reach to the tops of his fine jet-black leather shoes. A full-length black overcoat, left open to flutter slightly, lends a subtle grace to his movements. His fine dark clothing, debonaire style, and classicly beautiful face grant Afton an aura of mystery with a hint of dark power.


The beginning of 1667 is when Afton was brought into the world. However, he was then: Afton Charlise D'Burfon, the only son to a Scottish originated family though he was born in what is now Liverpool, England; a year after the great fire of London. He was born to a family of stature in a war-torn Europe, and this, for Afton was a time of opportunity. Power was shifting back and forth like the flow of water, and being born to the annexed Duke and Duchess of Argyll of what was previously Scotland, he had his hand in the pot of silver ever since he was a baby.

Growing up as a child, he led a rich and fulfilling life, taught by the best, raised by the best, and only had company of the best. However, in the late 1680's, his exceptional charisma started to be taken note by the royalty of England. He had no siblings to succeed his parents into the Duchy leadership, but even so the King of England insisted on the young Marquis to be his advisor and confidant. While the King of England thought he was using the Marquis to twist and contort the noble Court to his will, his parents were actually guiding him to twist the King himself; and no one knew better.

At least, that is… until one fateful night mid-1695. The Salem Witch Trials of years earlier had made him cautious, and his power within the courts of England had more than caught the attention of the Volturi. He was watched for a few years, calculated.. until one night he simply disappeared. With him out of the picture, the relationships between a number of nobles crashed rapidly and it took the King nearly 10 years to rebuild stability in the rift that Afton's disappearance had caused. However; the D'Burfons were exiled from Europe and the outlaying countries under claim of birthing a Witch. After that… nothing was heard of Afton or his family in the human world ever again.

For a hundred years, he honed his skills and dealt with many of the more subtle tasks that required delicacy. If they needed a human power to turn a blind eye and leave them alone; Afton was sent in. If they wanted an annoyance to bring themselves their own undoing; Afton was sent in. Persuation of luring some of the powerful vampires into the Volturi service was also part of Afton's job; but most of his missions were much more subtle.

After a century of proving himself time and time again, he was only selected for the missions of utmost importance; as his time was better spent training the new guardsmen that were brought in. However, his life.. or unlife as it were, was changed when Aro assigned a special case to him. One with powers somewhat like his own, but on a whole separate plane. Chelsea.

His first assumption of her was beauty wasted on the snob on how she was dressed; but luck to find out, he would have to train her into a lady. One of his greatest challenges yet, to be sure. He took special care to her, teaching her the life of the aristrocrate as well as how to blend in to human society with the changing of ages. But more importantly, he helped her develope her powers which ended up evolving beyond anything he had perceived.

She caught him off guard. And he loved her for this. The next years were spent with both of them fulfilling their own jobs designated by Aro, though amongst themselves, they began a game. Tugging, pulling, becoming friends, daring each other, challenging each other… though as their bonds grew stronger and stronger… December 1900 Afton asked her to marry him. Three years later; it was held in grand ceremony and overseen by Aro himself. Though after the marriage, there has been much speculation to if it is sheer manipulation between the two, a game in essence, or if the love is actually there.

Just over another hundred years has passed, and Afton has kept to the same old tricks. Destroy this person, empower this one, spend time with his beloved in their never-ending subtle, very loving, battle. And of course… serve Aro. At this very moment, Afton is staying in Volterra with Chelsea and the rest of their coven while he trains a couple of the more newer selected Guards. However; there are whispers that he may be sent to Forks to try where others have failed; Try to gain the favor and trust of the Cullens to later persuade them to the Volturi's side.

Power - Voice of Persuasion

Where he has his strong Charisma, there is another aspect about Afton that has made him so valuable to the Volturi. The one reason why he is such an effective diplomat; how he can destroy a person after a single meeting. His voice, is is power. While there are many ways that it could be described to work, the most accurate is that his voice is suggestive.

When a person is enthralled into the power of his voice, he is able to implant suggestions into their head, and the weaker willed of a person, the easier these take root. However the stronger the will, the longer Afton has to work at planting these suggestions to make them do his bidding. Once the suggestion has been firmly planted, Afton can leave the person alone and it still be at work. Though again; the stronger the will; the much higher chance they have at finding out that they have been put under a spell, and be resistant to it.

This power of course has limitations. For something a person is undecided on, but is likely to do, his power has a higher chance of succeeding on most levels of willpower. However, if Afton were to try and make a person do a complete moral opposite, low willpower has a higher chance of effectiveness, average and above being much, much harder. Not impossible, but extremely difficult.

This obviously wouldn't work on Bella due to the mental implantation nature of how it works.



He is strong when it comes to mentally figuring out someone and bending them to his will; such goes with his charisma. Though of course, not everyone falls into his power. Humans are more likely, vampires have more resistance. All in all, it of course comes down to the consent of the player. However, his strong mental skills in this manner, makes it difficult for he himself to be effected, IE: Jasper's emotional control would have a very hard time effecting him. Edward's mental skill would have little resistance, but not a lot. Thoughts is a different wave, after all. :)


He has the usual vampire skillset. Faster speed, hearing, agility, strength, cold skin, beautiful appearance, etc. His Charisma and persuasiveness is explained elsewhere.

Leader and Teacher

Under duress, he is an exceptional leader and can think while under stress. Make decisions for the greater good of the Volturi; which is one reason to which the brothers make Afton one of the esteemed trainers of the Guard after he served a hundred year term.


His combat skills with hand to hand are sorely lacking and he is not so graceful when it comes to true brutal hand to hand combat. However, if you give him a rapier, longsword or any other common fencing blade; he is hard to match. .. Not that fencing really does much good against vampires, but it is the one martial skill he has mastered over the years.


Where some vampires are a bit better at an aspect of Vampirism than others, Afton has a stronger Charisma than most. He has the natural ability to gain friends and favor as well as have women fawn over him (much to Chelsea's dismay at times). But he is just simply, that Charismatic.


Chelsea and the Volturi Brothers

He is loyal to a fault to these four people, though where he would be hard pressed to admit it, the brothers more than his wife. If any four of them were in jeapordy, he would do anything he could, including give up his life in a seeminly rash moment, to save them

Relationship is a Game?

Chelsea with her power and Afton with his; they tug and pull at each other, drive each other mad, entice each other and seduce each other. Outwardly this could be seen as extreme show of passion and love, and to some others, it could be a never ending game of cat and mouse between two very dangerous predators. Though in the relationship itself, Afton does sometimes wonder if Chelsea really is playing him; and this is a weakness that he closely guards, for it to be exploited could be his undoing.


He has naught Emmett's strength, and in fact… he is slightly below average than most vampires when it comes to strength. He can hold his own easily against a human, but vampire strength against strength… his skills are much too forced into his powerful voice and fencing that his strength is sorely lacking.

Roleplay Logs

Date Name Description


Chelsea His wife, his other half. He trained her since she was a new recruit, and the pair are absolutely inseparable and make a formidable team, a they are the two best manipulators there is. Though outwardly; there is much speculation to if their marriage is founded on manipulation of each other, or if they are actually in love.
Aro Out of the three brothers and the Volturi Royalty, Aro is the one that Afton works closely with and mostly does work for. He has a respectful relationship with the man, and never questions when he is asked to do something.
Carly His flavor of the month; the chosen human he's picked out to destroy. However, after some later revelations, destroying her and getting away clean just became more complicated.

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