Alanna Hauth
Rachel Leigh Cook as Alanna
Fullname Alanna Ashleigh Hauth
Birthday May 15th
Species Vampire
Age 17
Height 5 feet
Weight 100lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Power Pseudo Possum
Parents Bob and Carlina Hauth
Siblings None
Occupation Freelancer
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Born in New York City, Alanna has lead a fairly independant and lonely life thus far. This is largely because of her abusive parents, so she spent much time away from the house. As much as she possibly could, in fact. As an excuse to lean away from her home, she took to extra curricular activities in grade school, all the way up to highschool. But when peer pressure came around, she caved and eventually became apart of a small gang. they were close-knit, however they were always into trouble.

It was this way that Alanna became versed in arts like… Defacing public property with graffiti, shop-lifting, fleeing from the authorities. At times where she was forced to be at home, she'd lock herself in her room and strum her (read: Her /stolen/) guitars. Often much louder than the entire neighborhood would care for. Though that's not to say that's she was a horrible player. Quite the opposite, infact.

Eventually, when she turned 16, she was expelled after she was caught spray painting the entire south wall of her highschool. It was then that her parents ground her to the house, where her Father would beat her silly in his drunken stupor. Fortunately, arrangements were made for Alanna to live with her Aunt and Uncle in Forks after she reported such abusive behavior. It was in Forks that the highschool accepted her, despite her shady background, and is where she currently resides along with her little cousin, her Aunt, and her Uncle. In forks, conditions weren't much better than back at home.

Now, she's 17, and things are changing even more. She had her first encounter with a vampire the day she went out for a run, and slammed right into Ramona Krinov, a popular rockstar. Of course, Alanna wasn't very pleasant with the woman, and Ramona seemed to return the favour.

Not long afterwards, she met Anastasia Ravenwood. Finding that Stacy was much nicer than her bandmate Ramona, Alanna immediately took to her. Mere friendship soon blossomed into love, the most awkward kind that exists. Alanna's life took a new turn, and began revolving around Anastasia. She didn't have much otherwise.

Again Ramona's wishes, Anastasia exposed her secret to Alanna, and the decision was made to change her. She went missing for weeks on end.

There's a newborn running around in Forks, now, accompanied by Anastasia. Ramona seems pretty pissed about that.

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