Alexander Diemos
Fullname Alexander Petrou Diemos
Birthday February 3rd
Species Vampire
Age 293
Height 6" 0'
Weight 162 lbs.
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Power Highly Intelligent, Persuasive Expertise, Well-honed Fighting Ability
Siblings Angelica Diemos
Occupation Diemos Coven Leader


In 1714, Alexander Petrou Diemos was born into a moderately wealthy family inside the Phanar district of Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). Born with him as well was his twin sister, Angelica. The Phanar district was home to many wealthy, ethnicly-Greek merchants, as his father happened to be. His childhood was free of worries or pain, but he hardly ever left the property of the Diemos family. Alexander was tutored, along with his sister, and proved to be an intelligent individual even from his early years. While his only friend was Angelica, he only played games rarely and found that, as he got older, he liked reading, writing, and learning in general. He was very intelligent, and a very kind soul. Rarely did he disobey his parents or even get angry at anyone. And this behavior continued throughout most of his years, isolating himself in the house with books, any loneliness dissipated only by talks with his sister.

His aptitude for world culture inspired him to learn new languages. He did just that. Despite his location, English was his first choice. He admired the western European powers, and eventually, at the age of 19 decided he would study there. While he begged his sister, his only and best friend in the world, to come with him, her place was at home for the time being. Though, it would not matter, as he never actually had the chance to leave.

The night before he would leave by boat, Alexander found himself reading near the edge of his father's land. A moving figure distracted him from his book, but he looked too late. A man descended upon him faster than he could blink. Most of his blood was drained by a vampire that night, but he was kept alive. The man hadn't the heart to completely kill him. It wasn't long before Alex turned, himself.

Initially, he was quite confused and had an insatiable appetite that he had never felt before. The man explained to Alexander what he had become. For the the first time in his life, he was completely infuriated. The man could have at least had the mercy to kill him rather than turn him into a monster! He never learned the man's name. Without having developed any coping mechanism to deal with his anger, he attacked the other vampire and killed him in the specific way he had described to Alex. By himself, the newly transformed vampire didn't have the willpower to resist his appetite for human blood. His first kill made him feel exactly like what he was. A monster. All his years of learning would be wasted. He could never show his face to another human again. He would be alone forever.

A year went by, which gave him plenty of time to think about his existence. The more he thought about it, the more despair he felt. He hated what he was, but could not control his desires to drain away the life of whatever misfortunate human that happened to be his victim. There was only one person who could ease his tortured mind. Late one night, he crept back into his old house and into Angelica's room. He hesitated for a long time before he finally sunk his teeth into her. It was hard not to kill her, but hers was the most important life to him at the moment. She lived, at least as much as one can live once bitten by a vampire. Once turned, Angelica's reaction mirrored his a year ago, but she came to terms with it better than Alexander had. The company of family eased his mind. Perhaps it made him feel less guilty about what he was.

Over a century passed and the two made their way across Europe, killing as desired, though Alexander hated himself for it. His hate for himself and desire for blood began to wear away at his sanity. Why had this happened to him? Why had he become such a monster? Why did vampires even exist? His knack for learning led him to search for answers, but he could find none. Time continued to pass and more questions began to swim in his head. Suddenly, one afternoon, it became clear to him. All he needed to do was look at nature. Mother Earth. When something begins to grow out of control, an animal or plant begins to become overpopulated, something always comes along to even it out, be it a predator or something else. Even a wildfire clears life away only to have it begin with anew with a clean slate. Humans were the planet's prime example as a creature out of control. They destroyed nature wherever they went and encompassed almost all of the known world. Of course something would be there to keep them in check.

To Alex it became that simple. His life as a vampire now had purpose. After introducing his idea to Angelica, who seemed to agree with him, he began to feel less guilty about his killing. In fact, over the next couple of years, he began to enjoy doing nature's work. He was curing the planet. Other possibilities for his existence came to mind as well. Perhaps God had created vampires to punish humans for their sins, as if one of the plagues. Alexander realized that simply knowing these truths wasn't enough. He needed to share it with any other unfortunate vampire that did not know their purpose. And find others he did. A surprising amount of vampires needed to rationalize their lust for blood. Thus, the Deimos Coven was born.

It was at this time that Alexander discovered his apparent charismatic abilities. His young looks betrayed his intelligence. He knew how to convice people. One by one the coven grew, and Alex encouraged the others to go and spread his word. By now, in his mind, the humans were a blight on a planet that needed cleansing. Those that wanted to redeem themselves by passing judgment were to become one of the Diemos vampires. To be able to change these humans without killing them, and as well to control his baser instincts, Alex trained himself to become resistant to his more primitive urges of killing for pure pleasure. He encouraged everyone else in the coven to do the same.

Werewolves, which were to him nature's apparent way of keeping vampires in check, began to become a nuisance. As such he told the others to begin hunting them down. Vampires were aware of their purpose, they didn't need something to keep them in check. The Volturi were also equally aggrivating. Why hide from humans? They needed to know of their punishment. But Alexander knew the Volturi were too powerful to overcome. Thus, he had to abide by their rules. The coven grew, and to spread the word as much as they could they needed to split out into smaller groups. Alexander came up with an idea to have a gathering once every three years to talk of their findings and to teach newcomers what they needed to know. Picking a remote spot in Greece, his ancestor's homeland, he named it simply, the 'Congregation'. Alexander decided to bring himself, Angelica, and a select few around the world to teach others what they already knew.

A century and a half has passed since the Deimos coven was born. Werewolves are less of a threat. Alexander does his duty and continues to cleanse the planet. However, he still despises what he is, and in the back of his mind, wishes that this duty had not come upon him. Ignorance is bliss. Angelica is his only link to what he once was, and he values her deeply. Knowing that he will never go back, he has now turned his eyes on one of the worlds younger nations; the United States. In particular he knows of a vampire in Forks, Washington who needs to learn the truth of her existence. Any other vampires in the area might just be a bonus…


Alexander's general attitude toward people is highly abnormal and erratic. He shifts instantaneously from calm and composed to infuriated and fuming, and vice versa. Years of being a monster with the sole purpose of killing people has worn on him. His demeanor almost always seems to express a troubled mind, even in his calmest moments. An example of this are his nervous habits. Alex is nearly always moving, usually spinning or fidgeting with something in his hand. As well his face tends to twitch frequently, usually between some some angered expression or a calm one.

Alexander is a vampire stuck on the memory of being human, himself, never wanting to forget what he once was. Because he is so attached to this, he frequently takes part in human habits. For instance, though food is digusting to him, he is found frequently eating things such as fruits and vegetables, as he forces himself to ingest them. He's even seen trying to sleep once is a while. Also because of his inability to let go of his past, any reminder of his human life are particularly dear to him. This includes his sister, Angelica, whom he feels is the only person on this earth who truly understands him. She is more dear to him than his own life… or half-life. It is ironic that he also believes that his current sole purpose is to kill humans. He hates what he is and what he does, but continues to do so out of some strange sense of duty that has overtaken his mind. Despite his questionable sanity, Alexander is extremely intelligent, and a very persuasive speaker when the mood strikes him. It is easy to see from the second one meets him, that he is far from normal even for a vampire, but that is the mixture of genius and dementia that is Alexander.


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