Alice Cullen
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
Fullname Mary Alice (Brandon)Whitlock-Cullen
Birthday March 14, 1901
Species Vampire
Age Appears 19/Actual age 105
Height 4'10
Weight 102
Eyes Golden
Hair Black
Power Precognition
Occupation Student


Mary Alice Brandon was born in 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Her childhood was exceptionally positive.Her mother and father denied her nothing as a child, and she was their world. When she was 13, the started to notice little things she would say and do. Although odd, at first they paid her suggestions no mind until they noticed that they were eeriely correct. They told her to stop doing it, as they were afraid what people would think and say. That all changed when she was 16. On a normal outing in town, Alice suddenly began to scream. She was insistant that everyone get out of a building, because it was going to be in flames. Her parents tried to hush her, but she would not listen. When a propane heater exploded in the basement of the building and the building was destroyed, people began to talk. They started to discuss what should be done with the unnatural child that was using magic. Rather than have their child meet a deathly fate, they decided to put her in a mental institution, and told the town that Alice has died of Tuberculosis.

Once in the asylum, Alice was confused and sad. She thought she was doing the right thing by warning people and didn't know why her parents abandoned her in this place. She was often scared, and always lonely. The few other children on her wing were not any company to her, as they were beyond communication. She struck up a friendship with a frequent caregiver. He brought her candy and small toys to play with. She treasured them and enjoyed the time with her new friend. The one thing she could not possibly know is that her new friend was a vampire. Over the next couple of years, Alice was always with him, they were attached at the hip. Soon, another vampire would join the staff. His name was James. When James saw the pair, he immediately saw a challenge. He knew what he wanted. He wanted Alice, only because of how close she was to the other vampire. He started hunting her, tryin to get between them. Alice of course had no clue what was going on, and she still had no clue until the night when to save her life from James, her dear friend turned her into a vampire and escaped with her to the nearby woods, where he hid her and left her alone. The pain of the change was too much, and her mind erased everything. She now knows nothing of her past. Only from the day she woke up as a Vampire. James took his revenge, and killed Alice's friend.

Alice wandered for awhile, not knowing what to do. She traveled from Mississippi to Phily, going where her visions led her. She had a vision of Jasper, knowing where she would meet him, but she didn't know exactly when she would meet him. She went to the diner daily to wait for him. During the night, she would walk around the town and look at the clothes in the store window, critiquing them as she went. She took a job in one of the stores, directly across from the diner so that she could keep an eye out for the man she was to meet. Eventually she grew tired of the store and went back to waiting. Finally, he appeared after he had left his lifestyle behind to search for something. She smiled as she caught his eye and told him that she'd been waiting a very long time for him. In typical southern style, Jasper said "sorry ma'am" and tipped his head. Alice gave him her hand and he took it. The left the diner to follow another of Alice's visions. As they spoke along their travels, they fell in love. Alice's visions led them to The Cullen's, who's lifestyle was what they were looking for. The Cullen's adopted her as their own, and she and Jasper were married.

The Cullens together moved to Forks, where they met Bella. Alice and Bella grew very close after she and Edward fell in love. Alice used her powers to foresee things in Bella's future to save her life. They introduced Bella to their life, taking her to do special things with them. During a family baseball game, Alice sensed someone was coming, soon after that three vampires appeared in the field. James was among them and he immediately smelled Bella. When the Cullen's defended her presence, James again saw his challenge. Also recognizing Alice, this challenge was more appealing to him than ever. Upon running from James, a plan was made for Jasper and Alice to take Bella back to her hometown. Alice drew a room with mirrors once they arrived. She knew this is the room where James waited. Bella recognized the room and tried to call her mother to warn her, since the room was in her mothers home. James was waiting with a plan to move Bella's heart. He intercepted the phone call and convinced Bella that he had her mother and gave her instructions. She ran off and followed his directions, escaping Alice, Jasper and Edward. Alice's visions led them all to where James had captured Bella, and she was saved when James was killed.

The future seemed bright, until Alice planned a birthday party for Bella. Things went very wrong when Bella cut her finger and Jasper lost his control. The Cullen's chose to leave Forks behind. Alice didn't give up so easily. She was always tuned into Bella's life, knowing that they were to be sisters one day. When she envisioned Bella jumping from a cliff and the vision went dark, she assumed Bella had died. The news made its way to Edward, and he was convinced. He planned on killing himself. Alice had to get Bella's help. She went back to Forks and took Bella with her to stop Edward, who was in Italy. Grand Theft Auto became a new talent of Alice's. They arrived and managed to stop Edward, only to be called before the Volturi. Once there, Alice and Edward were prizes that needed to be won. But they weren't interested. They were released under the guideline that Bella be turned. Alice let them read her thoughts, she was to change Bella. They returned home where Jasper and Alice were reunited. But things were far from over.

James' mate, Victoria sought her revenge. She was after Bella. A mate for a mate. Alice saw this in a vision, which caused Edward panic. He made Alice keep Bella with her at all times, to protect her from Victoria but also to keep her from seeing Jacob. But even Alice could be fooled, as Bella escaped from school to go be with Jacob. Bella eventually put all the pieces together and with talking to Jasper about his past, they figured out that Victoria was making an army of newborn vampires to kill Bella. Alice's visions help them form an attack but Victoria sidestepped the main fight and went right for Bella. She was thwarted in her effort by Edward, Seth and Jacob. Victoria perished. Edward then asked Bella to marry him, and Alice sees it in a vision. She pushed Bella into letting her plan her a real wedding. Bella loves Alice as a sister, so she can't say no.

During all of this, Alice found a few spare moments to research herself. She finds her records from the asylum, and she found her tombstone. The date of death is the same as the date of admittance into the institution. And she finds a surprise. She has a sister, and a niece. Her niece is still alive and living in her old hometown.


Alice is what you would call Happy Go Lucky. She's always smiling, and tries to turn every frown upside down. When she walks, she is graceful, almost as if she's dancing on some unseen sheet of ice, her movements smooth as silk. Although she does have an angry side, it rarely comes out. When it does, you shouldn't bet against Alice. She can fight with the boys and win, she can outrun all of them, but she is a prime target for their opponents due to her small stature-They immediately go for her first. This makes her a liability to the others as well as an asset.


Name Relationship Description
Jasper Whitlock-Hale Husband Jasper is Alice's husband of many, many years and also her best friend.
Edward Cullen 'Brother' Edward is the sibling she's closest to.
Rosalie Cullen 'Sister' Rosalie is Alice's only 'Sister'.
Emmett Cullen 'Brother' Emmett is the third Cullen Brother, and Rosalie's husband.
Esme Cullen 'Mother' Esme is the only mother she's ever known.
Carlisle Cullen 'Father' Carlisle is the Father figure of the house.
Bella Swan 'Sister?' Bella is engaged to Edward, and has become very close Alice.

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Note: Dates are IC.

Title IC Date Quick Description
Kyler Indoors May 14 Kyler visits the Cullen house, and then Edward and Esme talk about the future.
Mud Fight May 13 Alice, Carlisle, and Esme have a mud fight and some serious talk along with it.
Downpour In The Woods May 12 A number of vampires and some werewolves find themselves in the same place at the same time.
Pink Balls and Insanity! May 11 A family outing to the local sporting goods store proves interesting.
Envious Jacob May 9 Esme meets a new wolf in town and gets a surprise.
Monsters? May 8 Another gathering by the almost pool, Jacob admits why he supports Bella's change.
Fun in the Mud May 4 A mudfight at the Cullen Residence..something gained, something lost.
Bonfire at the Beach May 3 The Quileute's hold a bonfire at the beach.
A Housecall April 29 Caius and a number of the Guard arrive in Forks and pay their respects to the Cullens.
Family Presents April 12 Carlisle gives presents to some of the family
Happy Easter...not April 12 Bella, Edward and Alice go to the treaty line to tell Jacob about impending nuptials, at first meet another member of the pack, Lorelei
Torture AKA Shoe shopping with Alice April 9 Bella returns early after being sent away, and meets up with Alice and the rest of the Cullen ladies.
Snickerdoodles April 7 What happens when the Cullen women are left alone
Ski Plot - Part 3 February 18 The ski club members get more than they bargained for on the slopes.
Ski Plot - Part 2 February 15 The ski club members arrive at the lodge…

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