Full name Alyse Elizabeth Jones
Birthday May 3
Species Vampire
Age Apparent 25
Height 5'7"
Weight 115 lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Auburn
Parents David and Rebecca, both living
Siblings Mikey (sort of)
Occupation Private Investigator


Alyse had a fairly uneventful childhood. While she was an only child, she didn't have any lack of friends. Her father was a police officer, and her mother stayed home to raise her. She went to school. She got good grades. She had plenty of friends. A typical childhood, happy enough. When she was old enough, she spent more and more time with her father, becoming 'popular' among the detectives and other officers at the station. Puzzles were easy enough for her to solve, and she always seemed to have SOME kind of theory when she heard about crimes in the news. Her father began to take her to the shooting range once she was old enough, teaching her how to properly use firearms. To this day, it's something that she sometimes spends time doing.

Given her skills and analytic lines of thought, Alyse started working from home and doing basic investigations for the neighborhood. Who was cheating on who, who took the cookie from the cookie jar… nothing terribly prolific. But she always got the answers. Eventually, she began to work alongside some of the police force, and her influence grew. When they needed someone 'unofficial' to investigate a case, they called upon 'Little Alyse'. Unfortunately, this would eventually lead to her fall.

She was called upon to investigate an identity theft ring. Over a period of weeks, she slowly gathered information. She took pictures, confiscated identification, stole fake cheques, and so on. But something went terribly wrong. The leader of the ring decided to pay a visit to that particular hub one day, and he immediately pulled her out of the crowd. Literally. Alyse was promptly snared and brought to a windowless and dark room. Over a period of… well, she isn't sure how long… she was tormented and abused, both physically and mentally. Questions were asked, and she eventually told them everything she had. Which was more than they could ever have thought. Furious that she was able to work so easily under their noses, the leader came in again to deal with her personally. After most of the bones in her body, he dumped what remained of her in the trees to die. Which would have happened if someone didn't cross her path.

Broken and unconscious, Alyse was dumped into the chill of the woods. What little blood was left in her body was slowly leaving her and attracted the attention of another vampire: Mikey Lewis. At first, she was nothing more than just another human who'd met the end of her days. But when he moved in to investigate, she was conscious, albeit barely. When she realized someone was there, she whispered pleas for help from him. Something about her made him actually want to help. He quickly bundled her up and brought her to a safehouse of sorts. Instead of letting her die, he spent the next three days with her, transforming her into a vampire. While the pain of being beaten and broken was significant, it paled in comparison to the feeling of the venom that coursed through her in ever increasing amounts. The fact that her body was healing along the way isn't something she realized until the end, and the agony ceased.

Newly reborn and filled with bloodlust and hunger, Alyse was certainly not herself. She was desperate. She was hungry. And she needed to feed. NOW. With her savior and sire at her side, he guided her back to that place where she was captured. The people who aided her demise became her first meal. The warehouse where they were working was then lit aflame, burning all the bodies that remained within. So far away from the center of town, it simply burned to the ground before anyone noticed. It was ruled as an electrical accident.

After being missing for so many days, Alyse was declared missing. Investigators went to her office and pulled all the files she had left, soon discovering that the new pile of ash and rubble was where they were working from. They declared her dead. By that time, both Alyse and Mikey had left the city. He gave her a pair of tinted glasses to wear when they were outside and began to help her rebuild her business elsewhere.

Five years later, Alyse continued working, mentored by her creator, posing as his older sister when it came to anyone else. With her business rebuilt, she has a new list of clientele, a variety of types of people. Her dark office disguises her true nature, or she simply meets with them after dark.

Timeline and Current Plots

September 29, 2007: Alyse finally arrives in Forks.


Alyse tends to be calm and calculating. She has a temper, but it rarely appears in a violent explosion. Instead, she prefers to think and plan revenge against people who cross her (most of the time). She's patient and willing to bide her time, a skill that's useful when an investigation is going slowly. The dark side to her is cynical at best, and it can take quite a bit of work to get her to trust someone entirely. She might -pretend- to trust you, though…


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