Portrayed by:
Fullname Amaya Mitsu
Birthday November 27
Species Human
Age 16
Height 6'4"
Weight 173
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Power Nope
Parents Divorced, both alive
Siblings One brother, 14.4 months younger
Occupation Student, job shadowing Dr.Cullen


Amaya was born and lived the first few years of her life in a city on the coast of Lake Michigan. Due to some abnormalities in her brain development, she was in speech, occupational, and physical therapy from birth to three. At three, she was entered into pre-preschool, started figure skating, and moved with her parents and fourteen month younger brother to a home with four acres of land in the country, over two and a half acres of which was a woods. Due to it's size and various structures built with withing it, Amaya found it great fun and adventure to run through the woods and surrounding cornfields, exploring and climbing trees.

As she grew older, Amaya still loved the outdoors, particularly climbing trees, despite her parents disapproval. At the age of four, Amaya started actual preschool at a small parochial school. There were only six others in her grade, five of which were male. She continued figure skating and speech therapy, as she still 'spoke strangely', and started youth soccer, basket ball, and swimming lessons. At five, she went through kindergarten, where she tended to sit in the corner and read books instead of playing in the toy house, or with the other such toys during her free time. At six, she moved up to first grade, and her intellect really began to show. The simple math and reading were too easy for her, and due to her boredom, the teacher labeled her a troublemaker. At seven, she began second grade, and martial arts classes.

At eight, Amaya switched schools, starting in third grade in a school with nearly as many children in her grade as there were in the entire pre-K to eighth grade school she came from. The teacher there had more experience, and the school tested her IQ, found it high enough to make her a certifiable genius, and placed her into their gifted and talented program. As those at her old school thought her to be a troublemaker, and blamed her for things she didn't even do, she gave up, and began to act like the troublemaker she was said to be. Thus, she was kicked out of the GT- gifted and talented- but put back in a short time later for being 'too smart' to be in the normal kids' class. This happened multiple times throughout her time in third and fourth grade. Amaya had trouble making friends, her third grade teacher once even bribed a girl to befriend her. Amaya made her first two real friends, however, when they rescued her from some boys who were throwing rocks at her at recess. At nine, in fourth grade, she took and made a state record on a thirty minute, thirty question test.

In fifth grade, Amaya started middle school, band- clarinet-, horseback riding, swim team, and gymnastics. In addition, she stayed with everything she had already been in. She placed fifth in the school-wide spelling bee, her team won the whole grade in 'Battle of the Books', she was skipped up a grade in math, and took the eight grade standardized test, scoring in the ninety-ninth percentile among eight graders. She also joined chess club. In sixth grade, at eleven, her BotB team was second in the school, she made it to state in a vocabulary competition, graduated swimming lessons, and took the ACT. She scored a 27. In seventh grade, she graduated the GT, won BotB with her team, placed second in the school-wide spelling bee, and started choir, track, and forensics. In eight grade, at thirteen, she finally got out of speech. She started Spanish, nurturing her fascination and love of linguistics, and the (only) two real friends she had had since third grade left.

In ninth grade, Amaya started high school, with advanced classes. She made three new friends, and quit basketball and gymnastics. She made it to state in forensics, and was bumped up to varsity chess. She was still also in figure skating, horse back riding, swim team, soccer, and martial arts, not to mention Spanish, band, choir, ceramics, and CAD. That year, her parents finally divorced, shortly before her fourteenth birthday. She wasn't, however, distraught, as her parents had began the divorcing process twice before. Her mother moved into town, only half a mile from the school. In tenth grade, she taught herself another language- Esperanto- and continued with what she was already in, although she took metals instead of ceramics, and CP&SD (Computer Programing and Software Design) instead of CAD.

Amaya's mom lost her job, and a few months later, right before the end of the school year, so did her dad. They couldn't find employment in the area, and so they moved to Washington. Her dad, whom her brother and her spent 55% of their time with, moved to Forks, and her mother moved to Seattle. Both came to 'make it easier on the kids'. Both parents now work in Seattle.

Timeline and Current Plots



Name Relation Notes
Beverley Positive The first person Amaya met in Forks, Amaya views Beverley as a friend.
Regina Positive Amaya met her at the Cullen-Swan wedding, and views her as a friend.
Carly Positive Amaya met her shortly after Carly came to Forks, and views her as a friend.
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