An Olive Branch Withers

IC Time: May 17, 2007
Location: Forks - Cullen Residence: Front Lawn
Synopsis: Micah tries to apologize, but it simply does not work.
Submitted by: Micah

It is the day after the wedding and decorations are still hanging here and there around the place, Bella is in the garage. Perhaps one of the last places one would expect someone like her to be, but what is in there has probably drawn her there. The beast, the old truck has returned. Though it has obviously been vamped up, new paint job, new mufflers and no doubt some upgrades under the hood. Bella is taking to it with a shammy towel, cleaning bits here and there as if it really needed it.

With the debacle finally over with Micah figures he might as well make one last appearance. He walks out of the forest near the house, his clothes slightly torn, dirty, and in a general state in which he would never been seen in. He smells you before he even hears the movement in the garage. His voice, loud and somewhat different than normal, yells out "Bella." just your name, one word, though things are different now and so is he.

Bella looks up and stiffens as she sees Micah her hand tighten around the towel in her hand, "Micah.." She says in reply, though there is a quick glance to the house before looking back to him again. She looks down for a moment, a faint look of guilt perhaps from their last conversation though when she looks up it is gone, "Its done now…there is no going back. Jake is alright…" Though the last is said with a tight tone.

Micah gives a slight shrug, "I would know how he is doing. After…" he pauses for a moment. He starts to act like his old self, holding back again, but stops and looks up at you. His normally sparkling green eyes looking darker as he says, "After he imprinted, well. I have not went wolf. I do not think I could actually function if I had to listen to his thoughts right now." he slowly walks towards you, though his strides are longer than normal and he is quickly at the garage. He watches your look to the house and gets a smirk across his face.

Bella slides her hands in her pocket as she stands there awkwardly, biting her lower lip for a moment, "Well he is ok with it Micah…as ok as he can be. I can't think about that…I have made peace with what I am going to do. I will let him and Charlene get sorted first…" She says wrinkling her nose a bit at that and looking to the ground of the garage, "I told you…I wasn't the one for him." She says in a softer voice before she looks up at him curiously, "What? What thoughts? I thought Imprinting was normal…expected for your kind?"

"Depends who you ask." his eyes darting around slightly before he turns back to you, "Sam figures it is the person you can reproduce with, Billy…well he thinks it is to keep the generations born strong." he smirks some, "Personally I do not care about it. So much of it going on, thought it was a little more rare but who knows. And I am fine with your marriage, I do not care anymore. Your lives, Jacob's, they do not matter that much to me anymore. I just came by to make sure everything was really fine before I went back to the reservation and packed up my stuff."

Bella looks at him with confusion ,"Micah…I thought you would be happy of all people? He loves someone, not just me. I…might not understand it, but …well…maybe it was meant to be. Maybe his attraction to me was just something familiar until the real thing came along." Bella shakes her head and shrugs, "I don't understand half the stuff in the world anymore and I understand far more than I wish I did sometimes…" She starts before pausing and looking up to Micah, "You are leaving?" She asks before finally taking a step forward, "If it was about all that you said? I am ok…you were just being his friend…and it hurt like nothing else, but I can't hold a grudge because you were being a friend."

"Ya, Jacob found forced true love. Go Jake." his own words upset him some but he recovers, "Ask Leah about imprinting sometime. Ask her about Sam. Then you might see another side to it." he takes a step back as you move forward, but he makes no other movement as he looks down and speaks, "I am leaving the reservation, yes. My parents would not allow me to move too far though, but they agreed to let me finish out my last two years at Forks. Once that is done I am getting the hell away from this place. he looks up at you, directly into your eyes, and he sighs, "I did not mean to make you upset. I was trying to do it for him. But I guess he needed no help…neither did you." a shining light of the old Micah is let out just briefly.

"I know about Leah…I am sorry for her. I also know about Emily…and she and Sam. They love each other very much. Maybe her and Sam wouldn't have worked out, I don't understand everything about imprinting Micah…I just do not think I have seen Jacob so happy…" Bella says awkwardly shaking her head as she tries to sort things out in her own mind, "And well…I have got to hold to that." She drops her gaze again at his last words, "I love them both Micah, I have no regret over the decisions I have made and I think the impression shows I made the right one. If /I/ was the right person for him, he would have imprinted to me long ago."

Micah shrugs again, "Not part of my life anymore, so I don't really care." he turns slightly, face looking out into the forest, "I am just glad it will never happen to me. I want to be in control of my life, not some switch that simply gets turned on." he then opens his satchel and digs in it for a moment before pulling out a brown leather bound book with a strap and silver clasp on it, also some cloth as well which he wraps around it, "My mom told me I should at least be civil…so I brought you this." he puts it down on the ground and steps away, making sure not to get to close, "Just something I had lying around, figured you might want to write down everything you know right now in a journal, before it is lost to time."

Bella looks up to Micah as he digs into his bag. As he pulls out the book and sets it to the ground she looks at it curiously then up at Micah. "Thank you Micah…" She says finally as she stoops down to pick it up, "I needed a new journal…" She takes a few steps toward him, holding a hand out to him, "I am sorry Micah…" She says in a soft voice, "I wish things could go back to how they were…I wish we could call each other friend again." The words almost hold a pleading tone, her brows drawn together as she looks at him.

Micah tilts his head to the side for a moment and smirks again, "Bella. If I were really pissed at you, upset like you think I am…well I doubt your leech could catch me in time." the comment is just that, nothing threatening in his voice, "I am being cautious. Since the imprinting…well…I am not in control much. It is the reason I am refusing to become a wolf." he looks into your eyes, "If I phased I might give in fully to my emotions and let instinct take control. Lord knows who I would kill..and I might regret it afterwards. This is just a precaution." he pauses for a moment, "But it won't be like it once was, not with anyone I know. Except maybe Emma and a few others, they have done me no harm so I hold no grudge against them."

"If he thought you would, I would not be alone here right now Micah." Bella says as she glances back to the house before looking back to Micah. She holds the Journal to her chest instead of approaching closer though, taking his warning though. "We will take care of him, of them. He is family now as much as well…we are connected." She says with a touch of confusion in her voice. No she doesn't completly understand things. "You take care of yourself Micah and when you feel you can, I will make sure you are welcome."

With a nod he closes his satchel back, "The hard part comes when I have to tell Sam and Jacob. Nothing like this has ever happened." he says with a hint of sadness in his voice before he looks back up to you, tears welling up in his eyes, "But I guess that will be the final hurdle. And probably not, about your leech." oddly enough Micah used to say Cullens, or Vampires, but now his disdain gives him more of the tone Sam or Jacob used to have, "Make sure they know, if I come across them in my woods I wont hesitate to take a nip at them." his words might seem humorous but his tone says differently, "I would not kill them, that would hurt you and in turn Jacob, but I also will not be bothered by them."

Bella shakes her head at Micah, hurt and confusion in her eyes as she looks to him. One hand lifts to point towards the back yard, "A week ago we were laughing together, you were standing with Emmett, Jasper…Edward building something. We talked and you seemed hopeful for the future…" She asks as she takes a step closer to him, "What has happened Micah? Nothing has changed…a week ago I was getting married, A week ago I was planning on changing, a week ago you called them by names and not that horrid title. A week agi you wouldn't have come here to pass on threats to them…what has happened Micah?"

"Let's just say I have been talking to some of the leeches relatives and they have enlightened me some." he looks down again and clinches his jaw slightly, "They helped piece together some things that I have been thinking about for a while, and brought some new ideas into my head." he looks to you and frowns slightly, "Do you really think they can be trusted Bella? They just seem so fake, so full of lies. The vampires I spoke to feed on humans, they do not hide it but also told me they only feed on those that deserve it. They make no apologies nor hold anything back. They agree that…" he looks to the house, "..they are not everything they pretend to be. I mean just look at them. Your's can read minds, did he tell you all the pain Jake was in? Or that mother leech, the 'compassionate' one? Did she care about Jake's feelings or did she just focus on her son's happiness? Selfishness if you ask me."

"So you listened to some killer's lies and believed them? I have known them for two years Micah. The only lies they tell are those that protect their secret, just as the werewolves do. You have visited here…you have seen with your own eyes what they are like and you trust the words of one that if they were a Cullen would break the treaty? "That's a mother's love Micah, to care for her own son above all others. Edward and Jacob do not get along all the time but he has told me, as has Jacob. When I ask he tells me. I know neither of them tell me the full truth of it, they both protect me far too much. That isn't selfishness…thats love."

Micah looks at you, and listens, though his brows furrow slightly as his mind tries to straighten things out. He shakes his head, "No." he tries to focus and other things come to him, some strengthen his resolve, others chip away at it. In the end though he just looks at you with a form of pity on his face, "Bella…" he begins and pauses for just a moment, "..nevermind. Like you say, you have been with them two years." obviously his words denote something more than he says but he does not continue. He looks at your hands and gives the best smile he can, but even then it is nothing like he used to, "I hope you get good use out of it. Spent a good deal on it." he tries to shift the conversation to something neutral, something that won't hurt either one of you.

Bella shakes her head at his implication, "And you and Jacob…they have fed you, befriended you, been nothing but civil to you. Let you on to their lands even if they can't go onto yours. Use your brain Micah, listen to your heart…They haven't changed other than with the coloured lies of people who don't understand how the Cullen's live. You are taking the word of a stranger, a man killer over people who fight every day for humanity." She clenches her hands around the Journal for a moment before she tosses it back in his direction. "I can't take a gift not freely given. You give me gifts then call my family your enemy…I can't understand…"

Micah looks down at the journal, his face obviously pained as he looks back up at you, "If you don't want it…that is fine." he turns slightly, "Like I said, my mother said I should be civil." he looks at you out of the corner of his eyes, "And that is not all, there are other things I have factored into this you know. There are many other things. But I guess you were centered around your little important moment." his voice attempting to be harsh, but betrayed by the same pain he had in his face, "Family of a friend of mine were taken..and the pack, a force she went to for help, declines and digs a pool for the leeches." he turns to look at you more, "My pack attends weddings, parties, while Forks is being over run by vampires…by our sworn enemies. I have yet seen the Cullens do anything about it. Have they even noticed? Or have they been focused on making their youngest son happy?"

"I will take it when you are my friend again Micah…" Bella replies, a pained expression in her own eyes as she looks back at him. Her face bearing the hurt of the words as if it were directed at him. "It is not for him Micah, it was for me. They are trying to stay under the radar, trying to keep things quiet to keep me human as long as possible. Those vampires that threatened those wolves…they hold my Mortality as leverage. They told us that those wolves threatened to expose the vampires and the threat the Cullens received was to stand aside or stand against THEM." Bella says the words in such a guilt filled voice as she lists the sacrifices the Cullens have made for her. "We live under threat every day. We have these parties, these fetes…to keep the people here Safe. To keep things normal, to keep the Volturi away."

"I don't know Micah…if you have evidence to the contrary…then present it to the Cullens. Tell them what you know, we have only heard one side and we are trapped there till I am turned…hell maybe even afterward for all that that one wants me for what he thinks I can do." Bella says in frustration, her hands balling into fists at her side, "Don't you dare blame the Cullens on the decision YOUR pack made…we can't fight them all and maybe…we could have fought them together…maybe not. If Jacob asked for help maybe this would all be different." She sighs, "It wasn't protecting the Cullen's…that wasn't why they came. For better or worse…they are damage control. They draw up guidelines the vampires must follow…there are vampires out there with far greater and more damaging gifts then Edward's and Alice's…The threat to us was just as real."

Micah sighs, he sees nothing he says will really do any good so he turns slightly, "I hope all of you, even my…old pack, can live with the fact that they might be doomed." he feels true pain for Emma, someone who befriended him when he was just a little lonely human, someone who stayed his friend through it all. He turns towards you slightly and looks down at the journal..but does not even try to pick it up. Instead he starts walking away, slowly even for him, with his shoulders slumped down some, "If you do not want it, then just throw it away." his tone seems tired, though he himself is not.

Bella flinches at his words and shakes her head, "We live that others might not be doomed by the choice we make. These are not easy choices for anyone…I see the pain in Carlisle's eyes. He wants to do more , but he is trapped." She tries to reason with him before sighing and letting him walk away. She looks down at the journal and finally walks forward to grab it, holding it to her chest again. "I will talk to them, I promise…soon their threats won't hold us back." She says softly, glancing to the scar in her palm before she watches Micah walk away. "Take care…" She says in a soft voice before she trudges up to the house.

"Bella.." Micah is some distance away but he looks at you, "Open it after I leave..I have had it since our fight.." and with that he is gone.

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