Portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert
Full name Anastasia Lynn Ravenwood
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age 21
Height 5'7"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Power Hypnotic Suggestion
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Occupation Model / Former Backup Singer


For nearly all of her life, Anastasia Ravenwood had wanted to be a rock musician. Almost before she could walk, she was 'singing' along with her mother, who had a love of singing and never hesitated to encourage her middle daughter's interest in music. Born the third of four children, into an "old money" upper middle class family in Boston, Massachusetts, she had plenty of opportunities to learn, and was a very good amateur singer and piano player by the time she entered junior high. Backed by reasonably good skills as an acoustic guitarist, a career in music seemed to be inevitable. Not that her efforts earlier on didn't earn her a fair bit of teasing (over her flubs) and grousing (over the noise) from her older brother and older and younger sister, but it never deterred her. Nor did accusations of "showing off" and "having a swelled head" from her siblings and some of her less-friendly classmates. Even her hobby of rollerblading and her natural talent with her skates didn't distract her. And none of her friends could say that she didn't know how to have fun, but her time out with them was often interrupted briefly by studying the fingerwork of live band guitarists and keyboardists, and she did insist on treating her friends at karaoke clubs a bit too often for her intentions to go unnoticed.

Still, rock is a tough field to get into, and several demo albums netted her nothing but well-wishing letters coupled with rejections. She refused to give in, however, and when she and her friends went to see live shows she did her very best to get a backstage pass for the sole purpose of meeting the group and demonstrating her skills. This strategy didn't net her any real success, either, however, but it did gain her two bad experiences with con artists, several instances of trouble with the local law, and the ire of her parents over said troubles. Ever persistent, however, Stacy refused to give up. Eventually, not long after she turned eighteen, and within months of graduation from high school, she was able to slip off to New York and gain a backstage meeting with a quartet of metal artists that were performing to packed houses in an old off-Broadway theater… an experience that changed her life forever.

From that night forward, Stacy has mostly forgotten everything that came before, including much of who she once was: her new life as a vampire has nearly eclipsed her former life. For nearly five years, and hundreds of thousands of miles, she has been working with the four vampires and their vampiric inner circle of road crew, singing chorus in the background, working as a roadie and personal attendant for the core group, and practicing, practicing, practicing for the day when she will be a full member of the band. And feeding, when the need arises, of course; as she has been repeatedly informed, there are always plenty of stray groupies and fans that no one will miss. The trauma of feeding on other girls and boys who were once just like her has left her a little unhinged, however, and sometimes the treatment of other members of the band threatens to drive her further over the brink. Her eventual reward of being a full member of the group, and the threat of losing it forever, are forever dangled before her, to keep her focused on her masters' wants and needs. Still, no matter how long it takes, or how hard she has to work, she has come too far to give up. She /will/ be a member of the group, and /will/ play and sing onstage with the others, and /will/ become a rock legend someday.

She must. Her dream is all she has left, and all that reminds her of her former humanity. When she sings, she can forget the thirst, the abuse, the horrific drives of her vampiric body, and just live for what she still loves most.

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"Hold on Loosely" - .38 Special
"If I'd Been The One (To Say Goodbye)" - .38 Special
"Blue on Black" - The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd
"Only Happy When It Rains" - Garbage
"Dog New Tricks" - Garbage
"Dreams" - The Cranberries
"Maggie May" - Rod Stewart
"The Impression That I Get" - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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