Ashley Kahsaklahwee as Angel
Fullname Ashley ‘Angel’ WhiteFur
Birthday February 04
Species Werewolf
Age 23
Height 5'5"
Weight 102 lbs.
Eyes Black
Hair Jade
Power Beauty and Shape shifter powers
Occupation International Model


Ashley life changed when she was 13 years old Basically she was discovered by a modeling agency who whisked her away from the world she knew into the world of fashion ,glamour and glam . Some where along the lines she lots touch with her parents who signed away their daughter before they knew what happened thankfully she got lucky and had enough head on her shoulders not to be swindled but still she was taken from the world she knew to a world she didn't .

Her fame rose extremely quickly and she of course didn't forget her roots speaking out on native American rights and needs as she graced cover after cover . But something was always missing something wasn't right she felt empty and alone. She tried drugs but to her surprise and perhaps dismay they didn't seem to work well they did but never lasted very long and it took a tremendous amount just to have it affect her so it doesn't make it an option to drown her feelings of loss, alcohol doesn't work either but thankfully she did discover one way, witch of course ruined much of her reputation though it wasn't that surprising in the fashion world , she would spend the next few years in several strings of empty and meaningless relationships drowning her sorrows in the arms of her lovers never staying with one long for fear of them discovering her nature as a hollow shallow person .

About 4 years ago something changed she met Gabrielle he was so different he was a black foot native who would talk to her about his legends and peoples at first she didn't like him because he turned down her offers for sex . But because they were a hot item together they had to spend 6 months together and over that time she grew to like him a lot more then she should and she felt like that hole was filled just being with him. But 1 year ago everything changed again they ran into a vampire they were out for a walk in Paris walking by the river Seine when her hearing picked up somebody calling for help she told Gabrielle and they went to investigate only to come across a vampire who was feeding . It was so fast she couldn't believe how fast the vampire was it had Gabrielle against the wall and was feeding from him in moments she grabbed the vampire and tries to throw him off and did much to the vampires surprise as well as her own but Gabrielle was dying there was so much blood flowing out of his neck then that vampire hit her with a stick of some sort and she went flying only to watch the vampire rip off her lovers head. Her rage exploded at that moment so she shifted change into her wolf form but even with her rage the change was so new so scary she just did the only thing she could she ran away. She gained control the next morning and shifted back but she was so scared and alone the police found her scared nearly naked asking her questions about the gang that had attacked her and dismembered her boyfriend.

She would disappear from the modeling world for the next year mourning the loss of her love trying to come to terms with it and only finding blame in herself and what she was, she knew the hole was still there and though Gabrielle helped her forget it hadn't gone away now she's returned now she's come home to find answers to what she is and why and perhaps she hopes to heal the hole that's in her soul.


Her old personality was sunny and bubbly happy to be alive and loved booth nature and life itself around the time she became a teenager she changed becoming rather selfish and well bubble headed not thinking about tomorrow or about other people beyond her own wants and feelings, that was only made worse when she was a model though her connection and want to help her people never changed she was always a good girl just confused. When she started with Gabrielle some of her old personality comes out though with his death she's become sad and withdrawn almost haunted wanting to find out what she is and who she is and why she can change more than anything.


Name Relationship Description
Jacob Black Packmate annoying but growing to understand his charm
Lorelei Meinkoth Friend helped her when she first came arrived

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