Anna Lovari
Kristianna Lovari
Elisha Cuthbert as Anna
Fullname Kristianna "Anna" Lovari
Birthday October 31, 1650
Species Werewolf
Age Apparent: 24; True Age: 355
Height 5'9.5"
Weight 145
Eyes Blue-Gray
Hair Blonde
Power Limited Second Sight
Parents Sergei (deceased) and Rika (deceased)
Siblings Several, all long since dead.
Occupation Shopkeeper/Owner of Primal Essence


Kristianna is from the old country of Romani and once claimed ties to the Lovari gypsy clan. Unique from many of her peers given her fair coloring and gift of 'sight', she became highly coveted in the region for her unique talents. Once advisor to a local noble, legend tells of her placing a curse upon his young son and only heir. When the child died not long after, she was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death.

Aided in escape by a sympathetic guard, Anna fled from the holding only to find herself attacked and infected by the Children of the Moon. She spent several years traveling with the pack, losing one of her fellow siblings with the onslaught of the Volturi war. Eventually the pack turned on each other when one of their members went rogue. After a brutal battle, Anna was left the sole survivor and moved on. She spent the next century in solitude, trying her best to survive and keep secret the curse that pulsed in her blood. Her encounters with others of her kind were nearly non-existent, save for one near volatile exchange which resulted in her tossing the man out on his ear.

Though her own interactions with the other Children has been minimal, many have heard rumors of the alleged 'Arctic Witch' of their blood with the ability to forecast the future in spades. Yet legends are often greater than the people who inspire them and Anna's is no exception. Her power is limited, bound by the ritual and blinded to those that share her blood. She does possess quite a bit of talent with herbs and herbal remedies, making her a worthy apothecarist and folk healer in her own right. With a bit of skill in perfuming, candle, and soap making — Anna has developed a viable trade among the human population. Her years of travel and wisdom make her a wealth of information when it comes to various legends and myths. She has recently come to Forks in search of others of her kind on Fate's whim.


Anna can be a bit dark and broody at times and has a tendency to be a bit blunt and brusque. She finds herself having a hard time dealing with idealists, having seen all too vividly, the dark realities of the world around her. She can be utterly charming and playful, but this is mostly just a front to try and keep the cynicism and darkness at bay. She does have a rather quick temper and has been known to hold grudges for a long time.

Despite her ordeals, she is not a bitter woman but she does seem to possess an inner sadness that tends to color most of her perceptions. Anna has a hard time trusting others or allowing herself to form attachments out of fear that she will bring them harm or they will eventually leave. She tends to possess a degree of dark humor that seems almost disturbing to those that do not know her any better. Anna believes fully in the hand of fate and as such, is very hesitant to try and intervene and change the visions she might see. She has grown accustomed to lying and deception, having found only pain and suffering whenever she dares to speak the truth. That is not to say she cannot be honest, but merely that she will lie with great ease when it comes to the point of self-preservation. Anna is a creature of passion with the capacity to hate as deeply as she loves. Fortunately there have been only two people in her life who have ever earned the full brunt of her passionate hatred: the noble lord that once enslaved her and Evgeny. When faced with those she hates, it is hard for Anna to simply stand by and condone their actions. She is highly judgmental and tends to make up her opinion about individuals within the first few meetings.

All those things aside, Anna will protect those that are able to earn her respect. While she tries to keep herself outside of any disputes or wars, she will lend her support if necessary… but only until it is no longer needed. She maintains a degree of neutrality whenever necessary, sometimes believing death a neccesity and has even killed a few herself over the years for survival. However, when death is needed — she sees no need in being savagely brutal.


Name Relationship Description
Brian Landon beta of the Shadow Stalkers pending
Abbey Wallace alpha of the Shadow Stalkers pending
Finn Callaghan alpha of the Shadow Stalkers pending
Luc Bussey Acquaintance A former acquaintance, Luc is one of the few lone wolves Anna has ever met.
Theodosius St. Gregory former alpha (deceased) Once her alpha and father-figure
Seraphina Vohlgren former packmate (deceased) Sister to Evgeny; mate to Theodosius; slain by the Volturi
Evgeny Vohlgren former packmate (allegedly deceased) Brother to Seraphina; responsible for the infection of Anna; slayer of Theodosius

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"Bury My Lovely" October Project
"What I've Done" Linkin Park
"Dante's Prayer" Loreena McKennitt
"Why" Annie Lennox

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