Aro II

IC Time: May 26, 2007 - Night
Location: Aro's Conference Room - Castle - Volterra.
Synopsis: Aro makes his own assessment of Inari and gives her something trivial to do to occupy her.
Submitted by: Inari

Aro sits at the head of the table, reclined, and gazing out the stained glass window into the night. A streak of moonlight finds its way into the room that is otherwise unlit, giving off a silvery light. Aro has sent for Inari, and though he expects her, he seems in deep thought or meditation. The door's open. Outside, Corin and Heidi await Inari's presence, or, prepare to come get her if she doesn't show.

Inari steps quietly into the conference room. She's calm and still wearing her travel cloak from greeting Stacy outside at the Fortress. There's even still a slight smile on her lips as the reunion is still fresh. She pauses politely not many feet inside, lowering the hood of her cloak. "I'm here, Master."

Aro 's eyes flutter open — light rose colored, under their usual filmly appearance. He straightens in his chair, gaze flicking to Inari for a moment before he sends a nod beyond her shoulder to Heidi, who closes the door with a last curious glance at the dark-haired woman inside. "Good evening. I trust the visitors arrived well? Tell me about them," he says slowly, while gesturing to the chair right next to his.

You say, "So far only three, Master. A newborn, Lilly, full of energy. Alexander, their leader, always mulling over something, though speaks his mind guardedly enough." She slips into the seat, perching herself on the edge of it, rearranging her cloak to be out of the way, and her hands atop her knees. "And Stacy, of course." She doesn't elaborate on Stacy, knowing full well know all she does concerning the vampiress. "Quarters have been provided them, they are still restless inside the Castle."

"Interesting. I look forward to meeting them. Until then, there are other matters to attend to." Aro studies Inari intent for a moment and then smiles, though there's something beyond welcoming and warmth in his smile. "You have served us well with the visitors; however, I feel your abilities are not being used to their full advantage. I have sent others in your place to associate with the visitors. I was hoping you might be able to set up a room for the wolf, impending the approval of the treaty. We need a room for them to stay in… however, appropriate technology should be installed to ensure our 'diplomat' doesn't get any smart ideas about roaming around or gaining inside information." He flicks back a bit of his dark hair. "We don't want any spies around, now do we?" His smile is frozen. "Did you meet with Marcus?"

Inari lowers her head and her gaze at the mention of spies, not to mention the frozen smile, "I will, of course set up a room for… " she lifts her gaze just briefly, "One or two wolves, Master? Together, seperate? Locked?" She's seeking details but her heart and mind certainly aren't in it. Her interest trickles off quickly as the last question keeps chipping away at her, "You know I have, Master." She does raise her eyes this time, keeping them on yours, searching them, "What did he say, Master?"

Details of the wolf's quarters Aro did not consider — mainly because it wasn't top priority at all, but rather, something that seemed harmless enough while still being honest… a must in front of Inari. "One wolf. Not locked, exactly. The wolf would be free to roam, but will always have a guard." He doesn't seem particularly interested in the task: "Do what you think is best." On the topic of Marcus he doesn't answer right off, his eyes boring into Inari's as she searches his. A frown pulls his lips down at the corners. "A bold question, Inari. I'd prefer to keep that information private. In fact, instead I'd like to focus on you." He provides no reason why, but slides a hand toward her on the table. Should contact be made, he would quickly try and access the wiped memories — failing, no doubt — but then looking to review her arrival.

Inari blinks as she soaks in the wolf details, settling for doing what she feels best. She drops her eyes to the hand as it begins to move. She simply extends her hand, turning the palm upwards, her eyes drift back to the Elder's as the contact is made. The memories are gone, going back almost three years. There are a few tiny holes even before then, that match the ones in her initial contact with Aro. She arrived with a vampire named Jared who had no trouble finding the main hidden entrance to the Castle and simply dropped her off at the reception area, with a message for her to give Aro. The message was simply spoken to Inari and was along the lines of, 'Touch her, and I hope she is useful in the days to come.' Inari, of course has no more knowledge of this now, though she remembers telling you exactly that, just not why.

Aro brushes his fingers against Inari's hand for a minute or so, and then gently pulls his hand away, reclining back in his chair again. "…Interesting." He clears his throat. "You've been competent," he says honestly, since, after all, she doesn't seem to know about her placement. "I think soon we will have a very different sort of mission for you, Inari. In the meantime, please prepare for the wolf and serve as a liason to them in the dungeon. We will take care of the newcomers." There's something he's not saying beyond his rather cheerful words, but it remains unspoken as he gazes out the window again.

Inari takes a deep breath and sighs, dropping her gaze once again as your finger leaves her skin. She listens quietly while you say everything but nothing she really wants to hear. She accepts it none-the-less because it's obviously what you want. "I wish I could help, Master." She slides from the chair, "I know you won't tell me, so I'm not asking." She fixes Aro with a worried gaze, pursing her lips, "I'll prepare the room and the wolf…though I think the treaty is going to take a bit longer." She smiles a bit wryly.

"There is nothing you know," Aro says flatly to Inari, on the subject of her wanting to help. "But in time, perhaps you can help." He purses his lips, and, after a moment, nods. "I think so. The male seems to think he is going to escape our dungeons without any sort of penalty." But he's already said too much, so he falls quiet and stands in a quick motion to indicate the end of the meeting. "That is all I needed from you. Come to me immediately if anything… anything concerns you."

Inari she gives a slight bow and backs away a few feet, "Yes, Master." she turns smoothly on her feet and quickly leaves the conference room, her stride strong and determined.

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