Aset Amun Ma'at
Shemar Moore as Aset
Fullname Aset Amun Ma'at
Birthday 11/5/1115
Species Werewolf/Child of the Moon
Age 894; looks mid twenties
Height 1.83m/6ft
Weight 84kg/185lbs
Eyes Red-Amber
Hair Black
Power Extreme Reslience: Mental/Physical; Martial Expertise
Parents Meetsi and Mumbootu Ma'at (Deceased)
Siblings Irisis (Deceased), Krisha (Deceased), Amun (Deceased), Ra'ashan (Unknown), Khamat (Unknown)
Occupation Co-Alpha; Master Craftsman; Thief


<Sudaneese Village, 1115 A.D.>

"Meetsi, you cradle the boy too much… Please, how is he going to become a great warrior with his mother treating him like such a baby? Set him down sometime, let him walk on his own two feet!" Ah, her love is already apparent. She's not let him alone for the past two days, and there's no sign of her ever letting go; likely because one day she knows that she must. Meetsi…As beautiful in the flesh as she is in her heart.
"Mumbootu, he IS a baby…of course I am going to baby him. Come, look at your son, your first. He is very large, you know what that means, don't you?" Even saying the words brings a haze to my eyes. Ah, they will want to make him one of their own. A great honor indeed, but that means that my dear child will spend much more time away from me. I will have to have a dozen more just to get over the seperation anxiety…
"Ah, yes…My boy. Come, let your father look at you once more." He's heavy…he'll make a fine warrior for our caste, and for our allies. "He will take many wives, and one day maybe become a revered alpha of their pack. So many years from now." I have a feeling that time shall pass in the blink of an eye. I miss him already, though I would never admit it. Weakness, the boy, must never see.
"My son, it is time. Your robe is prepared, and the Children of the Moon are waiting. Be prompt, they are very patient, but all the same we do not wish to keep our honored allies waiting." I was right. The time passed so quickly, and he is the young man that I knew he would become. Even now, as his life is to be changed forever he is stoic, prepared. I did well by my eldest, very well… He knows no fears, or at least like his father he shows none of them.
"Chieftan…Father, I am ready now. I hear the drums beating, I feel their song in my heart, and I am ready to embrace my destiny."
"And so you shall, son. With me now, boy." The full moon…So bright tonight. The canopy covering the village does surprisingly little to block out the illumination of the globe. The Children are many this evening; apparently as honored, as we are that my son is to be the next addition to their pack. Their leader, Kashit, a respectable fellow will turn him shortly. The dais where this is to take place is already lit. Amusing…They've wasted very little time. Ah, time for a speech…I dread this part. "Cogali! Children of the Moon! Our two packs have come together again as one on this night to honor Aset Amun Ma'at on the eve of his turning to solidify the bonds that we share, and symbolize the joining of our two packs into one force for the good of all! My son has never ceased to make me proud during his few days in the world! The Gods have truly blessed him, and by doing so every one of us in turn! Prepare now, all, for the turning!"
The drums have flared up again. Each beat like that of my heart, resounding throughout my entire body. I can feel the rhythm. This feels right, as right as it does terrifying. I hope that no one noticed my swallowing…they cannot see weakness. "I stand before you Aset Amun Ma'at! When the light of the world, the sun rises again I will be no more as I stand before you now, but elevated to divinity! Elevated to protector of not only my tribe, not only my brother Children of the Moon, but all of mankind!" The cheers…the people of the village do so love a speech, don't they?

"On this day, my Lord believes that my fate has been written. I have never felt this way before. Not since the very first taste of blood to touch my lips; not since my very first battle. This Child of the Moon called Aset has given meaning to my life." - Jeanette Deveraux (1203)

The pyres burned high into the midnight sky; the Werewolf bodies piled up by the dozens… This was a good night. Something seems a little amiss though, as the battle-master had said that his contact within the village in the steaming tropics of the African Continent reported at least six, maybe even seven-dozen Children of the Moon. "Does this seem odd at all to you, Rushond? This couldn't be everyone…"
Jeanette always had a bad feeling about everything. She was a Volturi with a particularly grandiose appetite for battle, and for good reason. Anyone born with such prowess would be a waste in any other profession. Always a bad feeling; like most other times in this instance she was right. "It is not everyone, Jeanette. We've counted seventy-seven, which means three are missing. I've already sent word to Percival's riders. They should be forming a blockade as we speak."
"Yes…" There would be no finding them now. Not with their informant having been killed in the initial moments of the battle. "You said that these Children of the Moon were entered into a contract with the local tribe…that they had a symbiotic relationship of sorts? Children protection, in exchange for training in the tribe's methods of mortal combat." The others would need her help, as their patrol groups would be far too small at this point to handle a serious threat considering how long the tribe was reported to have flourished. "…Roshund?"
Yes, Jeanette always had a bad feeling about things. Why couldn't this time have been one of the few that were different? "You will not find them, Jeanette. Nor will Percival and any of the other patrols…Missing among the dead is the Chieftan's son. Apparently their most revered warrior, thought to be unstoppable…His hide thicker than most, his constitution noteworthy. He killed Galanin, and not even as a wolf, so as far as it would seem, an accurate description. Though he did run, didn't he?" Her blood was boiling now; it was as if he could feel the fire flooding her veins. Yes, that one did have an insatiable bloodlust indeed. Oh how she craved a new challenge, which is why she must not be allowed to go. "No, he knows this land better than any other still alive. There is no point in wasting your energy. Leave that to those better suited to such a task. We return with news of a partial victory…The rest of this Clan will be exterminated in due time, and I have already foreseen that you will one day get your chance to meet this one in battle."
"Music to my ears, Lord Roshund." Something about her Lord's tone though, it was amiss. He perhaps thought that he could mask his feelings from her, but her senses were far too sharp. It was obvious that he did not want her to fight this Child of the Moon, this 'unstoppable' foe. He was a seer, granted, but not all premonitions proved accurate in the end. He'd never seen her death before, in all of the years that they have been close. The thought of her possible demise was nothing short of exhilarating.

"Once there was a moor named Aset, who traveled the lands of Tibet. The Far East was his home and through fire he roamed 'til his fist there no equal had met…" - Ferdinand the Fool (1432)

"You know, Molari, thse monks could live rather well if they desired. Their robes are made of fine materials, their garments and halls kept in impeccable condition. It amazes me, however, that they have very little in the way of arms. One would think that they would put the same effort into protecting themselves that they do making things look 'pretty'."
Refa was always good for a laugh, but rather thick in the skull. Sometimes he cannot help but wonder what things would be like for France if it were left in the hands of the Fools, rather than the aristocracy. All they ever seemed to do anyway was mess things up, but of course it was his job to entertain, not to debate matters of state. He did have a point though, that Refa…These monks were incredibly ill equipped.
"Come now, Refa. Do you think that they do not have hidden weapons stores around this quaint little villa? I have heard stories of men breaking through wood and stone with their bare hands. I have heard that these men have access to magics of the like heard of only in fairy tales. Perhaps, if this banquet goes well then we may even get to sit in on a little demonstration."
Molari was a true noble, a man that had not lost his sense of curiosity, and reverence for the 'new'. Progress, not regression should always be at the fore-mind of the nobility! Though what is this…the sounds of battle? Surely a narrative is brewing. "One, two, three, four… Behold my Lords, I spot a moor!" What a sight! An ebony man so far from where one would expect to find one of his 'religion'. "This could not be healthy, so dangerous a score. One against two, against three, against four!"
A moor this Far East? Certainly he knew that their influence had been great at one time, but to have returned their presence to South Eastern Asia so quickly? No, he was worrying over nothing. This moor was one of them, his robes matching, and his status alone. "Refa, this man… Have you ever seen someone move so quickly, fend off so many armed men, and without arms himself? I think, perhaps, the demonstration has already begun."
"Indeed…Shu had spoken of a man that was not a man living with the monks here, and other places. One who travels from monastery to monastery seeking the wisdom of the Masters; apparently he is really a beast in disguise. The monks see him as some sort of protector, and he has been doing this across Asia, learning their ways for Centuries." These people and their ridiculous legends, a man could be led to believe anything in this part of the world. "When the moon is full, legend says, his true form is revealed. Ridiculous, no?"
"Engaged in combat with men of the robe, see how he ducks, watch fist shatter globe! So many at once, do my eyes now deceive? The magic of the East in a moor, could it be?"
"Hahaha—ridiculous…Yes, for once I must agree. Nothing more than a legend… The monks are correct about one thing however; this man's prowess is surreal. Perhaps, with training like this these men need no true arms."

"Of all of the lab assistants that I have had over the years, none had proven as attentive to detail and determined to get things right as he. That he'd left so suddenly and without a trace did, I must admit, injure my heart… Now, it is only my hope that during all of this time I have not been unwittingly training a potential terrorist in the plethora of methods that exist to create untraceable explosives…" - Doctor Joseph Moore (1892)

"Aset, you never cease to amaze me, my boy. It is truly refreshing to find a man so dedicated to chemistry. We are a dying breed, you and I. So many in this field with only their own self interest at heart. So few are willing to make the sacrifices that you and I have… What I mean to say is that it is good to have a partner in all of this." He was a bright young student that is for certain. When he had showed up on my doorstep so many years ago he was a very sore sight. He had only a single bag and two pairs of knickers to his name, but even so it seemed that he had all of the confidence and peace of mind in the world.
"Thank you, Doctor Moore. I am trying my best. Anything to repay you for your kindness… Not many would welcome one such as myself with such kindness and generosity. Your lot is very few of a kind."
Always so humble, that boy… Don't think I've ever heard him raise his voice once in the ten plus years that we've worked together. Perhaps that peace of mind he seems to carry is what has kept him looking as young as the day I met him after all of this time. "Well, I try…Truly. None of this is without effort, you see."
"Of course…I am going to run some errands. Do you need anything?"
"Oh, no, just what's on the list. You know, I've given up the brandy…Thanks to your ceaseless urging. When will you be returning? Before midnight, I hope. We have a lot of work to do before sunrise."
"I'll be back before you know it, Doctor."
"Good. Oh! One more thing! Be careful out there. There have been sightings of wolves, large ones. They were running about town a couple of days ago after dark. If it weren’t for the light of the full moon none of us would be the wiser to this possible menace. I'd not be able to forgive myself if I neglected to warn, and something were to happen to you, Aset."
"Thank you. I will be vigilant, Doctor. See you in a little while…" He's a good man, Doctor Moore. It actually breaks my heart to have to leave him.

<Austin Texas, 2006>

"Forks, Washington, please…one way." So, this is it. Its been a very long road, but finally the tide has begun to rush back into sea. This life has been so long, and so much time has been put into preparing for this day. It'll only get harder from here… I've thought about turning back, thought about just hiding away and saying to hell with it. To hell with the Volturi, to hell with the rest of my own kind, but all roads lead back to one. This is what I was born for, what I was bread for… I'm a warrior, and what is a warrior without a battle? What is a man, or a Child of the Moon without a pack, without a purpose? Forks Washington…Sunlight is scarce out there. I hope that's not an omen of things to come…

Beyond Biography

May 2007 — The Shadow Stalker pack enters into a historic treaty with the Volturi Coven championed by Aset Ma'at and Abbey Wallace.

June 2007 — The Volturi and the Shadow Stalkers combat a Romanian vampire coven, marking the first time vampire and werewolf kind have publicly fought together on the same side. — Aset and Caius negotiate behind closed doors. Aset is to leave Volterra for three months to gather intelligence on potential remaining Romanian threats and report back directly to Caius.

July 2007 — Aset survives two encounters with roaming vampires, learning more about the Volturi's past with the Romanian coven creating an unease within his mind.

September 2007 — Aset's route back to Volterra is cut off by a group of vampires seeking revenge for the 'murder' of their friends in early August. — Caius grows frustrated by Aset's apparent disappearance and begins to suspect that the werewolf has betrayed him. Tensions grow and paranoia reigns supreme within Volterra prompting the vampire Elder to orchestrate a 'falling out' between Shadow Stalker Alpha Abbey Wallace and the AWOL Aset.

November 2007 — Aset finally manages to break through the blockade set up by the revenge-thirsty vampires by traveling south into Africa by sea from Yemen. — Shadow Stalker Alpha Abbey Wallace refuses to aide the Volturi against her own kind, breaking the Volturi/Children of the Moon Treaty.

January 2008 — After many gruelling battles Aset finally manages to evade all persuit by giving up on reaching Italy, instead opting to return via the Americas after a brief stay over in Forks, Washington.

Present Day….


Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverant. That's the Boy Scouts of America Oath, and that's what Aset tries to live on a day to day basis. Granted, like most people he tends to test at about fifty percent accuracy on any given day. A bit too serious at times, he's a true fan of the idiom 'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance'. Relaxation is the name of the game, when he's not dedicated to a 'purpose' higher than himself. Arrogant is a word that can be used often enough behind his back, though charismatic, or more appropriately 'charming' would also enter into any conversation surrounding the man. He seems to be filled with a sense of duty to those weaker than himself, one that transcends ethnic ID's, and National borders. Aset is a man that is for the people, not even only his own, who is not ashamed to admit his own shortcomings on the road to divinity. "Life's a lesson. There's something to learn from everything, or even nothing."
It's sometimes difficult for Aset to accept certain realities about the nature of things, whether it is that of his people, of human beings, or even Vampires. When he witnesses people entering into a materialistic mode of living, line of thought, etc. He tends to shy away from prolongued interactions with such individuals, though not without grabbing the spotlight for a moment. Always with some sort of higher calling on his mind, his arrogance tends to show most often in a less selfish manner, but moreso in an idealistic fervor. Often enough he simply just has difficulty understanding why all people would not want to live in the unbiased, immaterial utopian world that he aspires for. None the less, he tends to display a very kind heart, and rarely shows true anger or the full wrath of emotions stirred by negativity. On the occasion, 'strange' or even 'creepy' flutters upon the tongue-tips of those around him with the amount of almost etheral confidence that he has when attempting to live his own esoteric agenda.


Name Relationship Description
Abbey Wallace Co-Alpha/Friend/Lover Abbey was the first wolf that Aset had met when he first arrived in Forks. She strikes him as kind-hearted, loving, and motherly to her fellow packmates, as well as fiercely strong and independent when she needs to be. She makes him feel as if he is not alone anymore, which is something that means a great deal to him. His feelings for her have grown quickly, regarding her as his foundation of hope, a solid reminder of what he is fighting for… Distance, time, and a bit of treachery has placed a strain on their relationship—still the love that 'was' still 'is'.
Luc Bussey Friend/Uneasy Luc seems to be one of those loner wolves without direction, without a care. Luc's attitude seems to remind Aset of life 'Before the Fall', which both amuses and upsets him to a degree. Aset hopes that Luc will grow closer to the rest of the wolf pack living in Port Angelesd despite his past foolishness. He thinks that Luc would make a good Gamma.
Emma Wood Acquaintance/Friendly Emma seems like the kind of wolf that he has not run into in a long time, very young and alone. The girl appears to be very rough around the edges, and in need of a pack and tutoring in the ways of her kind at the very least.
Cain Frost Packmate/Friend Aset does not know much about Cain, other than that Abbey turned him recently. While Aset does not want there to be any bad blood between them, both of their feelings for Abbey once complicated their relationship, perhaps making it difficult for them to be friends. More recently they have buried the hatchet.
Finn Callaghan Ex-Alpha/Favorable Finn seems like a good guy, and reminds Aset a lot of the other pack Alphas that he has met over the centuries. Being that Finn is like a father to Abbey and had saved her life many years ago makes him see the other wolf in a very positive light, and worthy of much respect.
Brian Landon Packmate/Friendly Aest does not know Brian very well, but as a member of the Shadow Stalker pack he thinks that they will get along well. Abbey seems to have a good friendship with the wolf, which furthers this belief. So far the other wolf appears to be amusing, and possibly experienced which Aset respects so far.
Anna Lovari Acquaintance/Friendly Aset met Anna not long after he'd arrived in Forks. She seemed to be rather well put together, like most lone wolves that he's had the pleasure of coming across. Though he hasn't seen her recently he hopes that she is well, and eventually opens her store as desired.
Jacob Black Acquaintance/Neutral Jacob appears to be a wolf that is ready for action. Aset likes the shifter's enthusiasm, and hopes that he and his pack will make trustworthy allies.
Tzipporah Clarke Acquaintance/Neutral Trip seems to be a pretty happy go lucky member of the wolves native to the Forks area. Aset and Abbey met her in Port Angeles' town square, but Aset knows very little about her.
Tecoah Wood Acquaintance/Neutral/Packmate? A new wolf caught up in the revived war between Children of the Moon and Volturi… A pity how young she is, how fresh her experience as a wolf and already in such great danger.
Tayren Savaras Acquaintance/Neutral/Packmate? A sharp younger wolf, but old enough to prove somewhat wise. Good that he knows Abbey, and is apparently a Shadow Stalker?
Lue Kado Packmate Kado is a wolf and a part of the Shadow Stalker Pack. So far that's about all he knows about the wolf, other than the fact that he seems cool-headed enough to follow an even supposed alpha.
Kokeshi Miyuki Acquaintance/Packmate? Miyuki appears to be a close friend of Kado's, though it is not certain as to whether or not she is with the Shadow Stalker Pack. Something he should probably know…it's nice to see more wolves in any case.

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