Portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens
Full name Anca(Aura) Tudor
Birthday October 31, 1919
Species Vampire
Age 90
Height 5'8"
Weight 125
Eyes Red without contacts
Hair Brown
Power Shadowdancing
Parents Deceased
Siblings Deceased
Occupation Volturi Guard and theater instructor


Early 1900's, just outside of Volterra past the thickets, frequented a kumpania of gypsies either hated by the citizens or mesmerizing to them. A girl by the name of Anca was born without a voice; a mute due to a defect though among the gypsies she was viewed as cursed. Because of her problem, she developed a dependency on her older brother, Kiril. She clung to his existance like a shadow, going everywhere he would go, unafraid to climb, trek or endure unless he were afraid to do so. Kiril didn't seem to mind, Anca wasn't holding him back. It didn't exactly make her a tomboy, there was always a dainty grace to her actions. She was just not afraid to take chances.

A tragic event occurred when Kiril, being a reckless boy, slipped off of the downed tree that made a bridge across the nearby river. Anca was the only one there with him,and couldn't cry out for help. Anca jumped in without hesitation to save him, managing to pull him to safety. Anca herself wasn't the best swimmer, but the motivation made her persevere. Kiril was ill after that ordeal and Anca never left his side.

Things changed after Kiril recovered for he was more cautious and afraid to do alot of the things he had done before, and this reflected within Anca who developed the same inhibitions. As time passed, she grew from a pretty little girl to a beautiful young woman, still clinging to her brother. Kiril fell in love with an unearthly woman from the city, and this troubled Anca. She knew this woman would change the way things were and take her brother away from her, and she was right. Kiril suddenly disappears with no trace.

Anca's world was crushed, she had no romantic feelings fro Kiril, she just depended on him. Anca instantly became reclusive, closing herself off into the darkness of her caravan, rarely coming out. There she say like a lost soul in her own tormented limbo. Some time later, Kiril returned on a moonless night, but much different than he had been. Regardless as to what her brother had become, Anca was thrilled to see him and pleaded with her silent voice to go with him. Kiril had come to take her away, and embrace her into immortality, and he turned her that night.

Anca's turning had to be one of the most silent in history as she lacked the ability to scream. The action was made, but no sound left her lips, until she gave her very last mortal breath. Anca arose a newborn vampire, given a vlice in her new life as sweet as honey. She possessed a special ability to merge with her own shadow and move as if it were a living entity, which obviously stemmed from her former life personality.

Kiril took her to the Volturi where Aro saw much use for her gift, and took her into the Volturi Guard under Kiril's tutelage who was an accomplished warrior now amongst them. Anca took back to being Kiril's shadow, though at times it would be literally, as she would often merge with her shadow and mimic being his, an aspect of her gift that made her a perfect spy.

In time, Anca and Kiril made for one well oiled machine, and she would continue to follow him everywhere. But Kiril was very succeptable to the intoxication that being a vampire offered. He made foolish mistakes, believing himself untouchable. The Volturi came to pass judgment on him, but knew Anca would choose to defend him. Her give was too valuable to just discard, so exploiting the weakness of her ability, they trapped her her shadow form in a place that saw absolutely no light, effectively imprisoning her and executing Kiril. Anca remained in her suspended prison of limbo for years, with only the thoughts of Kiril's demise to herself. Something in her changed, the aspect of darkness and being made up of it crept into her heart, giving her a secret blackness.

When she was finally released from her imprisonment, she was lost without one to cling to, making her much like a soulless puppet. Until Fabian stepped forward; a thespian within the Volturi, he saw the beautiful tragedy reflected in her eyes and became fascinated with her. Fabian took her into his theater and under his wing. He made her sing pieces from opera depicting tragedies and unrequited loves.

That tragic quality carried well into her performances and Fabian taught her how to fake emotion that she was missing or really didn't feel anymore, but make it seem genuine to others. Anca was a fantastic actress, though one of the first things Fabian did when he took her under was change her name. He did not feel the name Anca was fitting for who he wanted her to become, so he stripped her name and called her Aura. His instruction made Aura develop an independence of her own, she not only gave amazing performances to quell the bordem of the Volturi, but she was unmatched in stealth and subterfuge.

Upon completion of her personality transformation, Fabian realized that he desired her for his mate. Aura made him feel as if the feelings were reciprocated, when in reality she had absolutely no feelings for him, or much else at all. But the student had surpassed the master for Fabian could not see through the illusion of emotion that she spun. Aura's heart was as black as death, and it is uncertain if any sliver of true emotion still existed. Everything now was a very well practiced and displayed act. Aro was perplexed by her, for the emotions she displayed were like second nature to her and her true thoughts were very few and very neutral. She cared for absolutely nothing positively or negatively, but her loyalty was genuine down to duty, like an automation. It was how Aro titled her Shadowdancer, the Dark Doll.

Times went by and the Volturi had placed protection of the residents of Forks. Aura was sent to investigate the mysterious murders in hopes that her gifts would prove useful in uncovering answers. She placed herself in a secluded home within Forks, becoming an acting instructor to the students at the high school, playing a roll that isn't much older than most of them there.

Timeline and Current Plots


Shadowdancing - Aura has the unique ability to sink down and merge into her own shadow where she gains a type of form. As a shadow she maintains all of her senses and speed and can move independently from the true nature of shadows. As long as any small amount of light is cast, Aura can move as a two dimensional entity, shifting her shape as she sees fit, appearing as the shadow of a small animal or even a massive horror from the darkest pits of the imagination. She can overlap existing shadows, mimicking their movements through her observation and vampiric reflexes. Which makes her even more difficult to detect. Like a shadow, she is detached from physical manipulation, making impossible to damage her through physical means while in this form and impossible for her to touch, be touched or move anything. Those with mental influences that are aware of her shadow presence can still affect her with their powers as long as there is no physical aspect. So Aro's power wouldn't work because he would actually have to touch her to get it to work, though Edward's would because he wouldn't. Under normal circumstances, Aura can remain in this form for a few hours.


From an encounter with her, one would decide that Aura is a vibrant, sweet and thoughtful girl with talents that she seems to have no desire to display other than to instruct others. She seems to fit the role of a modern day late teen girl very well: complicated in personality, always busy and on the go, on the 'in' with fashion and friends, and very happy-go-lucky. But this is all a very well constructed mask, for all that remains on the inside is darkness. An emotional nothingness that is so far of an opposite of what she displays that it is unnatural even to vampires. She takes no true joy; no real sadness from anything. No real malice, or true benevolence toward anyone. Things are done because they have to be, secrets must be upheld because that is the way it is. The mask of her outward personality is developed to maintain those secrets. Having friends are just another brush of paint to make her mask more realistic. Everything that she displays is a solid illusion that is nearly impossible to see through without psychic means. The only truth she displays is her loyalty and duty to the Volturi.


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