Portrayed by Daveigh Chase
Full name Avery Olivia Grey
Birthday June 7th
Species Werewolf
Age 17 (17)
Height 5'5"
Weight 125
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Power Speed
Parents Daniel and Joan Grey
Siblings Robert (9)
Occupation Forks High School Senior


Some people need a little longer to figure out who they are; Avery fits comfortably into that category. She is a life-long resident of Forks, having been born at the local hospital seventeen years ago to Daniel and Joan Grey, also life-long residents of the little town. Dan works as a real estate agent, and Joan is a secretary in the mayor's office. Her parents are both fond of the calm, simple, happy lives they've led, which frustrates Avery a great deal. As an outlet within the past year she's begun to experiment with an "alternate lifestyle". Of course, as a teenager without a great deal of self-confidence, that acting out has not yet taken the form of drinking, drugs or the petty crimes teenagers in small towns can be known for. Instead, she has found something compelling in the free love movement and rebellious attitudes of the 60s. Thus far Ree's experiences have been limited to what she's read in books but steps have been made towards putting her "beliefs" into practice.

Because she's so wrapped up in fantasy, Avery hasn't given much thought to what she wants to do with her life, beyond knowing that she does not want to spend all of it as a small town secretary, like her mother. In school, she's always received high marks in English and composition; sometimes she claims she'd like to be a writer. So far Ree has lacked the drive to do more than write a few half-hearted chapters of a fantasy novel, and some bad poetry. The current plan for her future is to attend the University of San Francisco after graduation, possibly to major in English Literature.

While certainly not the most popular kid at school, Avery has grown up with most of her classmates and is friendly with the majority of them. She gravitates towards those with more self-confidence, who seem to know exactly what they want from life, and has in the past set her own interests aside to adopt their likes and dislikes. This has made her one of those girls that takes on aspects of her various boyfriends' interests; like any phase, she's always eventually moved on when she's found that they aren't a fit.

Timeline and Current Plots

September 2007:
*Avery begins her senior year.
*Avery, Holly, Tiago and Trevor start planning The Biggest Halloween Party Ever.
October 2007:
*Avery, Holly and Tiago are out hiking in the woods when they are stalked and semi-attacked by Alyse. Avery witnesses Tiago turning into a werewolf for the first time. No one dies.
*Life becomes more complicated for the small-town girl when she not only becomes embroiled in a love triangle between herself, Holly and Tiago (current status: Holly 2, Avery 1), but also discovers that there are vampires living in sleepy little Forks. They have no idea what the consequences of their new knowledge might be.
*After the vampire Anastasia forgets to wear her contact lenses and then happens across Avery, the girl freaks out when she recognizes what her friend is. Using her special power, Ana "kidnaps" Ree to explain things to her and plants a post-hypnotic suggestion in her head that she feel no fear and speak her thoughts clearly without hesitation.
*Avery attends a slumber party at Carly's house, where she and Holly butt heads, and the girls all try out a ouija board. The ouija tells them that Tiago will choose "Mo".
*The consequences of feeling no fear have both good and bad outcomes. In the good, Ree confesses her true feelings to Tiago and the pair become boyfriend and girlfriend. In the bad, Ree tries to save Carly from her vampiric agent Afton by telling the blonde that she saw Afton raping another young wannabe star. The lie doesn't work.
*The suggestion to feel no fear wears off just in time for Avery to encounter several vampires in the public park, including Afton. Fortunately, Abbey is there to prevent the situation (and Ree's nervous breakdown) from escalating.
*Tiago and Avery decide that the safest course is for Ree to become a werewolf and the deed is done on a camping trip.


On the surface, Avery is laid-back and accepting She doesn't exhibit any awkwardness or shyness, although she does tend to go with the flow of those around her. She's more impressionable than most, and more likely to give into peer pressure. In many ways, her personality is still in flux between the uncertain teen years and the adult she'll become. When left to her own devices, she is a thoughtful and curious optimist with a brightly polished sense of humor. Recent events have also shown her to be a huge coward in regards to both confrontation and the supernatural.


Name Relation Notes
Holly Antagonist Their mutual interest in Tiago put the kibosh on an early friendship. Ree might understand why Holly's acting out but that doesn't mean she has to like the battering her reputation is taking as a result.
Trevor Friend Another acquaintance from Forks High School, Ree's forced Trevor into a couple of conversations and so far he hasn't run away screaming about it. That's usually a good sign. He's also been cool enough to help plan the big Halloween party, handling all of the music.
Carly Best Friend Lately there have been some complications that led Ree to tell a Huge Lie about Carly's agent, Afton, but it was only to keep the blonde from getting hurt. She's not too pleased with Carly's treatment of Tiago, either.
Nicolas Friend's Boyfriend Nic is Carly's boyfriend, which means he's probably okay. He's agreed to talk to Carly about her agent. If he keeps calling Tiago "Chia Pet" though…
Charlene Acquaintance Avery met Charlene at Carly's slumber party. Although they didn't get to talk much, she thinks the other girl is pretty nice.
Miyuki Classmate Another of the herd of new kids at school, Miyuki's distinctive and appears to like flirting with vampires. Avery tried to "save" her from an interaction with Alexander.

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"Almost Lover" - Fine Frenzy
"Taking Chances" - Lea Michele
"Mr. Brightside" - The Killers
"Help I'm Alive" - Metric
"Hey Jude" - The Beatles
"Somebody to Love" - Jefferson Airplane
"Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Running Scared" - Roy Orbison
"The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Bob Dylan

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