Bella Cullen
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Cullen
Fullname Isabella Marie Swan Cullen
Birthday September 13, 1987
Species Vampire
Age 19
Height 5'4"
Weight 115
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Power None
Parents Charlie Swan (father), Renee Dwyer (mother), & Phil Dwyer (stepfather)
Siblings None
Occupation Student


My life was like any other girl I suppose born on September 13, 1987 as the only child of two parents that likely never should have been married to begin with. They rectified that mistake soon after when mom left dad for the sunny sands of Phoenix, Arizona. I can't really say there was anything special about my childhood. In fact, it was so ordinary that perhaps in it's own right that is special enough. Most of my summers were spent with dad up in Forks, Washington. The kids were always different there than back home, more accepting and less judgmental. It was over those summers my friendship with Jacob first began.

Time is a funny thing and as I grew older, life just seemed to become more complicated. While social interactions as a child were easier, as a teenager they were tolerable at best. When mom remarried Phil, I was relieved and though I didn't really want to bid her farewell, I knew it was time she moved on. She'd spent so many years dedicated to raising me, it was time she had a little something for herself. Besides, there was a certain element of relief in spending my last few teen years with dad instead of under the careful questioning eye of mom. That's not to say that Charlie Swan didn't care about what I did, only that he was far too new at this whole 'dad' business and always afraid of overstepping his boundaries. In many ways, it is one of the things I love most about him.

My first few days at Forks High were difficult. I felt like the latest freak show on display: Bella Swan certifiable newcomer and Sheriff's daughter. One was bad enough but put the two together and you may as well have tattooed the word 'freak' on my forehead. Just when I was beginning to regret my decision to move to Forks I met Edward. In one small glance I knew he was everything I was and everything I would ever want in life. No one was as shocked by that notion as I was. I mean, here I had spent my entire life on the outside looking in swearing to never become as dependent or besotted by any man as my mother was once with dad and now with Phil. Yet with just one look, I was undone.

The poets often write of the power of love to captivate but they do not remotely do the power justice. In time, I came to know Edward as I would know myself, our lives joined by the fates. I couldn't walk away, no matter how much he wanted me to, no more than he could walk away from me. It should have been a match made in heaven, but there were complications. Edward, my dear sweet Edward, was a vampire having lived several lifetimes over to my mere one. Yet it did not matter to me, for I had seen his heart and knew the depth of his soul. He will argue still that he is soulless, but I beg to differ.

For the first time, I knew what I wanted from life and nothing could sway me from my decision. I wanted to be with Edward, not just now, but forever. To be with him, join him, and endure whatever blessing or curse might be afflicted upon him. He was my life. That is not to say that I loved my parents any less, only that I knew he was to be my fate. It is strange, this business of fate. I always thought it to be an utter joke, yet it's so powerful that you can do nothing but resign yourself to its design.

I thought Edward's heart would break when James took notice of me and for the first time, I was utterly afraid. Not afraid of the death James might inflict upon me, but of the pain and suffering it would cause Edward. I knew my Edward would come and knew further that if enraged and left to the beast within, he just might get himself killed. I had to be strong, no matter how much it hurt, for Edward. I nearly died that night and likely will nearly die a hundred times more before Edward and I are finally together. But each of those deaths would be worth it if only to spend a day more in the presence of my love.

All that remains of that night now resides in the scar upon my hand and the nightmares which rue my sleep. I will not give up on Edward, no matter what the dangers. I am Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Renee and Charlie by blood but family to the Cullen's by choice. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper all of them hold a dear place in my heart that cannot easily be removed. They are my family, not by blood, but bound through the love we all share for Edward. Some day I will join them as a daughter, sister, wife, and friend and until that day comes I will continue to keep their secret and defend them from all dangers no matter whence they come from.


Bella is generally a stable and sound young woman that tends to take each day one at a time. She maintains a well-balanced temperament and is rarely prone to the mood swings that most of her age and gender seem to exhibit. While she is not passive, she is fairly quiet when it comes to her thoughts and not one to give too much information about anything. One might almost consider her guarded at times, with the exception of those few she has let into her close circle of friends.

When she is angry, she rarely lashes out, and instead prefers to become silent and brooding, letting the anger build until she eventually has no other choice but to lash out. When she does, her temper is known to blow bright hot with a series of verbal tongue lashings deep enough to flay most people where they stand. She also is a 'thrower' and will grab whatever she can find nearby and hurled it at her target in an effort to chase them away so she has time to simmer down. Her outbursts are rare, fortunately, and tend to last for only a brief moment of time.

Bella is no stranger to sadness and has spent most of her life in a quasi-state of living until she met Edward. In many ways, she never even realized just how much she was missing when it came to life. It is a bit more difficult to tell when she is sad as she usually just adopts a silent countenance. Given that she is not overly boisterous to begin with, only those closest to her are ever liable to understand when her mood shifts.

Despite her little quirks, Bella is utterly loyal to those she considers her family and friends. She sees no sacrifice as too great, not even death, if it means sparing or saving those she truly loves. Her list is fairly small, consisting of her parents and the Olympic coven mostly though she would endure a great deal for Jacob as well. She believes fully that these same people would give anything and everything for her in return.

However, all loyalties aside, Bella is no fool. She rarely gives people a second chance should they betray her loyalty, no matter how painful it might be. She puts on a brave face and strong front, but her heart is very fragile inside. When she gives herself, whether to love or friendship, she gives herself completely and as such, the pain of betrayal cuts her to the quick and tends to make her almost ill on a physical level.


The Vampires:

Name Relationship Description
Edward Cullen Husband/Soulmate Her strongest confidant, Edward is everything to Bella.
Alice Cullen Best Friend/Sister-in-law Alice is Edward's sister and someone Bella absolutely adores. She can be a little bit odd at times, but Bella finds her charming and interesting.
Esme Cullen Mother-in-law Edward's adoptive mother, Esme, is a gentle woman who Bella looks to for maternal advice in the absence of her own mother, Renee.
Carlisle Cullen Father-in-law Edward's adoptive father, Carlisle, is the head of the Olympic coven and a wealth of information. Bella regards him fondly.
Rosalie Hale Sister-in-law Edward's sister, Rosalie, is an enigma in the extreme. The two women seem to mix as well as oil and water with Bella eternally saying the wrong thing in her presence.
Emmett Cullen Brother-in-law Emmett is Edward's brother and the chosen mate of Rosalie. He's much nicer than his SO, and super strong. Bella has no intention of ever trying to step onto his bad side.
Jasper Hale Brother-in-law Jasper is another of Edward's siblings and the chosen mate of Alice. She likes him a great deal even if he is a bit quieter than the rest.

The Wolves:

Name Relationship Description
Jacob Black Childhood Best Friend Jacob and Bella were best friends all through childhood even though she only saw him during her summer visits. Now that they are grown, the relationship has become a little deeper. She cherishes him like a brother.
Emily Young Friend Emily is the cousin of Leah and Seth Clearwater and someone Bella is slowly growing to know better. She likes the young woman a lot and looks forward to building a lasting relationship with her.

The Others:

Name Relationship Description
Charlie Swan Father Bella loves her father but often has a hard time trying to relate to him. She knows he feels guilty about not being there for every moment of her life which leads them often into a state of awkwardness. Still, she would do almost anything to protect him and keep him safe.
Sarah Smith Friend of the Family Coming soon…

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