Portrayed by Federica Ridolfi
Full name Beverly Starsinger
Birthday February 22nd
Species Shifter (Wolf)
Age 22
Height 6'0"
Weight 158
Eyes Brown
Hair Snow-silver White, Dyed Black
Power Diplomacy and Appeal
Parents Billy and Laura Starsinger
Nicknames Makkitotosimew
Occupation School Teacher, Former Model


Beverly reflects maturity beyond her age. Despite the twinge of constant curiosity in her eyes. Beverly exhudes responsibility and sophistication, With the figure of a athlete, she reaches 6'0" off the ground from head to toe. She got the curves and shapes that often get an apraising eye or wicked and intent grin: succulant figure, and very leggy.

Light silky dark hair, almost the color of the raven night falls down to the middle of her back, with a large eagle's feather tied along the side. The features of her face are fierce, retaining a strong Native American heritage, as if she were crafted with the most artistic hands, yet there is nothing fragile or delicate about her beauty. Then you come to the dark brown eyes, Gazing from behind a thin frame pair of glasses, harboring a wisdom and gentleness that is far too tempting to go uninspected by most.

She wears a high classed uniform of a white woman's dress shirt, with a black woman's blazer overtop, and a matching pencil skirt, giving her an almost business-like quality. Her legs are bare, displaying the lengthy athleticism and smooth skin, and her feet are adorned with a black pair of women's pumps, completing her sophistication. Top it off with a twining spiral silver bracelet on her right arm, a women's tennis bracelet around her other wrist a sensible pair of silver earrings and an expensive looking black and white diamond choker around her neck.


I remember it was grandfather that urged me to go. 'You are a flower that should be shown to the world. Go. Your roots are always here. They will call you back in time.' He told me. I learned when I was very young that when James Starsinger spoke, it is best to listen, contrary to mother and father's disapproval. You see, I'll always bee mother and father's little girl, but with grandfather, I was special. Mother and father were always busy a lot of times, but grandfather knew how to relax, so a lot of his time was spent with me.

Grandfather, even back then was wise, but his health wasn't the best. He suffers from Crohn's disease, but he carries it very well. The way he tells it, there was a period of time where he didn't have it, though when the magic left him, it returned. Because of his sickness and pride, grandfather is very reclusive even to this day, but he loves to talk, so I took care of him even back then.

He always said that I have a very motherly touch, and that I reminded him of his mother; my great grandmother. Most of my youth with grandfather was spend learning his wisdom: how we care for the land and it cares for us, the old language, and how not to hate. When I wasn't caring for grandfather, I was in charge of the children around my age. They weren't bad or overtly unruly, we were all just children, but I was just a bit more responsible and mature.

The boys were a bit rowdier than the girls, but that was normal, though for some reason, they sill listened to me, and came looking for me whenever there was a problem, despite my difference in appearance. You see, I was born with a slight defect, my hair is naturally pure silvery white. As I got older, my parents dyed it black, giving be a semblance of normalcy, and no one said a thing. Probably because I would listen to grandfather's stories about the wolf shifters and the past battles of legend that they had, and I would tell them to the other children as story time. Before long, they were excitedly seeking me out to tell them a story.

After graduation from high school, I was due to go off to college to become a school teacher. At the same time, a modeling agency took an interest in signing me. Both would require me to be away from home, much to the protest of everyone who depended on me in some way… Except grandfather. The one who depended on me the most, was the most supportive of me to go off and start my life.


So off to school I went, and on the side, modeling. Little did I know, modeling would eventually consume everything for me. I was picked up by a larger agency, and sent off to Italy, pulling out of school to model full time. The lifestyle was very glamorous, but it all left me unfulfilled inside: the attention, the clothes, men showering me gifts, the fame, it was all eventually unworthy of my time. And after a year, my shoots started to get a bit more risqué than I was comfortable with, so I gave it up and returned to finish school for teaching.

It was after I got my degree that what graduation had told me became clear. There was a heat and an urgency in my blood, and for several nights I had terrible nightmares of home and great beasts. I did not understand, but I felt that I had to get back. I returned home where grandfather was waiting for me, and he explained that the wolf-shifters were real and that he used to be one, so now I was being called to protect as one myself because there was a need for them.

He shared the secrets of the magic within me, and I was ushered into my new life. Unfortunately, the true color of my hair could not be hidden from the magic, so I ended up as white as silver snow in phasing. It doesn't make me a very good hunter, but I will just have to live with it. It felt right to be home, I had a brand new meaning in life and about 1000 things to fight for. There was a brand new generation of children needing guidance and education. My place is here.


Herbalism - Beverly learned from her grandfather how to use the land in various ways. She can take the various plants which have healing or poisonous properties and concoct medication, or a deadly poison which can be utilized in various ways. She has become far more reknowned for this skill than her grandfather.

Traps - Beverly is a master at setting, crafting and even disarming traps. She can craft simple or even complex contraptions that are designed to capture or even injure prey or invaders, or a type of alarm system.


Survival - Beverly was taught how to survive from her grandfather. She is exceptional at living off of the land and navigating through natural terrain with ease: she can find the shortest pathways in the forests, hidden alcoves and caves, recognize if they are inhabited by wildlife, she can recognize various forms of animals and if they are dangerous, examine the local flora and tell if it is poisonous or not. She could essentially go out into the wilderness and live indefinatly if she needed to.


Beverly is many things, and more-so of them than most. Firstly, Beverly is very kindhearted, giving, warm and nurturing. She tries not to have any enemies if she can help it. Most consider her much like a bigger sister, always watching out for them, and always there for anything they need. Beverly loves to take care of other and offer guidance, especially to children. She is also one of the most refined individuals, the kind of lady you wouldn't ever see in a pair of jeans. She is often quite polite and very well spoken, and is a bit of an activist when it comes to charitable causes. In this, she tries to involve other people to help and make the world a better place. Beverly is also a rather passionate person: sunsets make her cry, she believes that all people can somehow be saved, and she puts her whole heart into everything she does.

Beverly is a very focused and driven woman. She understands, knows and goes for what she wants out of life, fearlessly. She is very direct, but in a polite manner. She tries to avoid sarcasm and snide comments because she feels that at least for her, it would be rude. She isn't the type to fight and protect through physical force, Beverly will use other methods to ensure protection. She leaves the true fighting up to the true fighters. It is common to see her doing some kind of volunteer work: working in a soup kitchen, spending time with the elderly, organizing a relief function, handing out fliers.


Men are often intimidated by Beverly due to the degree of sophistication she has being overwhelming, and most men do not know how to handle a woman such as her. Beverly is rather kind about this, and manages to make it through an encounter with every bit of politeness. It isn't that she expects chivalry, her type just rather demands it by nature. She appears to be a woman who should be brought flowers and gifts, or should have suitors rather than random interests.

Beverly tries to avoid things and situations that could prove to be rather sensational because she is a bit of a slave to her primal passions. Something that feels good emotionally or to any of her senses could send her into an almost obsessive, primal overindulgence. Because of this, she limits herself on personal pleasures.


Name Relationship Description
James Starsinger Grandfather Was a respected Quileute elder, former shifter, reclusive, nosey matchmaker. Beverly lives with him.
Billy Starsinger Father Runs a supply store in La Push
Laura Starsinger Mother Craftswoman, works the supply store with her husband
Tecoah Aquaintance A local girl that seems to be going in the wrong direction to Beverly. She tries to advise and guide her, but the girl just seems to be pretty set on debauchary.

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