Beverley McKinnon
Portrayed By Sara Paxton
Full Name Beverley Elizabeth McKinnon
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Date of Birth November 4, 1990
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Bev
Place of Birth Belfast, Ireland
Current Location Forks, WA, USA
Occupation Newborn vampire
Known Relatives Joseph Sr. and Mary Ann (parents), Joseph Jr (+4 years), Eliza Jane (+3), Helena (+1), Andrew (-3) and Erin (-6) (siblings)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None


Beverley Elizabeth McKinnon is a young woman who was born in Ireland and moved, with her parents and 3 older siblings, plus 1 younger, to the dull town of Forks, Washington, in late 1992, shortly after her 6th birthday. Since her removal from Ireland she has seen many odd things, more so as of late than would be expected. Such is life in Forks.


Bev is a bright and bubbly individual who's almost always cheery. She'll have a smile for almost anyone, with the very odd exception.


Name Relation Notes
Joseph Sr. Father Her father is a harsh, but loving man
Mary Ann Mother Her mother is gentle and caring
Joe Brother Bev has a strained relationship with her brother, he’s 4 years her senior
Eliza Jane Sister She is 3 years Bev’s senior
Helena Sister Helena is 1 year older than Bev
Andrew Brother Andrew is 3 years younger than Bev
Erin Sister Erin is 6 years younger than Beverley
Lacie Best human friend Bev's crazy, fashion friendly best friend
Carly Friend Carly is the last friend Bev made as a human, they had a sleep over. Bev misses her.


  • Late 1996: Moved to Forks from Ireland
  • 2007:
    • New Friends made: Alice Cullen (who's brother, Emmett, can't cook), and Darcy Bowen, and local rockstar, Ramona.
    • Ski trip (staff run TP; read the logs); one broken wrist and sprained ankle later.
    • March: Her and her family took off to Hollywood for a 'vacation' with Alice in tow.
    • June: Met Isaac Hawkfeather, life's about to get interesting.
    • October 15: She learns that a walk in the woods was a bad idea, thus ends her human life.
    • October 19: Finished the process of turning, now a newborn vampire.

Additional Information

  • Her accent becomes more pronounced when she's excited/frustrated
  • Her older brother, Joe, calls her Beth


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