Brian Landon
Gerard Butler as Brian
Fullname Brian Matthew Landon
Birthday April 2nd
Species Werewolf
Age Apparent: Early 30's; Actual: 686
Height 6'0"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Power Tracking
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Occupation Bartender


Brian was born Ronan Connelly in the early 1300's (1320), in Cardross Scotland. By the time he was born, Scotland was generally free and he and his mother lived on a small patch of land with his grandfather. He doesn't remember much of his father, having died in battle to defend their land. When Robert I died at Cardross on the 7th of June 1329, he was nine and his mother insured him that even though the great King had passed, he'd left them a world that was greater than before.

He lived a relatively quiet farmers life. His grandfather died when he was sixteen and so he took over the farmstead while his mother continued to age. He was her only son, and thus the 'man' of the household. Brian would vaguely hear rumors of the goings on of his homeland Scotland from various farmers whispered words. He never expected that he would experience it until 1338 when he was eighteen. He was enlisted in the Scottish army and made to leave his mother. He traveled where ever he was commanded; serving his country for what he supposed was freedom.

When the man was finally able to return home, his mother had passed from old age, leaving their land 'unclaimed'. He took up his farm once again, feeling somewhat out of place being a soldier in this strange yet familiar farming world. When he was twenty-four he was married; her name was Evelyn. Together they had a daughter named Julian. When Julian was two years old he was called away on October 14, to the Battle of Neville's Cross when Philip VI appealed for a counter invasion of England in order to relieve the stranglehold on Calais. They were soundly beaten by an English army. The Scots suffered heavy casualties; however he survived though he was injured gravely. It took almost four years for him to heal and find his way home.

When he eventually arrived back at his farm in the spring of 1350, he only arrived to devastation. The Black Plague had ripped through Scotland like a hurricane. He'd heard word of it in his travels, many members of his company dying because of it. However, in vain, he'd hoped it had left his home untouched. Both his wife and daughter passed away from it; little did he know the true death of his wife was not from plague but bite. He spent the next two nights after he'd returned holding the lifeless bodies of his wife and daughter; Julian would have been six years old. With bloodshot eyes and a grim tearstained face, he buried his family, silently cursing his homeland for stealing away his time from his family.

He slept restlessly in the darkness that night, the only sound to wake him being the rummaging of something outside his room. When he went to investigate, a vagabond who had assumed all occupants of the house dead startled, instinctively running his dull blade straight through the equally startled soldier/farmer. Staring wide eyed at each other, the vagabond ran while Ronan sank to his knees, clasping the area around the blade in his middle that was beginning to turn crimson. He lay back against the wall, not a word said, and only a somewhat longing smile crossing his face. He'd lived his life - Now he could be with his family.

As fate would have it however, it was not his time. During the wars of the humans, the wars between werewolf and vampire were escalating. With the destruction of violence and plague, the vampires had considered this the perfect excuse to feed as they pleased; after all, people were dying or disappearing daily anyway. With the new threat of the vampires getting bolder as well as raising their numbers, the werewolves changed their strategies to do the same only more discreetly.

This night, one of those werewolves had crept quietly to the home on the trail of the already moved on vampire. It was a female, apparently young however many many years old. She'd planned to move on after the vampire once she noticed it had already left the area, but the smell of Ronan's fresh blood had caught her attention. She found him then, unconscious and barely hanging on. Sympathy washed over the female werewolf, not knowing he'd wanted death actually, not knowing of his family, and so as her 'gift' she 'saved' him. Leaving him until she could return, Ronan was thrown into a new war in 1350.

After Ronan's transformation had completed itself, the woman returned. Her name was Gabriella and she explained to him what had happened. She was kind, a gentle faced fair haired English woman. With wide eyes Ronan refused to believe her and instead kept ranting that he was in some sort of hell for the sins he committed. It was then the rest of Gabriella's 'pack' arrived and Ronan was made to believe. They offered him a place in their family but Ronan refused. He was bitter, he didn't /want/ this life, and he didn't /want/ to be saved when no one gave his family that option. So, with some words of advice from a sorrowful Gabriella, Ronan fled his home and his previous life, concluding who he /was/ died on that farmstead floor. Ronan changed his name to Brian Landon and turned his back on Scotland.

Centuries passed. Brian eventually accepted what he was however it was harder for him to control his outbursts having to teach himself such strong control alone. He had accidents yes, eventually learning to control himself, but the bitterness never left him. He blended into the background of the human world, making up a different history, life, and person for each generation that passed. When the Volturi began slaughtering the werewolf population, Brian tried even harder to stuff himself into the vast world that was human until he eventually took to traveling, keeping to desolate places when the threat of Vampire attack was too great.

It was in the last few recent years that Brian came across the scents of other werewolves. Curiousness getting the best of him, he decided to follow them and locate these Were's. He idly wondered if it was the pack from so long ago.. if it was his 'creator'. The man eventually found himself in a off the mark town called Forks, Washington. The scent of werewolf and vampire both were dangerously potent here; however Brian couldn't keep himself away.


Brian could be considered by most humans, werewolves, and vampires alike as a somewhat cocky, arrogant individual. He has a sharp tongue and a quick temper. Due to the fact he never had anyone train him in his temper when he was first 'born', that is generally the first to go when he's confronted. When Brian /has/ friends, they're lucky to have him as a companion, his enemies however are easily spotted due to the most likely blatant glares he could be seen shooting their way. He's cynical and general skeptical and untrusting of pretty much /everyone/, however he does mean well, and is usually the lifting hand should anyone need it.


Name Relation Notes
Yves Connelly Wife (In his past life) Yves is Brian's wife from when they were both human, when he was Ronan and she was Evelyn. He assumed her dead after he buried her 'lifeless' corpse the night he got turned. He found her later, as a vampire, and then as she was miraculously turned human. - In his absense he's lost track of her..

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Five Finger Death Punch - "Never Enough"
In the end we're all just chalklines on the concrete
Drawn only to be washed away
For the time that I've been given
I am what I am

I'd rather hate you
For everything you are
Than ever love you
For something you are not

I'd rather you hate me
For everything I am
Than have you love me
For something that I aint

It's never enough
It's never enough
No matter what I say

TV On the Radio - "Wolf Like Me"
Say say my playmate
wont you lay hands on me
mirror my malady
transfer my tragedy

Got a curse I cannot lift
shines when the sunset shifts
when the moon is round and full
gotta bust that box gotta gut that fish

My mind's aflame

We could jet in a stolen car
but I bet we wouldn't get too far
before the transformation takes
and bloodlust tanks and
crave gets slaked

My mind has changed
my body's frame but god I like it
my hearts aflame
my body's strained but god I like it

Charge me your day rate
ill turn you out in kind
when the moon is round and full
gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your
mongrel mind
baby doll I recognize
you're a hideous thing inside
if ever there were a lucky kind it's
you you you you

I know its strange another way to get to know you
you'll never know unless we go so let me show you
I know its strange another way to get to know you
we've got till noon here comes the moon
so let it show you
show you now

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