Cain Frost
Robert Downey Jr. as Cain
Fullname Cain Alan Frost
Birthday 21 July 1978
Species Werewolf
Age 30
Height 5'10"
Weight 178 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Jet Black
Faction Shadow Stalker
Power None
Parents Marcus and Laura Frost
Siblings Allison Stark and Jonathen Frost
Occupation Former Police Officer


Cain Alan Frost, Cain to his friends and Alan to his mother, is the youngest child of Marcus and Laura Frost and a Forks native. There is a ten year age difference between he and his older sister and five between his brother. Being the youngest he was also the rebel, getting into various accounts of trouble as a teen be it fighting in school or acts of petty vandalism. At the age of sixteen he almost drowned after cliff diving in La Push with some kids from the reservation; since then Cain has had an extreme fear of water.

Allison, his older sister, grew up and was good friends throughout highschool with Charlie Swan. When Charlie eventually became a Forks Policeman and then Cheif, Cain was realizing he needed to clean up his act. With a little persuassion from his sister and help from Charlie, Cain joined the Forks Police Department as an Officer. It wasn't until a few years later that he was overlooked for a job he felt he'd earned, the position of Deputy being insted handed to nineteen year old Elijah. Though Cain holds a light resentment towards Eli', he still manages to work civilly with the young man, though somewhat grudgingly.

By the time Cain learned to accept that Elijah may be better suited for the job, months later, Forks received a new addition to the force - a woman. While Cain holds on to a somewhat sexist opinion of the Police Force being a 'man's job, he accepted Sarah's arrival with a grain of salt due to the fact that she was "easy on the eyes". His opinion of the woman is still forming in the shape of empty jests and comments about her work skills.

In time, his family had departed for various reasons. His brother went away to school while his sister married and moved to Seattle. Cain's parents live in Port Angeles, visiting regularly and constantly chiding him that he needs to visit more. Cain spends his time doing odd hobbies when he isn't on duty, grabbing drinks at the Smokehouse and assuring himself that one day he'll get a break.

On a shopping venture in Port Angeles, Cain went to grab a purse snatcher to only be shot. He would have died if Abbey have not bitten him. Therefore, changing him into a werewolf.

UPDATE he has recently resigned from the Forks Police Department.


Always the independent soul, Cain doesn't feel the need to count on anyone but himself. Doing his job strictly by the book he doesn't let anyone get away from him. Overall not a bad guy but quick to assume the worst before giving someone a real chance.


Name Relation Notes
Abbey Alpha She saved his life by changing him into a werewolf. He fell hard for her and it seems their relationship has taken a rocky turn.
Tecoah neutral When he was an officer she was a thorn in his side. Unfortunately due to an accident he bites her when she tries to help him.
Luc He is very wary of him around Abbey. After all Luc tried to kill her once.
Helena Their first meeting wasn't that great. She called him a 'stray'.
Aset Packmate He doesn't know him that well but respects him.
Finn Met him once and they didn't really see eye-to-eye.

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'What's Left Of Me' by Nick Lachey
'Everybody Hurts' by R.E.M.

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