Caleb Liam Sullivan
Portrayed by type here
Full name Caleb Liam Sullivan
Birthday type here
Species Shifter - wolf
Age 21
Height type here
Weight type here
Eyes brown
Hair Shaggy, black
Power He makes a mean baked-potato?
Parents Andrew and Monica Sullivan
Siblings Katelyn, 19, run off to college.
Occupation Gas-station attendant, evenings.


A La Push native, Caleb was a modest student who dreamed of bigger and better things. He got his chance to leave when he was accepted to Washington State U, but after two years there, was kicked out on academic suspension. He's come home, grumpy and disheartened, with no real plan for his life. His younger sister, Katelyn, is in her first semester at University, and though Caleb loves her very much, he's just a tiny bit jealous.

Unknown to him, he happens to be wolf Shifter. Being away from vampires while in Seattle, he has not yet phased for the first time; but all the signs are there. It's only a matter of time before he's more tied to La Push than he ever dreamed.

Timeline and Current Plots


Caleb is usually a laid-back individual, reserved but pleasant. He's not one to talk much, but is willing enough to listen. He'll offer advice if asked, but otherwise keeps his thoughts to himself. He's been bitter since returning from Seattle, mostly angry at himself for failing out of school, but manages to keep his temper under control. He's protective of his sister, and proud of her accomplishments even if he feels he's being left behind.

At the moment: Bitter and depressed about having to return home, Caleb has gone to extreme lengths to keep others at a distance. He tells himself that life in La Push is temporary, and that he does not want to get tied down to anyone or anything. He dreams of moving back to a big city and living his own life, rather than following in the footsteps of his parents.


Name Relation Notes
Katelyn (Kate) Younger Sister gone off to school, leaving Caleb behind
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What If We Could - Blue October
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