Carlisle Cullen
Portrayed By Peter Facinelli
Full Name Carlisle Cullen
Birthday 1640s
Species Vampire
Age Apparent (367) – Looks (30)
Height 6'2"
Weight 165 lbs.
Eyes Golden
Hair Blonde
Power Compassion, Resistance of Human Blood
Parents Son of an Anglican Pastor
Occupation Doctor


Originally from London, England Carlisle was born in 1640. His mother died during child birth, leaving him to be raised by his father, an Anglican Pastor. He was raised in a time of religious persecution. His father lead crusades to hunt down werewolves and vampires killing them. Following in these footsteps when his father was no longer able, Carlisle wasn’t that thrilled with have to kill, but an attack by a vampire left him bleeding on the streets. Knowing he’d be likely killed if he goes home; he chose to hide himself away only to emerge three days as a vampire.

At first he tried to commit suicide by jumping from great heights, drowning himself within water, and even by starvation. Appalled by what he had become he resisted feeding off of humans. Eventually he quenched his thirst by attacking a herd of passing deer. Through this he discovered that the blood of animals could sustain his life, and he adapted the vampire vegetarian lifestyle. Over the course of two centuries, he developed a sort of immunity to the scent of human blood and was able to use this gift as a doctor.

Carlisle studied in Italy, everything from first music and science, and then medicine, his true calling. He met a coven of vampires called the Volturi that seemed more civilized and educated than those he was familiar with in England. From them he studied more about the history and culture of vampires, along with learning to speak Italian to better fit among the natives. Aro, Marcus, and Caius were the three vampires that he met and even though they were refined, they persisted in trying to persuade Carlisle to drink from humans. In turn he tried to persuade them to adopt his philosophy; they tried to 'cure' him of his 'distaste' to what they deemed the vampires 'natural food source.' Even going as far as bringing him to temptation, offering a young woman to be his prey, resisting he escaped from them saving Miss Lucia Bardi from their clutches. In the end Carlisle and the Volturi agreed to disagree and then parted ways cordially.

Carlisle fell in love with Lucia, and married her heading to Austria. He kept his lifestyle a secret within her eyes, not wanting her to be burdened or frightened. Lucia was twenty when they got married, and into her late thirties began to seriously question him about things she has noticed. Staging it to look as if he was killed within a fire, Carlisle watched her from afar. Lucia never remarried, and on her deathbed at the age of ninety, he was at her side acting as her doctor. Watching the love of his life at the time pass away was hard on him, and he made a decision to never love like that again.

In 1911 he was working in Columbus, Ohio, where he treated a happy and beautiful young girl by the name of Esme Platt for a broken leg, not realizing that someday their paths would cross again ten years later.

Carlisle during World War 1, worked as a doctor in a field hospital. The most he did was amputate limbs, finding that he hated war and everything it stood for much like the religious crusades he was a part of before his transformation. He befriended another young doctor named Heath Sutters, which later was killed by a raid on their hospital.

While in Columbus, Carlisle penned his first book under the surname ‘Lucian Bardi’. Traveling around giving lectures about his book, he ended up making residence again in Chicago, Illinois where he spent several years and was nearing the end of his allotted time, seeing that he can only stay until people think he is around 35 and he has to leave. An influenza epidemic broke out in the city and Carlisle found himself treating Edward, who had just lost both of his parents and was on the verge of death himself. It was Edward’s mother who requested Dr. Cullen save her son by any means necessary. Carlisle acting out of loneliness changed Edward making for himself a companion to travel around with.

The pair moved to northern Wisconsin where, in 1921, Carlisle again tended to Esme finding her in the morgue. This time her injuries were from a failed suicide attempt and she was considered dead on arrival. Remembering her from ten year prior and feeling compassion towards her circumstances, Carlisle changed Esme to save her; at first she was nothing more than a dear friend. Even though he tried to fight it at first, he fell in love with her and took her as his wife.

Carlisle found a girl of unspeakable beauty named Rosalie. He found her beaten and left for dead within the streets of Rochester, New York. Changing her was the only way he could save her life. With the intention for her to be a companion for Edward, which didn’t come to past as they couldn’t get past their differences. Carlisle then changed Emmett after Rosalie found him being mauled by a bear.

The year 1941 found Carlisle in Hawaii helping with medical research. Being at Pearl Harbor the day it was bombed, he worked feverishly to help those in need at the hospital. Already having been away from his family for three months, Esme begged him to not join the war effort in which he didn’t for her sake.

Alice and Jasper joined because Alice had seen him in a vision and sought him out, greeting him by name upon first meeting. The entire family adheres to his 'vegetarian' philosophy, although over their years together there have been the occasional, regretful slip-ups. These days Esme and Carlisle pose as the youthful foster parents of a gaggle of teenagers, and generally people seem to believe the story. Two years ago they returned to the Forks, WA area where many years before Carlisle made a treaty with the Quileute Indians. He presently works as a doctor at the Forks Community Hospital and the 'children' attend the local high school in an effort to keep up appearances. Happily he has accepted Bella into the family as Edward’s true love and as another daughter. Although he still worries about whether or not it was right to create others of his kind, on the whole he believes he has done the best he could with what he had to work with.

Carlisle has witnessed many inventions through his life. Penicillin from the medical field was one of the best, because it helped so many people. The telephone made life easier to communicate for him, especially the cell phone. His favorite invention was the automobile, learning to drive in the early 1900’s was an adventure, and over time as cars grew faster he loves using them as a tool for a quick way to get around He proudly owns a black 2005 Mercedes S55 AMG.


Carlisle's most prominent personality trait is his compassion. His loneliness in the years before he changed Edward and his love for his "children" also indicate that, like Esme, he is very family motivated. Carlisle also is a very patient man and doesn’t judge others. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt until shown otherwise. Carlisle lives to help others in need that at times can be one of his major short coming by ‘caring’ a little too much. He wants to live a normal life with his family, a life among society as any law abiding citizen. When it comes down to it he will put his life before his family in a time of trouble, family is the greatest value that he has and he can be protective.


Name Relation Notes
Esme Cullen Wife She is his best friend and mate for life. Esme knows him better than anyone and he keeps nothing from her.
Edward Cullen Son The very first one he has ever turned. Edward is his son.
Rosalie Hale-Cullen Daughter Eldest daughter and treasure. They connect on a very strong level and have an unbreakable bond.
Emmett Cullen Son The jester of the family, very strong in body. He is married to Rosalie.
Alice Cullen Daughter One that he didn’t turn. Instead she found him through a vision, and along with her husband, Jasper, has become a dear daughter to him.
Jasper Hale Son Showed up with Alice, and is now his son. Acting twin to Rosalie.
Bella Swan daughter-in-law Married to Edward, she holds a place within his heart as his daughter.
Aro Acquaintance A friend from the Volturi. Things have become strained between them as Carlisle feels backed into a corner.
Caius Acquaintance A friend of the Volturi. All the same he is wary of him.
Marcus Acquaintance A friend of the Volturi.
Stasia neutral Stasia is holding a grudge against his family. Carlisle wants to make things beeter and plans to try when he gets the chance. Though you can't win them all.
Kyler Grandson A rather unique character in his eyes but he has become his Grandson, adopted by Jasper and Alice. Unfortunately he left the family.

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'The way you look tonight' by Michael Buble (his song for Esme)
'How to save a life' by The Fray
'War' by Edwin Starr
'When love takes you in' by Steven Curtis Chapman

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