Carly Robertson
Portrayed by Caleigh Peters
Full name Carly Jane Robertson
Birthday May 10
Species Human
Age 17
Height 5'8"
Weight 128lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Power The Power of Blonde
Parents Joshua and Vickie Robertson
Siblings Peter and Mark Robertson
Relationship Status Nicolas Belmont (ex-boyfriend)
Occupation Student-Actress/Singer
Journal Carly's Diary

"I think my ears turn a different color than the rest of my head sometimes…"

Mini Bio

Carly is the oldest of three children born to Joshua and Vickie Robertson, a very nuclear family. Joshua is an environmental engineer for a local factory, working on cleaning up their waste while Vickie is a homemaker and PTA hopeful. From the outside the Robertsons look to be the ideal American family, and in all truth, they are. Vickie takes her job as a homemaker very seriously and strives to keep the family home in apple pie order. The two boys, Peter and Mark are rugged sportsmen that participate in practically every sport known to high school students. For Carly's part, she is a good student (with enough study) and completely devoted to her music and art. As a whole, the Robertsons are the typical family next door.

The IC Sitch

U Wanna Know?

Carly is a friendly and genuinely nice girl. She has a bit of a creative edge which has been thoroughly nurtured by her parents. She paints, sculpts, acts in school theatre productions, but her focus is mainly on her guitars and writing music/poetry. Her parents are of the new generation of trusting and respecting children to foster their growth and Carly does her best to never let them down.

Like most humans, Carly knows nothing about the supernatural saran wrap that covers the world she lives in. She is ambitious and strives toward her goal of becoming a famous musician. Her parents moving to Forks has placed a small obstacle in that course of her life but she is more than willing to work through it and do what she needs to get back on track. In Seattle, she was quick to make friends and had it not been for her artistic talent, she would have likely been a cheerleader or sportsman like her two brothers.

Her Peeps

Name POV Notes
Amaya So Quiet Even though she doesn't say too much, Amaya is definitely on the short list of sleepover invitees. The girl endeared herself to the bubbly blonde by allowing herself to be dragged around by Carly at their first meeting.
Charlene The Girl Next Door Charlene popped in for Carly's sleepover and the girls had a late night heart to heart. Though Carly really likes this girl, the fact that Charli smokes pot bothers her, perhaps if she didn't have all her brother troubles.
Holly Troubled They met in the grocery store on Carly's first day of work and hit it off. Carly's doesn't like the feud that's going on between Holly and Avery and blames Tiago for leading them both on. Carly believes that Tiago is also the reason why Holly smokes cigarettes and pot.
Liam The Upright Accident They met a few times, once in the book store, once in the music store, once in the bowling alley… then Carly broke his foot. At least she feels responsible for the accident. She visits him at every possible opportunity, bringing him guilt gifts to ease her conscience. Lately Sara has been using Carly to babysit for her, it's odd but the company's good. The two have expressed an interest in each other, but since they're both in relationships whatever they had was ended before it began.
Morgan Smr-T A passing meeting at the Ice Box has Carly curious about the peppy redhead. She does crossword puzzles, so she must be pretty smart.
Nicolas </3 Nicolas started school only recently but became Carly's personal hero twice in two days. She's been razzed by her bestie for hooking up with the the pizza boy, but she really doesn't care (free pizza?). He asked her out, she said yes; so now she's got her first boyfriend. Carly stopped visiting Nicolas while he was laid up in his casts after getting into a fight for Miyuki. She's convinced that they have a thing for each other despite the protests of both parties.
Trevor Q-T Carly thinks Trevor is a really nice guy, he was with Avery when Carly ventured into the Ice Box for the first time. They didn't have much of a chance to talk, but there's always time. Avery was trying to fix Trevor and Carly up from the moment Carly suggested Avery dump Tiago for Trevor.

**ooc note: Carly's brothers are up for grabs as characters if anyone wants to play them. @mail Carly or page in game if you're interested.

That Other Stuff

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