Portrayed by: Alexis Dziena
Fullname Charlene Candice Swan
Birthday January 1
Species Human
Age 17
Height 5'6
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Power Imprintee
Parents Madeiline & Eric Swan
Siblings Twin: Spencer
Occupation Student


[Dear Diary: Hamster (8)]
Wiggly died last week. I killed him!!! Im bad bad bad! Daddy said it just happens. I told Bella. She was lots mad. Spencer just laughed.
I told her she could get me another one and I would take better care of it. Poor Wiggly! I wont let any hamster out ever again.

[Dear Diary: Cook out (9)]
This year we're having a cook out next week. Everyone is invited! Bet Bella is still mad. We had a good time. She didn't even remember! Like I'm going to tell her again.
Nobody calls me Charli when Bella's Dad is here. I hate being called Charlene! I just call him Charles to get back at him for taking my name - okay ~Uncle~ Charles, but it's still fun. I really got to write more in here.

[Dear Diary: Treehouse (10)]
Tried to build a tree house. It's okay I guess. Dad says he will fix it up better. Bella and I hid out in out when she spent the night the weekend. Mark and his friends kept bugging us.
Dad gave me a harmonica. It's kind of kewl. Fun to play around with.
Mark got the measles. Serves him right for taking my diary! Dad got me a safe to put it in. Try it again stupid!

[Dear Diary: Music Lessons (11)]
Mom bought a big ole piano. Want us both to learn, me and Spencer.
Now she wants us to learn to dance. Ugggh.
I don't mind the piano, but it's just not my thing. She let Spencer quit. She won't let me quit, says I can be good. I yelled at her, she grounded me for piano stuff!
I begged Daddy to talk to her, it's not fair!
Still won't let me quit. I don't really try anymore. It makes her mad. Good.
Dad bought me an ipod to make me feel better. Mom put my piano playing on it. I took it off.

[Dear Diary: Summer Festival ( 12)]
Gosh. Haven't had time to write much this Summer. It's been a blast. Dad got me a cell phone so I can call when I need to. Bella's Dad got elected Chief. Go Charlie! I'm still going to call him Charles.
Chief Charles - sounds like an Indian thing. I don't think Bella likes it here. I visited a lot of times. At first she didn't want to come out. Said she had a lot of summer reading to do for school. So I just sat in there and asked her questions till she gave in. We got out of the house and spent the day in town. Forks had the Summer Festival, she'd never been. It was cool, even if it did rain. I think we were both shivering popsicles by the time we got back to her place. Only Bella can blow a tire on a bicycle. We watched some rented DvDs , lots of popcorn, talked about boys, painted each other nails. Normal girl stuff.

[Dear Diary: Moving( 14):]
We're moving. Dad says there is better work in L.A. and wants to be moved before school starts. I don't want to move. Why don't they ever ask me what I want?! I like it here. All my friends are here. I'm not going! Dad sucks!
Had a big good bye party. It sucked. Some of my friends didn't even show up. I cried a lot. Dad says I have to leave the old motorcycle I've been fixing up for when I get my license here.
Mom sold the bike for parts. Gave me a measly $52. I hate her. Dad gave me $100. Still not enuff. Bought riding gear with it all. Hiding it.

[Dear Diary: LA (15)]
I hate LA. Its loud, dirty, you can't breathe. I think LA gave me asthma. I don't like school. The kids are really mean. Some try to be nice but just I blow them off too. Plus this house is falling apart.
Mom hired me a tutor. I <censored> hate math. Who the hell needs Algebra and Trig anyways??? I spend all my damn time studying.
I finished the floor in my room. Deciding on a stain. I think walnut, but Mom says that's too dark. I don't care. It's my room.
Dad got me a glossy walnut. Guess that's a compromise. Got asked out yesterday. I said I had to ask my folks. He laughed.
Don't ever ask your folks if you can go out on a date! I got the sex talk from Mom and Dad's 'Fatherly' advise. It was so embarrassing.
Went to the movies with Chris. It was okay. He tried to kiss me though. Don't think I will go out with him again.
Dad said something about Bella going to Forks to live with her Dad Charles, next school year. Maybe I will see her this Summer if we go to Port Angeles.

[Dear Diary: Boys (Drugs) (16) (Bella back in Forks)]
Got a digital camera for my birthday. It's kewl.
Been dating Alex for a few months. When does this love thing kick in? He's nice. I like him as a friend but I don't think I love him.
Bugging Dad to teach me to drive. He says that's Mom area. Mom says I'm not ready. <censor> her.

Alex is part of one of the gangs, just got in. Says he wants me to be his girl. Told him I'd think about it. Caught him smoking pot with his friends. I tried it. It wasn't bad. Didn't feel anything. They laughed at me a lot though, not sure why. I laughed at them too. They were being very silly. It's not so bad. Kind of relaxing, makes things fun.

Mom and Dad want me to be an engineer. They hired a different tutor. He's trying to show me all kinds of new ways to do math. None of it makes sense. I don't care how many kewl nifty uber ways there are to do the same silly thing. I don't know what to do. I keep trying. I'm passing , most of the time. The pop quizzes are killing me. I skip a lot. Grounded a lot.

[Dear Diary: Port Angeles (16)]
Well. LA was a bomb. Mom and Dad said it was making them go broke. Nobody was buying houses. We got out while we could. SO. Here we are. Going to sell the house here and Dad and Co are building us a nice house in Forks.
I miss Alex. Not sure why. He was a good friend, I guess. Theresa and Annette. Miss them too. We email and message. Internet is going to suck in Forks. Dialup. Uggghh.

Saw my old tree house. What a thing! So lame. Maybe I will fix it up before we sell the house. Tried to tell Mom and Dad I didn't want to be an engineer that I wanted to work with people instead. They didn't get it. Mom got all mad and shit and told me I was going to try and try till it just didn't work, and that I'd be surprised just how easy it was if I only applied myself. Dad was . Like. Sad I think.

[Dear Diary: Cruise (16)]
I applied for a job, kinda. An internship on a cruise line. Housekeeping/Entertainment staff. I'm excited.
Okay. Crash that. They need parental consent forms.
I think Terry is sweet on me. Came on kind of strong though and a bit mean when I put him off.
Decided to talk to Dad about my cruise thing, showed him the forms. He said he would talk it over with Mom and to keep my head high. Always count on Dad to at least be on my side.

Mom said yes! So I go this summer! This rocks! I heard her tell Dad it wouldn't matter though that I had to get it out of my system. Yeah okay.
Been spending a lot of time window shopping. Need good outfits .. I'm so excited.

Well. Here I am. Cruising. It's fantastic! I work like 6 hours and get like 6 hours off and then another 4 down in the lounge helping with the skits, bingo or competitions. Even been learning things in the Spa. Massage, manicures. They do things so neat and professional with mad skillz. I love Belize! So pretty. Jet skiing is my favorite thing to do on my off time if we're at port.

Summer's almost over. Sucks. Back home now. Signed up for next year. That's a no brainer!

[Dear Diary: Forks/Date/Now (17)]
Went out with Terry. Said he had some good stuff. Figured I might as well. Says he can get it for me when I want it, if I'm nice. Not sure what that means, but I've been nice I guess. He's still a bit mean and likes to try too much too fast. Was thinking about maybe visiting La Push. They do that right? It's tribal.

Mom has me in private school over in Forks. What a name. Insight School of Washington.
I really hate private school. What kind of name is that? Sounds like some peeping tom name. The uniforms are ridiculous. Who designs these damn things? I don't mind sexist but get some taste! Send me back to reality. Bet I can get my ass kicked out of here easy enough. Spencer gets to go to Public School - cause he's got goooood grades. Yeah right.

Mom got tired of driving me to school. Going to get my license and maybe a car!

Terry wants me to get into Public School so I can be with him more.

Terry is still taking me out, like he really gives me a choice. Mom likes him though. I don't think Dad does though. Asks me if I like him and stuff. He's okay. I like his friends better or hanging out with them.

Got suspended. Big Surprise, that. Wonder why. It wasn't my bag anyways. Don't really care. I hated it there.
Maybe when I am ungrounded I will go visit Bella, see if she actually still remembers me.
Dad says she's engaged to Edward Cullen. The Cullens are a weird family. Lots of rumors about them.

Move into the new house @ Forks. It sure is sweet looking. Got my own balcony!

Timeline and Current Plots

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On a normal day, at least on the outside, Charlene is fairly cheerful and optimistic. She rarely lets her guard down and doesn't really have any close friends, so most of it is a charade but not a forced one. She can be quietly contemplative but it's only a precursor to some planned out purpose.

When Charli is mad she just expresses it. She is not shy about telling anyone exactly why she is mad, what led to it, and what she is going to do about it. However, things that she doesn't actually realize that anger her simple fester inside slowly but surely, building up. The pressure of finishing high school and not entirely sure about what she wants to do, is slowly reaching a crescendo.

Charli doesn't allow herself to be sad, which may one day result in a nice long cry or two, or three. She pushes it aside and busies herself with just about anything. Some things you just can run from though. She doesn't have a close enough friend or confidant for the deeper things in life, though Dad is a great help for the more simple things.

She doesn't spill secrets, not that many have given her any. She tends to reflect on what would happened if she told a secret or confidence and that person betrayed it - so she does her best to keep secrets.

What drives Charli, ultimately, beneath anything and everything is optimism. She truly believes things will work out for the best. And if they won't do so on their own, she's perfectly willing to figure out just how do make it happen - it just might take a while and might not be the best approach but what's growing up without a few mistakes along the way? This underlying nature of hers ultimately keeps her going through thick and thin.

Charlie trusts her Dad. He never lets me down, and always supports me - even in the face of Mom's wrath. I can always count on him. If I can't talk to Dad, there's always my diary.

[Compromise Morals?]
Yes. Charli would rationale that it was under duress and do what she had to to save lives. The problem would become impossible should something she be made to do while her life is threatened that would take somebody else's life. She would shut down most likely. But up to taking a life she could justify, though the resulting trauma may be pretty deep.

[Dark Secrets]
I killed my hamster, but it was an accident!
Charli takes drugs. Or smokes them actually. She doesn't realize how much of a problem it is, and considers it recreational.
Perhaps not a deep dark secret, but a festering one none-the-less is what she would rather do with her life vs her parents expectations. She has yet to get it out to them that she doesn't want the same things for herself that they want for her. She's tried but it hasn't worked.

[One Word Picked to Describe Charlene]
Sanguine (Cheerfully Optimistic Definition)


Name Relation Notes
Holly Friend Charli thinks Holly's very cool, even if she does dress weird. They shared a joint and teenage drama before being run off by a passing squad car.
Carly Acquaintance A neighbor, Charli is looking forward to getting to know the blond, since she seems cool. And seems determined not to hook up with her brother, which is always a plus.
Avery Acquaintance She seems cool enough, Charli would possibly enjoy spending more time with her.
Nicolas Pizza Boy Charli doesn't have any thoughts on him, but she knows that Carly is sweet on him. So, he makes her happy seeing as he makes Carly happy.
Trevor Acquaintance He's cute. And if he DOES dress up like a catholic school girl…then he's a good enough sport to be interesting.
Tambrey Acquaintance She doesn't know much about Tambrey, but she doesn't think much of judgmental, seemingly rude fuddy-duddies.

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