Charlie Swan
Portrayed by Billy Burke
Full name Charlie Swan
Birthday March 1
Species Human
Age 44
Height 5'10"
Weight 175
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Hair Brown
Power n/a
Parents Geoffrey and Helen Swan
Siblings Eric
Occupation Chief of Police


Born as the eldest son to Geoffrey and Helen Swan, Charlie has a younger brother name Eric whose family resides in Forks. Growing up Charlie was the quiet-shy type that never was much for causing trouble. He too most after his father, which at the time was Chief of Police in Forks. He would often go with his father to the office and watch him at work. The best times he recalls as a kid was going hunting in the winter with his dad, grandfather, and brother. They would go camping way up in the mountains. Nothing but the four roughing it. Charlie was also attached to his mother, she did tend to shelter him and not force the issues of not wanting to interact a lot of people.

As he grew his family would also go out to La Push beach. There Charlie met two guys when he was ten. Billy Black and Harry Clearwater became his best friends quickly. He would sometimes get to stay with them on weekends or they would stay at his house. They would play football, baseball, or just explore through the woods. In high school Charlie was still the quit type, hardly spoke to girls or much less anyone. He preferred to be invisible among the crowd. Failing math in his Junior year of high school. Renee was assigned to be his tutor and she managed to be the first to ever get to know him. After passing math that year he asked Renee out to a out-of-school bash in La Push. That night was when they shared their first kiss beneath the stars. Dating through their senior year he treated her much like a princess. Anything Renee wanted he would do what it took to make it happen. At Christmas he surprised her with a gold necklace with a heart locket that he saved up for all year.

Right out of high school, Charlie proposed to Renee and they were married. Also, he went to the police academy out in Seattle for a while. This is where he learned to loathe city life. Renee was hoping he would want to stay in Seattle but soon as he graduated he joined the Forks force as a rookie. Over time Charlie went up through the ranks ultimately stepping into the shoes of his father as Chief of Police. This put a strain on his relationship with Renee, she wanted more than what he was offering. They welcomed a baby girl into the world. This excited him in hoping things would get better.

Charlies world crashed when Renee took off with their daughter, Bella. He insisted on seeing his daughter at least two weeks during the summer. Until she got older and would not come because she rather stay in the city. After Renee left him he went back into his shell, throwing himself into working long hours. Living on his own it was any wonder he survived, cooking for himself wasn't an option since he can barely boil water. It was either eating with friends, going out, or making a sandwich. His free time was spent fishing or watching televised sports. Billy Black comes over a lot to watch sports with him. During the times Bella would visit during the summer he would bring his son Jacob with him.

Still loving Renee, he was crushed in learning she was getting married again. Dating was not something he did that much, maybe an odd date here or there but no one could replace Renee in his heart. The best gift Renee ever gave him was when she called asking if he'd take their daughter into his home. The day his daughter, Bella moved into Forks was the best day of his life. He even bought her a truck from his friend Billy Black. Their relationship is rather difficult, he isn't sure what to say half the time and normally ends up saying the wrong thing. Most of the time he just gave Bella her privacy but still wanted to know what she was up too. When Edward Cullen entered her life he was less than thrilled. This only caused him to show just how over protective he can be. Unaware that Edward can read his thoughts, he loved to make life miserable by stalking them around the house.

Even though Charlie wasn't a fan of Edward dating his daughter. He did respect Carlisle Cullen since he is doctor and they have worked together in different situations. A few times they have gone fishing which was highly interesting. Though he just considered Cullen as bad luck since they never catch anything. Though his trust for Carlisle was shaken when the Cullens left town without warning and Edward broke his daughters heart. He would often call Renee concerned what to do about her. Threatening to send her back he was afraid she may do something stupid. Once Bella started hanging around Jacob he felt much happier. The relationship with his daughter was still odd. The day Bella disappeared caused him to panic. Calling Renee they argued over who she is most like. Three days later she returns with Edward. Less than thrilled he grounded her and made it difficult for her to see him. As time went on he lifted this restraint. In the end he was hoping that Jacob Black would end up with Bella but now she is married to Edward. This leaving him alone in his house again at least he has a friend named Sue that comes by once in a while.

Timeline and Current Plots


The quiet, shy guy that would rather be part of a crowd than in front of it. Strangely enough he is the Chief of Police which also makes him dedicated to keep the peace around Forks. The few friends that he has know that he has another whole side, one that he can laugh and cut up with the best of them. It doesn't take much to make Chief Swan content, either fishing or just sitting in front of the television with a beer watching sports. He loves his daughter, Bella, very much and has never really told her those feelings but has shown it with being over protective.


Name Relation Notes
Charlene Niece Daughter to his brother Eric
Billy Black Best Friend His best friend that lives in La Push(NPC)
Geoffrey Swan Father Retired Chief of Police(NPC)
Helen Swan Mother His loving mother that he adores.(NPC)
Eric Swan Brother Younger brother(NPC)
Renee Dwyer Ex-Wife Renee is his high school sweetheart. They married right out of high school but she left him not long after Bella was born.(NPC)

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