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Fullname Charlotte Lucie Walsh
Birthday 21st November 1990
Species Human
Age 17
Height 5ft 9 inches
Weight 140 pounds
Eyes Turquoise blue
Hair Blonde
Parents Dr Henry Walsh & Mrs Elizabeth Walsh
Siblings Harry and Oliver Walsh
Occupation Student and p/t waitress in the local Coffee Shop


Charlotte is no stranger to the rain …

Born close to London, in a county called Surrey a mere 17 years ago, she was the final (and somewhat accidental) child of a Paedaitrician and his wife. Two older brothers, protective and yet loving complete the Walsh clan, their move to the United States a few years ago another avenue for Dr Henry Walsh to enhance his slightly dwindling medical career.

Forks had not quite been what the Walsh family had expected, nor had the move provided the career opportunities Henry had hoped for but surprisingly the family became quickly settled into a provincial life that was not so dissimilar to home. The eldest boy Harry, a young teacher is now married to a local girl, Josie Newton and Ollie, two years Charlotte's senior is happily indulging in the freedom (and distance!) that college life offers.

It had seemed easier for the others. America seemed alien to Charlotte at first, though like her stubborn hold on her accent, the tentative grip she held on her past life slipped away as gradually and almost resentfully she integrated. Enrolled at the local high school, Charlotte sits with the slightly more intellectual crowd. Not popular, but not unpopular she keeps a happy existence, her love of art and history not quite the most sociable of pursuits and although she is friendly enough in nature, her reserve still perseveres.

Arty would explain her appearance, her fingers often ink stained and the occasional flicker of paint on her jeans. Working part-time at a small coffee shop in town, it is not unusual to see her day dreaming when trade is quiet (which it often is) and doodling on used receipt stubs.


A teenage girl teetering on the brink of womanhood. Slender, yet conscious of her defined curves, Charlotte appears smaller than her height of 5ft 9 inches, her posture indicative of her inclination to remain contentedly in the background.

Honey blond hair, laced with hints of platinum frame her oval face, the silken waves skimming her shoulders to taper to soft, defined ringlets at the arch of her back. Freckles hint at a Northern European heritage, her complexion both fresh and pale. Cold too are her expressive eyes, turquoise pools encircled with glimpses of violet ire. Warmth is only found at the occasional blush that enlivens high cheekbones or more permanently in the rosiness of plump cupid-bow lips.

She wears worn, slim-fitting jeans and an ivory blouse, the high collar and sleeves detailed in broderie anglaise. When outside she wears a vintage brown suede jacket. Tan leather ballet pumps complete the ensemble.


There is a certain mystique about Charlotte Walsh. It is hard to put your finger on it but she has the kind of aura that makes you want to find out more. Perhaps it is the challenge of her general reserve. She is not quick to speak, she is watchful and perceptive. It is as if her mind is elsewhere much of the time, distant, dreamy.

And yet when you get to know her, her demeanour is quite different. Kind, the young woman already holds a maternal edge to her nature, her inclination one of warmth and nurturing. Yet she is bohemian in some of her ways, artistic and free-willed and can enjoy nothing better than a good debate, a war of words.

To those whom she does not like, well, they simply do not factor in her life. Yet, few would warrant such treatment. At her worst her attitude could be described as one of disdain or sheer indifference.


Name Relation
Isis Acquaintance Charlotte does not know that Isis is a vampire … yet.
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