Ali Larter as Chelsea
Fullname Chelsea
Birthday June 20th
Species Vampire
Age 200+,(24)
Height 5'10"
Weight Slim/Athletic
Eyes Red
Hair Curly Blonde
Power Bondbreaker/Maker
Parents Long Dead
Siblings None
Occupation Aro's Bondbreaker


She was found in London of the middle class. Her father was a captain in the British Army and when she was but a few years old went off to fight in the Napoleonic Wars. Unbeknowst to his wife and young daughter he left behind many a gambling debt. When he was killed in the war it was not long before those debts were called in and what modest fortune was had was spent paying off those debts. This forced Chelsea and her mother into moving into the poorer districts of London, her mother taking what jobs she could and when her daughter was old enough to take work as well. When Chelsea was about seventeen her mother took ill with tuberculosis and died.
Chelsea continued to work, being paid pittance for delivering bread to upper income houses. Barely making enough to cover rent. Just one of many of poor women on the streets of London, but one who enjoyed playing little games amongst the nobles. Little petty acts of revenge against those that put her in her state. One that would get her notice, she was a manipulative woman, one who thought herself for greater things despite an accident of birth, so she would try to stir the pot as often as she could. A little whisper to a maid here, a little whisper to a butler thereā€¦and the conflict would grow in those houses. She had the charisma to get them to believe her, the looks of an innocent angel who could tell no lie or of a light skirt who would tell you whatever you want for a pence. She had even scored a few duels between young gentlemen out of her meddling. Well shitstirring hardly pays to put food in the mouth, but it sure kept the belly warm all the same.
She came upon a Volturi agent, Leonardo, who had a talent for finding potential in humans. He noticed Chelsea and followed her for a few days and saw her using her gift in its human form, in his own mind seeing the potential for such a gift should it be enhanced. A gift that could be used to 'greater' purposes then stirring the pot between noble families.
He found her one night, gave her promises of riches, dresses, all above her imagining. She was wary at first but the money he gave her that first night had a way of breaking down some of her resistance as well as his own 'nature' dazzling her mind a bit. Within days she was dressed in a fine dress, taking to sail to Italy where her fortunes would be waiting for. Her escort gave her hints and clues to where they would be going, dazzling her with clothes and fortunes that she never could imagine.
Upon the first touch Aro, saw what she had accomplished as a human, what she could accomplish as a vampire and had her turned right away. It took her time to adjust to her new life, to focus her talents, train her as he saw in her visions but within a few years she became an invaluable member of the Volturi Guard. She never once looked back to her human life which had given her little but the pleasure of messing up the lives of a social strata she was never allowed to be apart of. Here she had the rank, the privilege, the money she never could have as a human.
Her presence was felt around the castle as she influenced her own loyalty on to the others, and as each supplicant was brought forth to them as well. She stood beside the Volturi as they passed judgement aiding them as only her talents could.


Don't get mad, get even.


Name Relation Notes
Aro Maker She is his devoted Follower
Afton Mate Does she really love him?
Stasia Current Subject Friends? Or just another victim to Chelsea's Talents

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