Combat in Eventide is played out purely in roleplay. Players are expected to act maturely and roleplay their character accurately in combat situations. General guidelines are given below, as well as a rundown of the typical advantages/disadvantages based on species.

General Guidelines

1. Staff judges: You can request any of the RP staff to help judge a scene to ensure players are acting fairly and within the limits their skills and weaknesses ordain.

2. Order: Someone should establish a posing order. If you want to go out of turn (i.e., your character wants to dive in front of another character to save him or her), you need to ask for everyone's approval OOCly. The three pose rule is not conducive to combat.

3. Powers: Use common sense. Part of a roleplay combat system trusts that players won't go overboard on their character's abilities. When in doubt, check the news file for your race, or consult a staff member if it is in regards to a unique power. Also remember that every time your character tries something, he or she doesn't always succeed. For example, Jasper tries to calm everyone's mood, but it doesn't work because he is distracted; or Emmett tries to pounce on a newborn vampire and snap his neck, but he fails because he miscalculated the positioning, etc.

3. Weaknesses: If your character dodges everything, combat is not longer fun. Every character has a weakness. Get hit sometimes, it'll make for better RP.

4. Action Limits: Depending on their speed, your character has a limited amount of actions (including attacks and defense mechanisms like dodging) s/he can perform per turn. Please follow these guidelines. Some exceptions may be made; just keep in mind you CANNOT do everything in one pose round:

  • Wolves: 4-5 actions
  • Vampires: 3-4 actions
  • Humans: 1-2 actions

5. Health: There's no official HP. Use your own good judgment and ask other players how much damage their attack would probably do.

6. Death: Death is possible. IC actions = IC consequences. If you choose to stay in a losing battle, staff will not bail you out if your character should be dead by the end of it. On the contrary, if you RP responsibly and do elect to flee from a life-threatening IC situation, you have a right to refuse PK. Issues should be talked over with staff.

Guidelines By Species

Human vs Supernatural (anything): This is going to turn out heavily in favor of the supernatural, especially human vs. vampire. Aside from fire, humans have no weapons against the vampires. Humans can, however, harm a shifter or wolf with a weapon, but chances weigh heavily that the shifter or wolf will be too quick and can avoid the weapon.

Vampire vs Vampire: Typically an even fight one-on-one, with a few exceptions. If one vampire is a newborn, they will have a significant advantage. Also, unique powers and skills may help harbor an advantage over the other. This doesn't include all of the possible experience, techniques, and knowledge your characters might have. Be sure to have reason to back up why your character might have an advantage.

Vampire vs Shifter: Vampires are solitary hunters. They also, in this theme, have fewer susceptibilities than shifters do, and are more difficult to kill. A vampire fighting a shifter will have significant advantage, UNLESS the shifter is in a pack (two will make the fight more difficult, three to four will even the fight, more will provide an advantage for the shifters). Note that if the shifter is NOT shifted, this will be even more significant. Shifters NEED to shift to stand a chance against a vampire; their teeth and claws are really the only weapons that can do damage. Shifters are faster than vampires, but are not as strong.

Vampire vs Werewolf: These fights will generally go the same as Vampire vs Shifter. Werewolves NEED to be shifted to stand a chance, and they need to be in a group. The rare exception is if your wolf has the 'Lone Wolf' trait — that is, he or she lived on their own for so long that they have adapted to fighting themselves against vampires. Still, though, they are more vulnerable than vampires and will not be exactly even strength and advantage-wise.

Shifter vs Shifter: An even match, save for extra knowledge, experience, size, etc. which will inevitably lead to one being stronger than the other.

Werewolf vs Werewolf: Same as above, an even match save for various IC differences which will inevitably lead to one being stronger than the other.

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