Portrayed by Kevin McKidd
Full name Corin O’Donnell
Birthday July 7th
Species Vampire
Age Roughly 500yrs, appears in his 40's
Height 6'1/2"
Weight 183lbs
Eyes Blue, Red when relaxed and revealed.
Hair Red, Brown
Occupation Volturl Guard, Art Dealer, All around problem solver.


While Corin has very little interest in rehashing his past every so often he has been known to spin tales for close friends about his time walking the highlands, robbing and hunting. He never was a great man, but a very tenacious one indeed. He met his would be “Sire” as a mortal and well before his death, tracking the tracker across the land in search of a fat purse. The vampire found this being hunted entertaining so allowed the man to track him, and made a game out of it.
Corin was able to pass all of the vampires tests, one after the next though all he was thinking about was how that money would make him a rich man and that tracking this one while utterly worth it was becoming a pain in the neck. His death came shortly after collecting that fat purse and it is something he never has gone into detail upon. Though he will speak of starting a new life under the command of the Volturi, and the few years before he met Demetri if pressed for a story and Demetri is about.
Corin found the test of time an easy one and collected unique bits of art, armor, and weaponry primarily over the years to store away in Italy. His fascination with battle, and his abilities are one of the reasons he was first paired with who would become his fondest friend Demetri the hunter. Where Demetri couldn’t go Corin always could, and those who Corin could not find Demetri could.
Though as has been noticed Corin has always been overlooked or quietly not written into any of the tales of history, he enjoys that status of the unknown and wild card. The role however has now and again left him with the bad taste of being overlooked when he didn’t desire to be and has lead to him leaving a calling card to show his mark upon the world.
In the current world Corin is still playing his role, still making a study of the current trends in society so he can compare them to the old. Learning new methods of tracking people across this new global economy in between missions, or hanging about with his friends.. well friend.


Cool Head: Corin is blessed with an supernatural calm even in the most stressful of situations he keeps himself focused on the task at hand and is able to plot a way through it

Investigator: Over the many years of his life Corin has learned the tricks of the trade in how to track down mortal beings through various networks, paper trails, even the internet. While not a supernatural effect he is quite good.

Adaptable: Corin has adapted himself to the new times, new lingo, and new tool sets with relative ease. He is rather competent in adapting to what curves are thrown at him using past knowledge as a basis and plugging forward. Each challenge is a chance to learn something new.

Combat Monkey: While having preferred forms of combat, Corin really does like to get his hands on and try out everything at least once and adapt it to his style or styles. Knowing he may be in a situation where he may not be able to use certain methods he’s learned a smattering of everything and combined it together into a hard to follow combat style.


Hatred of Water: Rain is okay, puddles work, even some creeks and rivers. Anything worse than waist deep Corin wants utterly nothing to do with it, and he won’t say why. (Minor Phobia: Being submerged in water makes him panic) History behind that is he was captured by Vikings, dragged under the boat for a time for entertainment then cut loose. He survived but only barely, and while physical recovery did happen mental scarring continued.

Power Dependant: Corin is almost always under the effect of his power unless speaking directly with another vampire or the Volturi. In the rare event he is noticed before he wants to be, he takes the loss of his cool head skill and has to grapple to pull things back together.

Ranged Weakness: even during an assassination Corin will not use methods that would put him entirely out of the perception of the enemy during the attack, due to his power, and personal preferences Corin feels the need to face an opponent,. A knife in the back or pistol to the skull is one thing, but making use of a rifle from hundreds of yards away is just cowardly.

Obsessive Mark: Corin feels the need to mark his prey when sent upon a dangerous mission, a playing card will be left behind. The one eyed jack of either hearts or spades depending on if the target was a man or woman. This came into being shortly after the London, White Castle District incident in 1888.

Timeline and Current Plots


Corin is a pleasant man to deal with, often quiet and thoughtful, likes to give and offer advice from his own antics over the years. To friends he is warm and giving, to an enemy he can seem to be the same but is more than likely waiting for the proper moment to remove them from being an enemy.


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