Dahlia Fairley
Taylor Swift As Dahlia Fairley
Fullname Dahlia Anne-Maria Fairley
Birthday October 13th
Species Vampire
Age 104
Height 5'6
Weight 115lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Power Dream Reader
Parents Unknown
Siblings Many, all deceased
Occupation Coven De Quebec Leader
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Born into a large, middle class family in the early 1900's, Dahlia was the youngest of three sisters, and the second youngest when compared to the ages of her four brothers. Her family lived in London England for the first 12 years of her life, before they relocated to the newly colonizing Canada. As was normal for people of the time, her family was extremely religious, except for her Father, who was too busy with work to bother with religion. During the majority of her life, Dahlia experienced horrible and vivid nightmares, which would later develop into insomnia.

Dahlia, unlike the rest of her sisters, was a tomboy. She preferred playing sports with her brothers, and spent the majority of her time outside, to her Mother's chagrin. To keep the old woman pleased, Dahlia also took to the arts as best she could, without much success in any area, aside from playing the violin. Often, she would attempt to play the popular songs of the time on the violin, adapting the tunes as best she could. The best times of her life, however, were spent playing with her brothers. Games designed to resemble the war going on in Europe were played in trenches that they dug out themselves, while her sisters all berated her for being so boy-like.

It wasn't long before her brothers were old enough to be forced into the first World War along with many other boys she knew from her town, leaving her behind, with her horrible sisters. For months she was miserable without her brothers, and eventually decided to just go along with it when her sisters invited her to do 'girly things'. When she got tired of that, she'd pay a visit to the general store and hangout with the town-folk talking there. When she turned 16, she began working at the general store to pass the time and save up.

Her brothers finally returned for a visit on Christmas Eve, and the next morning, she received a camera as her only gift. After finding this new thing to obsess over, Dahlia spent the majority of her time snapping photos, trying out different perspectives, and developing the film she bought using the money she made from working at the general store. The entire holiday season, she composed an entire photo album full of pictures of her brothers and her family.

Not long after the holidays, her brothers were called back to the front lines in Europe. Three weeks later, her family received news of an entire battalion falling victim to artillery fire in the trenches, her brothers' battalion. In a matter of just a few short weeks, her brothers had died. Her family suffered another loss when she turned 18, when her Father died in a mining accident a few kilometres away from the town.

Distraught, Dahlia fled from her home one night and into the woods, where she slipped and fell unconscious of a head injury. After a strange dream, filled with traumatizing images of war and massacre, she awoke, three days later. A pair of strange bite marks were left on her neck, and her throat burned as if someone had shoved a flat iron down it. The vampire who had turned her returned soon after, and explained everything.

She found that now that she was a vampire, she could tap into people's dreams with a simple touch as they slept. She could alter them, and even experience them within her mind as if they were her own. Later on, once she developed this ability, she only needed to see the person, whether it was through a photograph, or film, to establish a connection with their mind and read their dreams.

For the remainder of her unlife, she collected dreams and photographs, frequently reading through that old photo album of her family long after they all died. After hearing about all the commotion in Forks, she moved from Quebec to Washington, bringing the Coven De Quebec along with her, in order to investigate, and maybe snap a few pictures while she's at it. Together, the small coven of three live in a tiny section of the forest around 100 kilometres away from the town and La Push.


Probably one of the most playful, mischievous, and happy coven leaders out there. At the same time, she can be very serious when placed in the right situation. Her sense of humor is very dry, and she uses sarcasm whenever she possibly can, however the way she speaks is very archaic. A trait that was likely formed when she was just a child. She doesn't have enemies for long, and is quick to drop a grudge. She prefers memories over material objects. That is, aside from her camera.

She displays undying compassion to everyone, regardless of their past. Her morals are flawed, however she's one of the most well-behaved vampires out there. Her first priority is other people, especially humans.


- What You Want, by Haley Sales

- Chemicals React, by Aly & AJ
- All That I Want, by the Weepies
- Don't Look Away, by Kate Voegele
- Hallelujah, by Kate Voegele
- Heroes & Thieves, by Vanessa Carlton
- Save Me, by Nickelback
- A Favour House Atlantic, by Coheed and Cambria
- Sorry, by Maria Mena
- Qui Prendra Ma Place?, by Marie-Mai
- Falling On, by Finger Eleven
- Listen To Your Heart, by DHT

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