Channing Tatum as Dante
Fullname Dante Moretti
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Age Looks about 27
Height 6' 2"
Weight 175 lbs.
Eyes Crimson; Hazel with Contacts
Hair Dark Brown; Short
Power Incredible Memory
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Occupation Volturi Guard


The beginning of Dante's life isn't important, mainly because he can't remember it. It's been estimated that he was born sometime in the early, possibly mid, 1800s. He was found in Rome on the steps of the Church covered in blood and ice cold. They brought him inside to try to 'save him', figureing the devil had infected his soul as he would occasionally scream of burning or that he was on fire before he silenced once more. As the priests sought guidence in what to do with the young man, rip the devil from him or simply kill him, there was a face within the church that knew the mans ailment and it wasn't the devil; though some could consider it close.

A Volturi Guard had been in the roman church, simply as eyes for the Volturi. The vampire knew what had happened to the man, what had wounded him so badly, and what he would become. To keep their secret safe the Guard stole the man out of the church in the night and took him to Volterra. When the man finally fell from his burning slumber, his throat was raw with the thirst. The vampire who had "found him" in the church was right by his side and the young man had something many newborns didn't - a teacher.

He told him who he was, what he was, where he was, and what they were 'fighting' for. The man explained about the Volturi's purpose, to keep the vampire race a secret, and he began to teach the young man the ways of their world; how to feed, how to resist, when to and how much to feed on, and never to leave one alive. The vampire gave the young man a name - Dante Moretti. He told him he was found in Rome and they guessed he was Italian due to his accent. That's all the history that Dante knows of himself. He sometimes has dreams, simple images, of Roman landscapes and people he doesn't know but when he wakes nothing is ever lucid enough for him to really grasp.

In Dante's training and education, he was taught the ways of the Volturi, who their bosses were, and who the enemies were. He was taught also however, of the Church, by the vampire who found him. Dante 'grew up' with a strong loyalty to the Volturi and the Church, for that was all he knew. In his training it was discovered that Dante had an incredible knack for memorizing /anything/. He had a picture memory for people and vampire's faces, he could read a book once and rewrite it, and he could walk a city and instantly form a mental map - he was deemed extremely useful and enlisted into the Volturi Guard; an extreme honor to him.


Dante runs more along the lines of the strong silent type. He isn't broody, he isn't angry nor cynical, he's simply a rather quiet fellow. He generally likes to keep to himself and doesn't like to intrude into anyones business unless he's been assigned to do so. He enjoys sunsets and watching human children play along the city strees of Volterra and he enjoys reading up on history and reading romance novels.

He has a strong since of honor that has been instilled in - a roman mindset. He also has an extreme love for the Church and everything associated with it. The man has a general gentle nature but Dante is a force to reckon with when the need calls for it. His loyalties lie heavily with the Volturi, and the Church, for they are all he knows. He's willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt; once.


Name Relation Notes
Caius Boss
Aro Boss
Marcus Boss
Jane Acquaintance Dante and Jane aren't close really. He sees her as Caius' priceless jewel that he's there to keep from getting chipped.
Theresa Yamamoto Mate Theresa and Dante have had a 'love history' for the past few decades. They've worked rather hard however to keep it from getting 'weird' until recently when Dante finally popped the question. Let the weird begin.
Inari Acquaintance Inari is one of the newest recruits to the Volturi. Dante found her speaking to Stacy outside of the wafflehouse. He isn't sure about her yet, she's young, but is willing to give her a shot and help her anyway he can.
Kyler Stranger Dante was amused to find the vampire holeing up in a metal clad-decorated tree. He figures the other to be a few screws short and will decide wether or not to do something about it later.
Anastasia Acquaintance Dante met Stacy very breifly outside of the wafflehouse. He thinks she's a kind vampire but really knows nothing about her. Yet.
Stasia Dietzen Acquaintance Stasia has recently been brought to Volterra. Dante finds the vampiress to be somewhat in shock of her surroundings - but likes her well enough.

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Thrice - "Don't Tell And We Won't Ask"

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