Darcy Bowen
Zui Suicide as Darcy Bowen
Fullname Darcy Lillian Bowen
Birthday February 2nd, 1987
Species Vampire
Age Looks 16. Actually 21.
Height 5'
Weight 90lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Black and assorted.
Power She's like the Pepsi Zero of Jasper. No projecting, only sense negative emotions.
Parents Actual: James McDermott and Abigail O'Reilly Supposed: Tiernan Bowen
Siblings None.
Occupation Watching the World Burn.


The story begins with the oh so clich mixture of Old Boston wealth and South Boston poverty. Darcy's father, James, came from a long line of lawyers and judges from the respectable McDermott clan. Her mother, Abigail, was from the typical south Boston family - very Irish, very poor, very in trouble with the law. This is how the pair met. James, already the black sheep of the family, was a bailiff and Abigail caught his attention while she was at her older brother's hearing. He had to escort her out for yelling obscenities at the District Attorney. It was 'magic' from that moment on, and the pair married less than two years later. The McDermotts were less than thrilled. Three years later, on February 2nd, 1987, Darcy was born.

She led a happy and normal childhood, doted on by her father and marginally accepted by her paternal grandparents. She was an only child who lived in a nice middle class neighbourhood, attended a nice public catholic school, and who was just all around nice. Sweet, relatively endearing, clever (although not particularly interested in school), but in most ways less than exceptional. This was of course, minus her formidable temper. The very thought of injustice and unfair made her quiver with childish rage. Her grandfather rather enjoyed these fits of temper, and saw them as proof that the child might overcome her questionable 'breeding' and manage to make her way into the legal profession. This hope was the reason he funded her private school education once her father died.

James McDermott met an unfortunate end in a head on collision, involving one other car, and an intoxicated pedestrian. James had swerved to avoid the young man, but ended up killing not only himself, but the other driver, and the reveler. Through some extreme miscarriage of justice, Darcy's mother was forced to pay over a good chunk of James' life insurance to the family of the pedestrian. This signalled the end of the golden years. In 1997, when Darcy was 10, she and her mother moved back to south Boston and in with her mother's brother, the man who had been the cause of James and Abigail's meeting.

Uncle Connor wasn't all bad, he just liked to drink. And yell at his wife, Kathleen. And throw things at her. And hit her. He rarely raised a hand to Darcy, although it wasn't unheard of, and Abigail's time was consumed by occasionally joining her brother in finding the bottom of a bottle and trying to help Kathleen dodge his outbursts. Darcy's paternal grandparents had little to nothing to do with her after the death of her father, except to pay her private Catholic school fees. By the age of 13, Darcy was becoming a latch-key child as her part-time alcoholic mother found it easier and easier to forget about her.

Darcy became less and less present at home. She found that the older she got, the more acceptable target she became for drunken outbursts. She also found that she had little in common with her family any more, other than anger, and more in common with the other ignored adolescents that were the constant cause of vandalism and petty crime in her neighbourhood. Her mother worked hard, despite her burgeoning alcoholism, and didn't notice that her daughter came home less and less. She also didn't worry about money as much as some of the neighbourhood, since Darcy's school was paid for, so she didn't notice when 20$ or 40$ went missing occasionally. By age 14, Darcy was becoming a chain smoker, a problem student, and had begun experimenting with heroin. She had no friends at her upscale school, and far too many friends with juvenile records. On the 4th of July of 2002, just a few months after her 15th birthday, she decided not to come home. Her mother didn't notice for a week. By then, it was too late.

By 15, Darcy had found herself at the wrong end of a backhand from her uncle, a man more than twice her size. She had managed to evade expulsion at least half a dozen times, after instigating twice as many fights. She had developed a heroin habit, purchased with money stolen from her mother, her school mates, and her teachers. The unexceptional 10 year old child had become a 15 year old master of deception, dirty fighting, and rationalization. She was angry. She had very little sense of self. No goals, no aspirations. She was a total hedonist.

When she left home, she went with her 19 year old heroin addict boyfriend and his band to Baltimore. Once they were there, holed up in a cheap apartment in a less than savory part of town, it wasn't long before the money and drugs ran out. They tried drug dealing but smoked, snorted and shot more than they sold, and it wasn't long before Darcy was picked up by an older, more successful drug dealer, who dabbled in prostitution on the side. He stayed out of his drugs, but made sure that Darcy got her fill. At a price, of course. She was small, so she didn't use much, and he always got a decent price for her. This is the state that Tiernan Bowen found her in the summer of 2003.

He was an old vampire, originally from Boston in the late 1800s, and he had been alone for a very long time. He was on an extended vacation in Baltimore, giving his usual hunting grounds of south Boston a rest. He had taken to the slums to feed, and he found Darcy slumped against a light post with glazed eyes. Her 'boyfriend' shuffled out of the shadows and propositioned Tiernan. Tiernan bit him first. Darcy just watched from the other side of the alley, unconcerned. Then Tiernan took Darcy home, and changed her.

She remembers little of her change, as she spent most of it vomiting and gasping for breath. She thought she was just going through a particularly heinous withdrawal. She had been so drug-dazed when Tiernan bit her, that she thought it was just a hallucination. Besides, she had been too sedated to fight, and it had felt rather nice.

Darcy was a lucky newborn. Her sire never left her side, and explained everything to her…after she had already been irrevocably changed, of course. At first she was worried that she was going to end up as some sort of 'Bride of Dracula' but Tiernan explained that she was his daughter from the moment of change onwards. He taught her to hunt, the first thing she ever showed a natural talent for. Her disdain for human beings made her accept hunting and killing with no qualms.

Tiernan found that having a 'daughter' who would always appear to be 16, and seemed to be mentally trapped in adolescence came with more challenges than he had originally thought. When he discovered that Darcy was from Boston he realized his psychiatrist practice was going to have to move. So they moved to Connecticut. Darcy was forced to remain on the sprawling premises of their new home, unless hunting - which she was chaperoned while doing, for the first year of her vampiric life. She had gone from no parents, to a father who ruled with an iron fist. He had created her to provide him with solace from his loneliness and he expected her to do so whether she wanted to or not. He alternately doted on her and reigned tyrannically over her.

After 5 years of house arrest, broken only by her 'escape acts and childish escapades', the Bowen family has moved to Forks, where Darcy has been enrolled in the local high school. She has maintained her disgust and anger at humans, recognizing that the horrors she experienced and saw others just like her experience, as a fault of the negligent human race. She considers herself better than humans, and above some vampires, especially the namby-pamby ones who only feed on animals. She has also maintained the thought process of a rebellious 16 year old, and although she is grateful to Tiernan for saving her life, she finds it hard to be the dutiful daughter he wants her to be.


Darcy is in many ways, stereotypical. She is clever, but not necessarily intelligent due to a general disinterest in school or active attempts at learning. She is, however, something of a history buff due to listening to her sire for many hours on many nights. She has the famous 'Irish temper' in a double helping, and can be likened to a powder keg, or a vial of nitroglycerin. She has a sarcastic, although not necessarily witty sense of humour, and tends to gravitate towards less socially acceptable topics of conversation. She appreciates shock value, and often uses shock tactics. This, along with her years of house arrest and rather questionable friend finding abilities from her breathing life, have left her rather socially awkward. She is not good at making friends, nor is she particularly interested in it. A certain cordiality has been hammered into her by her father, but the remnants of her sweet childhood disposition rarely surface. She is often cold, and described as rather 'snobby for a freak' by her peers. Surprisingly, she tends to be loyal to a fault as well as having a very fine tuned sense of what is fair. However, her scales of fair and unfair have been known to be effected by certain amounts of self-serving rationalization. She has what her father describes as 'a spiteful, instinctive dislike of authority', and a soft spot for animals. Especially strays. She does not have a soft spot for humans. She views her life as sacred, recognizing how close she was to losing it, but also sees herself as next to invincible. The lives of what she loves are not to be toyed with, but the lives of humans seem petty and unworthy of her consideration. She does a very good job of grinding out any inner voice that tries to remind her that she too was human once. As would be expected, she has carried over her human life attraction to counter-culture ideas, music, and modes of dress. She is also very secretly very lonely. She's a mentally 16 year old girl that lives with a 100+ year old man, so this isn't exactly surprising.

Darcy views most with a certain neutrality of disdain for their existence to the point of not being bothered to lift a finger to extinguish their lives. However, if a person is considered her enemy she will stop at nothing to make their lives even less worth living. If not for the control her father exercises over her, she would probably murder someone for cutting her off in traffic. And laugh while doing it. Touching her is likely to create some sort of violent reaction. She is shockingly sensitive to feeling as though she has been disrespected or threatened, and is more than likely to completely over-react if given the chance.


Name Relationship Description
Ramona Krinov Friend One of Dar's first and only friends since she became a vampire. Shoulder devil and the first person Dar calls when she wants some fun.
Virginia Krinov Friend Virginia was introduced to Darcy by Ramona. Darcy thinks she has serious mischief accomplish potential, great style, and she's a bloody ROCKSTAR.
Dahlia Fairley Friend Dar's friend and the only person who's managed to touch her affectionately other than her Father. Shoulder angel and jedi master to Dar's sith apprentice.
Trevor Lockwood Pawn/Friend Dar's human 'friend'. Causes her to behave in an extremely socially awkward manner. Unwitting part of Ramona and Dar's scheme for world domination. Outside observers would call him a love interest, but she really just like his dog. Right.
Tiernan Bowen(NPC) Father Tells her to clean her room and eat her veggies. Likes to make scrapbooks. Local shrink.

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Joan Jett - Bad Reputation
He Is Legend - Goldie's Torn Locks
In Flames - Eraser
Sublime - The Wrong Way
L7 - Shit List
Puscifer - REV 22:20
Prima J - Rockstar (bloody hilarious)
Horrorpops - Psycho Bitches Outta Hell
CKY - Escape From Hellview
The Creepshow - Creature of the Night
Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses
Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl
Marilyn Manson - (S)AINT
Everclear - Heroin Girl
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart

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