Darian Morrus
Silva Darian Morrus
Full Name Silva Darian Morrus
Nickname Darian or Silva (Quileute)
Gender Male
Age 21
Species Werewolf
Faction Quileute
Alignment Good


20 years ago, the second child of a Quileute family was born. That was me, Silva Darian Morrus. At the time, my mother was hoping for a girl, since they already got my older brother before me. But it was not to be, and father didn't seem to mind so much.

My family has always lived La Push, a reservation run by generations our people, the Quileute people. There's a town nearby, called Forks. As children we never really visited Forks much, as is our way and the will of the Council of Elders, we would usually stay within the Reservation. It never bothered me much.

I was 7 when that day came. Old Billy Black came to our house, and in his arms was this little girl. Our mother was overjoyed to be able to have a girl, and so it came that my parents adopted her, and she became my little sister. Josinda Ilynn Whitetail. My parents didn't make her take our family name, but she's family nonetheless.

That was 14 years ago now. And things have changed. You see, my brother and I, we're descendants of the true Quileute blood. We're werewolves. Even though we knew stories and legends of our ancestors, we never really believed it to be true. Oh were we wrong.

It happened one day, when my brother and I were quarreling over something. I think it might've been about a broken bike, I can't remember much now. I was 15, my brother a few years above me. The arguement got so heated that we started fighting with each other. Of course that's usually normal for brothers, but this was different. Like some of the other boys our age, we were considered big, at 15, I was pushing 5'7", my brother, even bigger. And that, was when it all changed.

That was almost 5 years ago now. The incident that has changed our lives forever. Now we are part of the pack, protectors of our secrets and our people. Admittedly, I'm not as strong as the others, but like Sam, who leads us, I have a knack for controlling my phasing. Not as much as he does though. But a bit more than my fellow brothers. They say my hearing seems to be more acute too, so I suppose that makes up for the strength I lack.

rA few months ago, Josie was kicked out of our home because she was asking too many questions about my brother and I. I feel a little bad, and things were rough between all of us for a while then.

Now things are back to good, and she lives with her boyfriend, Tom. I suppose in a way, she's there trying to be independant. She knows about us anyway, she knows the stories and legends are true. In that sense, we look after her. She might not be blood, but she is my sister. At least I'd like to think so.


Notable Relationships

Name Relation Description
Josinda Whitetail Sister Josie is Darian's adopted sister, adopted by his parents when she was only 3 years old
Thomas Owens Family Friend Thomas is Josie's boyfriend
Lorelei Meinkoth Pack mate Lorelei is one of the Quileute Pack, and friends of Josie
Marshall Starstalker Pack mate Marshall is also of the Quileute Pack
Aristide de Rousseau Friend A young girl who bumped into Darian one night in Forks…

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