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Fullname Deanna Ross Volturi
Birthday Jan 3, 1962
Species Vampire
Age Appears mid-20's.
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Black
Power Financial genius
Parents Charles and Darlene Ross (still alive)
Siblings Younger brother
Occupation Financial Wizard for the Volturi.


Deanna was born to a wealthy and influential family in Phoenix, involved in state-level politics. As a child, she had everything. A pony for her 10th birthday, a brand new Lexus for graduation. She was highly intelligent and was given every educational advantage to actualize her potiential. Denied nothing by her parents, she also grew spoiled and entitled. It was to the surprise of nobody that she went onto Harvard business school. Graduating at the top of her class, she was recruited to work for a large, multinational corporation, based out of Italy. There were a few peculiar things about the company. The executives appeared very secretive and appeared to have fingers in… well.. almost everything. Still, the salary was almost obscenely high and the benefits were amazing. Those annual trips to the beautiful Tuscan countryside was the highlight of her summer.

Deanna began to truly suspect something was amiss when she began tracking moves by another company out of Indonesia that was attempting to force a takeover over some of their assets by driving down the share price, then buying up the stock. Eager for one of those million dollar bonuses and maybe a chance to meet the executives in person, Deanna opted to try to find out who was responsible herself. Her efforts led her to a hotel in Bangkok. She thought she was meeting with a corporate mole in the Indonesian company, but stumbled onto the true nature of the other side and learned a different meaning for "hostile takeover."

Deanna may have thought she was working in secret, but the Volturi were well aware of her efforts to get to the source of the economic attacks against them. They followed her to Bangkok where the rival coven was ruthlessly dealt with. Deanna herself might have been a post-combat snack, but in light of her abilities, she was instead given a "promotion."

Presently, Deanna serves in the Volturi Guard as an economic advisor… or economic warrior. She still "exists" in the mortal world. Her family believes that she took a position in Italy at the corporate headquarters. The young vampire is eager to prove herself. She climbed to the top of the corporate ladder as a mortal and believes it's only a matter of time before she climbs to the top of the vampire ladder. Her duties in the Volturi are to manage the money side of their empire, to protect and expand their influence on the global economy.

Skills and Weaknesses


Intelligent: Deanna is extremely intelligent and organized. She has had the education to realize her potiential.

Financial Wizard: In addition to being very bright, Deanna has a certain instinct when it comes to navigating financial waters. She has the ability to weave gold out of straw, more or less. Give her a failing business and within five years, she'll have them millions of dollars in the black.

Influential: Deanna is young enough that she has not had to fake her own death or assume an alternate identity, to protect the secret of being a vampire. Fortunately, the way the modern world operates, she was able to handle most of her affairs over the phone or with a computer, especially during those first few critical years as a vampire. Consequently, she holds a good deal of influence in economic circles and via her parents, has minor influence in US politics.


Ambitious: Deanna was ambitious as a mortal and as a vampire, that trait has remained. She wants to move high in the ranks of the Volturi and is jealous of the status of some of the older members.

Non-combatant: Deanna's combat skills are rudimentary at best. She is not generally tapped for those sorts of missions.

Arrogant: Deanna fills a critical role for the Volturi. She protects their economic power from mortals and immortals alike, as well as expanding their global influence. She was chosen for her skills in this arena and knows it. Consequently, she makes sure that the rest of the Volturi know her contribution to the Coven. This hasn't earned her a lot of friends and some call her a "know it all" behind her back. This suits Deanna fine, so long as they get out of her way while she's climbing to the top.


Deanna loves what she does! The power that comes with the ability to manipulate the global economy is thrilling. Highly intelligent and organized, she loves the challenge of pitting her wit and skill against someone else, with the GNP of a small country on the table between them. She is also a bit arrogant and some of her cohorts among the Guard consider her to be a "Know-it-All." In addition to the power that money brings, she also enjoys the finer things of life. Although she doesn't have a flashy power, Deanna is an invaluable member of the Volturi Guard, filling a critical role. And she won't hesitate to tell everyone about it!


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