Derek Bannon
ACTOR as Derek Bannon
Fullname Derek Bannon
Birthday 09/21/1991
Species Werewolf
Age 17
Height 5'5"
Weight 120
Eyes Green
Hair black
Power Able to transform into a wolf, super speed, heightened endurance and Strength able to heal himself,Heightened Senses.
Parents Marry and Sam Bannon
Siblings none
Occupation none


Derek was born to Marry and Sam Bannon in the little area called La Push in Washington, he was a quiet baby and that never grew out of him even when he became a teenager. He always kept to himself and never liked to be around others. As a child he learned to stay away from the bigger boys and read most of the time, so his head filled with stories of demons and monsters, but he knew these were only stories. Or where they? He loved to listen to the stories the elders of the tribe told him about the cold ones and the tribe who fought them. Derek went to the La push school like all the other kids but didn't get along with others, until he meets Andre. They became good friends after one of the bigger boys picked on Derek, and Andre came and saved. erek grew up and kept going to school with his friend Andre, until one day when he was walking home from school, he saw somebody getting beat up. So Derek ran to try and help, and saw it was his friend Andre. The bullies ran away when they saw Derek. Derek knelt next to his friend, who was bleeding heavily, and tried to call for help but nobody came. Tears were running down Derek's face as he watched his friend bleed to death. When somebody finally came, it was too late and he was dead. The next couple of days was like hell for Derek, for the grief of his dead friend caused him pain and anger. After the Funeral he found out that the gang who killed Andre was the boy who Andre saved back when school first started. Derek left with rage inside him and went to find him and make him pay. He found him near the cliff where some of the local boys sometime go diving off, and started fighting with them. He didn't care if they kill him; he just wanted his friend back. Just as he was pounding the leader's face in, something clicked in him, and he broke away from the fight. He ran as far as he could. He felt different, like he could run forever with the wind in his face. He felt scared and free at the same time. Then, he wasn't human anymore; he'd shifted into a powerful beast with claws, and a coat of fur to match his human hair. He'd made the first transformation into a wolf. When he got back home, his father saw a change in him and told him everything about how the old stories were true, and what he was. So now Derek is part of the pack. He still feels like an outsider, like he's different frm the others. But now, he's not alone. The pack's there to back him up.


Derek is a loner at times, but can be very friendly if you get to know him. He has a dry sense of humor and loves to read. He still gets scared, but knows his pack is there to watch his back and protect him if he needs it.


Derek left town and moves to his uncle place in Vegas never to return.


Name Relationship Description
Lorelei Meinkoth pack Lorelei is part of the pack like him.
Jacob Black pack another member of the pack.
Sam Uley Pack Alpha He's our leader

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(Bad day by Daniel Powter)
(Hungry Like The Wolf By Duran Duran)
(Cry Little Sister (Theme from the Lost Boys)
(Don't Stop Believin' By Journey)
(Escape (The Piña Colada Song) By Rupert Holmes)
(Sympathy For The Devil by Guns N' Roses)

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