Elijah Shayffer
Brandon Stoughton as Elijah
Fullname Dean 'Elijah' Jordan Shayffer
Birthday May 3rd
Species Human
Age 19
Height 6 feet
Weight 150lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Parents Some Jewish People…
Siblings Noel, sister, deceased
Occupation Police: Deputy
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When Elijah was born, he was premature. His mother and father weren't outstandingly wealthy, and in fact barely had money to spare. Growing up under a Jewish household, and living in a particularly dangerous neighbourhood didnt help Elijah's situation any one bit. For the many months that he and his parents lived in Boston, they were harassed by chapters of KKK members, though the group was small. From when he was just a kid, throughout most of his elementary school life, such things didnt affect him much.

He was a single child, and like all children without siblings, he was spoiled to the best of his parents' abilities. He had all he needed, but his life lacked any extra luxuries. He was loved, and nurtured by his family. The type of vibrancy towards life, and happiness rubbed off on him, likewise, he made many friends in school. He was the kind of kid that everyone wanted to be around to hear a good joke, or ask advice. He always listened, and always showed compassion.

tGrowing older still, he continued to live with the most precious of life's gifts in abundance. He never had any reason to want anything more than simply another human's company. When he was 8, his mother bore another child, and named her Noel. He took up the role of cool, but overprotective brother quickly, and showed her the same kindness his parents had. Meanwhile, around his neighbourhood, hate crimes against black people and Jews were becoming less uncommon and alarmingly more disturbing.

With Noel, Elijah was able to happily grow and develop into an intuitive young man, just entering high school. His grades were decent, but his talent was in leading the students of his small school and inspiring them. His favourite electives during high school were dirt biking, paintballing, and the piano. His best class was in history. Especially when he was taught about the many different emperors and governors of the Roman Empire. It was after his second year in high school that his parents granted him and Noel with a young pup, though the precise breed was never determined. The dog looked like it had a mix of many characteristics, and was named after Elijah's favourite Roman Emperor, Tiberius.

Entering into his fourth year of high school, he and his sister continued walking through life like it was a breeze. By this time, they were both widely known around their neighbourhood, and if you were to ask one of his friends about him, they would say that he's liked by most.

But there are always those who beg to differ, aren't there?

Six days before American Thanksgiving, the most terrible and gruesome of all the hate crimes in Elijah's neighbourhood took place behind the high school. That night, he and his sister, accompanied by their dog, had been taking a walk to deliver bridal shower gifts to a friend of their family's. Taking a shortcut through their schoolyard, they were confronted by a group of individuals garbed in white, with their faces hidden.

Tiberius was the first to go, his small skull based in by a metal baseball bat, which was later used to beat Elijah silly. They showed no mercy towards even his little sister, age 9 at the time, and proceeded to torture her as well. The pavement where teenagers had once stood upon while socializing, and gossiping in safety, became stained and darkened by the blood of the Shayffer family.

The next morning, at approximately 3AM- 4 hours after they had been attacked- Elijah was found crucified to the side of his school, half naked, and suffocating to death. The police took him down, and rushed him to the nearest hospital, while disposing of the dismembered and torn body of the dog. Several days later, on Thanksgiving, Noel was found in the river near the high school, dead. He'd always have the scars from where the nails pierced through his wrist to remember the horrific events of that night.

From then on Elijah's life was no longer happy. Scarred from the event that killed his best friend, and sister, he went on to hate people outside of his family. The anger festered inside of him, and burned bloody holes in his heart that caused him to pull away from his friends, and buried himself in books, music, and revenge. The only club he was apart of in his last year of high school was a group of anti-racist students who fund-raised to help families who were victims of hate-crimes, like his was.

When Elijah turned 17, whatever was left of his broken family moved to a smaller, safer town in Washington, called Forks. Once there, he attended the high school at forks for the last semester of the year. Kids there wanted to accept him, but Elijah simply broke any bonds he had achieved with his new, cynical, sardonic, and apathetic attitude. The moment someone tried to become friends with him, he pushed them away because of the insecurities he felt. He shut himself away from people to grieve for his entire time spent in the high school.

He graduated, and took the quickest route to Westwood College in Port Angeles, where he studied and worked to be a police man for two years. During these two years, the anger and hatred towards people in general began to wear off. He socialized more, and made a small group of close-knit friends to depend upon. His second year at Westwood, he met a young woman named Sicily Cohen. The two of them hit it off quickly. Sicily had a magnetic personality, and you couldn't help but smile when you spoke with her. However, even with him working two part-time jobs, he could not keep paying the bill for his rent and tuition. It seemed like he was just starting to recover, when he was forced to move back to Forks with his parents.

His departure was sad, yes, but Sicily and his friends understood why he needed to leave. Elijah and his girlfriend left each other's company on good terms, and to this day they still speak frequently.

Upon his return to Forks, he immediately looked into the opened positions on the police force. Forks is a tiny town, with very few people, making it easy for Elijah to land a sturdy job, with good pay and a promise of many promotions. In fact, the police department practically welded a badge to his chest, hoping that he would join.

Just recently, he bought a motorcycle and had it fixed up. His healing is slow, but he's coming along…

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