Portrayed by Nina Dobrev
Full name Elisabeth Marie Murat
Birthday March 3, 1897
Species Vampire
Age 110
Height 5'5"
Weight 100lbs
Eyes Crimson
Hair Black
Power None
Parents Marie de Laun and Pierre Murat
Siblings None
Occupation Business Woman


The Daughter of a well off French family, the only child of a French general and his wife her early life was one of ease and luxury. When the First World War spread across Europe, Elisabeth’s home was turned into a battle field. Her father arranged for his wife and daughter to evacuate their home, sending them with military escort and hundreds of people to safety in England, but they never made it alive. Three nights into their journey the escort was ambushed by German forces and they were massacred. Against all odds the then young girl hid though wounded managed to flee the attack and hide in the forest. Hours passed and she remained hidden afraid the soldiers would not have left so quickly, only on the as night fell she thought it safe to leave her hiding spot. She was for the moment alone, but soon she was faced with an even greater danger then the soldiers… a Vampire.

Wounded by battles with unknown beings, Mikhail had been searching among the dead for his meal. He came upon her almost the instant she stepped from her hiding spot and in his weakened state wasted no time with charade or game. To the girl… what happened next is nothing more than a misty haze, Mikhail tried after the pain subsided and her heart was stone to explain what had happened, why he had decided not to simply kill her. Listening was never one of her strong suits however, Elisabeth had been taken from the world she knew and thrust into the life of the not living and she was less then pleased about it. Staring down at the body of her dearest mother, then looking at the pure perfection of the man that was speaking to her the hate grew, and she turned and ran… wanting never to look back nor speak to Mikhail again if she could manage it.

Through the next years Elisabeth roamed the world, seeing nearly every inch of the lands available to her. A Tasting tour of exotic people from Brazil, Asia, Africa and North America entertained her for a few years but she tires of such a life. Moving from group to group, coven to coven she never found one that suited her and while she made many allies, none that would hold her no lasting connections. Now and again she’s crossed paths with Mikhail, but their encounters are brief and often vicious, she has never forgiven him for stealing her life or condemning her to walk forever. Mikhail however never stopped trying to force his way into her life. Now she’s come to Washington, merely passing through on another of her wanderings, but perhaps there will be something to hold her attention here…

Timeline and Current Plots


Public Face:
To anyone not close to the woman, Elisabeth is level-headed, strong willed and very self assured. To those outside her world she appears to be a confident business woman who wants for little, money clearly not an issue she uses her “business” as excuse for odd hours, unavailability and travel. Those very perceptive would notice she speaks carefully, weighing her words before speaking and keeping people at a distance never inviting people into her private life.

Private Face:
Cold, Cunning, always thinking, always moving, yet anger and distain tainting her un-life with every moment. Elisabeth is torn between hate of herself and her maker, and her ambitious nature. Well educated and traveled, she is no naive young vampire, but far from wise enough to set herself in a position of power.


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