Elizabeth Tyler
Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Elizabeth Tyler
Fullname Elizabeth Allena Tyler
Birthday January 17, 1979
Species Newborn Vampire
Age 28
Height 5’9”
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Garnet
Hair Bottle Blonde
Power Newborn
Parents Eric and Allison Tyler
Siblings None
Occupation Medical Doctor specializing in Immunology and Contagious Diseases


Born to upper middle-class parents, Elizabeth Tyler never wanted for anything. Ever. She was the only child of Eric and Allison Tyler—their little angel. Eric had served in the RAF for fifteen years, but was discharged honorably due to a wound sustained during a training exercise; he still has trouble getting around. Allison works as a nurse in one of the London hospitals. The two met there when Eric came for information about a new treatment for his legs. Despite the nearly twenty year age difference between them, Allison eventually got so far under his skin he couldn't have lived without her. Within two years, they were married.

In January of 1979, Elizabeth Allena Tyler was born. The young sprite was the apple of her father's eye, and the cause of her mother's early greying. From a young age, it was obvious she was intelligent, very intelligent. The sorry part was that Elizabeth seemed to know it too. She had no tolerance for children her own age, and very little tolerance for most adults. Only if one could hold a coherent conversation with her would they earn her respect. With her respect, she was a delight, a true conversationalist who loved a good argument and became more glib by the year. Without it, however, she'd walk all over you, do as she pleased and to hell with anyone else. This, understandably, stood in the way of her making many friends.

Despite her irritation with most of humanity's 'idiocy', Elizabeth showed a remarkable tolerance and knack for dealing with the mentally disabled—especially her younger, Autistic cousin. It was the poor treatment he received at the hands of - in her words - 'incompetant excuses for morons, let alone doctors' that inspired her to pursue a career in medicine.

She went through primary, secondary and undergraduate schooling with mediocre grades and frusterated teachers. If they couldn't challenge her, she simply didn't feel the need to do their work, so her grades suffered. It wasn't until she reached medical school that she really thrived.

There she had a professor who recognized a pattern of thought and action in her that he himself struggled with - later minds would call it Aspergers, a 'higher functioning level' of Autism. He understood her weird quirks and made sure to consistently challenge her, discreetly advising the rest of the staff to do the same. By the time she'd graduated, she was the top of her class and finished her residency with two specialties - Immunology and Contagious Diseases.

When her parents died in a motor accident - rain and alcohol can be a devilish combination - she had nothing to tie her to London and every reason to leave. So, she put out her resume at every hospital she could find in places not England. Forks, Washington is about as far away from what she'd known as it was possible to get. A small town where she'd have fewer idiots to deal with at work and more space to be by herself with the absolute minimum of human interaction. It was perfect.

It was perfect…at least until the day Elizabeth ran into Sabriel Peregrine in the local bookstore. Elizabeth, being her usual nosy self, started asking questions the runaway Volturi didn't think she should be asking. So, she bit her and dragged her off into the woods. Esme Cullen found them on her hunt, drawn by the sounds of Elizabeth's screams. She thought to suck out the venom, but it was already too late. After three days of torment, Elizabeth woke to find the world a much less inviting place. Considering her feelings on it in the first place, that says quite a lot.


Elizabeth has her quirks. She doesn't like Sundays and she prefers milder, subtler flavors in her food. She hates spicy food and loves a good mellow scotch. She does have a higher-than-average intelligence and a larger-than-average ego to go with it. She's sarcastic, snarky and rude. She'll walk all over anyone she doesn't respect to get what she wants and an apology is like a blue moon. She has her joys though. She loves to play her guitar and she loves horses and dogs. She has a twisted but prevalent sense of humor and an endless curiosity about the world around her. Very few people can manage to get under her skin, but if she counts you as a friend or her responsibility, she'll do her level best to save your hide—and that's not anything to sneeze at. She can be quite scary.


Name Relationship Description
Eric Tyler Father Elizabeth’s dad. Was the only one to call her ‘Bitsy’. Closest person to her until his death.
Allison Tyler Mother Elizabeth’s mom. Had an adversarial relationship with her daughter. Despite this, they were quite close until her death.
John Noble Professor Elizabeth’s like-minded med school professor, who found the key to her excellence. She still has an extremely high level of respect for him, even to this day.
Esme Cullen Acquaintance The wife of Elizabeth's colleague, Dr. Cullen. Elizabeth finds her mostly pleasant - if a bit odd - and respects her architectual prowess. She was the first one to find Elizabeth after she'd been bitten and tried to save her. Elizabeth respects her for that, even if she resents the order to stay away from Forks.
Amaya Mitsu Former Personal Assistant A high-school student who wants to pursue a career in medicine and used to work as Elizabeth's personal assistant.
Kyler McAlister Acquaintance A general thorn in Elizabeth's side, he once duct taped everything small enough in her office to the ceiling. She pushes his buttons and he threatens her with bodily harm. It works for them.
Sabriel Peregrine Acquaintance The vampire whose bite turned Elizabeth into a vampire. Having only known her the equivalent of about an hour, Liz doesn't quite know what to make of her. One thing's for sure, though. After that bite, she doesn't trust her one bit.

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