Ellis Valencia
Portrayed By Elisabeth Harnois
Full Name Ellis Jane Anne Valencia
Birthday June 9
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5' 5"
Weight 137 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Power N/A
Occupation Student


My name is Ellis. Yes, like the island. Most people just call me Ellie though. I was born to a normal family consisting of a mother, a father and one overly dramatic sister in Queens, New York on June 9, 1991. We lived well in our three bedroom, 1500 square foot, condo in Forest Hills. Of course, like pretty much everyone else in New York City we were in debt though my sister and I didn't know anything about it. It's just how life was. My mother was a nurse at Queens Hospital, while my father spent his days at St. Johns University where he was well on his way to tenure as a Professor of Environmental Studies. Nice practical jobs, which is far from what they had to say about my career track, but then I'm not quite there yet.

Private schools were the way of life in my childhood and teenage years. My sister, the popular party goer always finding herself in a spot of trouble of some sort or another. I had my moments, but was just as content to sit at home with the television tuned to one of the History Channels or curled up in my favorite chair with a good book about something most people probably wouldn't find very interesting at all. September 11, 2001. The day the World Trade Center was hit, I was 10. I was there. Well not there as in in the ruble and turmoil, but we were on a class trip and close enough to see it all happen. It hit the whole city hard, the whole country even. Not something I ever wanted to experience, nor do I ever want to again. But as sad as all that was life goes on.

Mine, in and of itself, was rather uninteresting. The four of us - my mother, father, sister and I, were a strangely happy family for all the disfunctionality and divorce that seem to be flooding the country. After the upheaval of 9-11, for two more years things went along as normal. I was 12 then. But it would seem that 12 years of normalcy was all that lay in the cards.

A late December night in 2002 I was woken by my very shaken babysitter and we rushed to the local hospital. My parents and my sister were pronounced dead on arrival.

A single car collision. 1 lone oak tree. No survivors.

My life became a whirlwind of activity in the following days. It was all so sudden. But… as I said before, sad as it is life goes on. First there was my mother's parents. Loud, arguing elderly folk living in the lower half of Florida. This arrangement lasted less than three weeks. It just wasn't going to work. Contacting child serves with threats of a runaway. That did and I was moved on to my father's family in Washington. A mother, with plenty of money to spare and twice as many rules. It was this place, in Forks, that I called home for two more years. It was during my 14th birthday party, which was no less than lavish and expensive, that I got my first glance at a life that would do more therapy to a wounded heart than every before thought possible.

I met my aunt Jewels. My father's younger and much more nomadic sister. The lost key to a family that thrived on fame and fortune. Someone, who like Gabe, had gone above and beyond what it took to leave behind a small minded world and shoot for the stars. She was an acclaimed writer and artist (as acclaimed as an artist/writer can be), with no intention of settling down roots back in the small, good for nothing crater known as Forks. That is, until she met me.

It took only one look. One spoken word before things fell into place, and with a promising nod from my grandmother that Jewels and I made a life together. It's now been a few years. Hard and easy. Good and bad. But at 16 I couldn't be happier. At least… so far.


Ellis' personality is as complex as her childhood. She is an energetic creature, soft and quiet for the most part, but not without her own little edge of unmistakable spunk. She'll say what she means, and mean what she says, and while the rest of her peers might look down on her public admittance of religious acceptance, she carries herself proudly. Not one to party very hard, she doesn't seem to mind being the one holding a camera to enjoy the spectacle her peers can make.


Name Portrayed By Relationship Description
Gabriel Daniel Valencia Father Deceased
Vanessa Anne Valencia Mother Deceased
Katlyn Marie Valencia Sister Deceased
Julia (Jewels) Valencia Paternal Aunt Guardian - Writer/Artist
Liam Martinez
Paul Wasilewski (aka Paul Wesley) The "Prom Date" Liam took Ellis to his Senior prom. He's sweet really, and all that happened was that he managed to prove he most certainly cannot dance.
Spencer Swan
Chace Crawford Best Friend Spencer was one of the first people Ellis met in Forks upon her arrival in 2002. Somehow or another they became fast friends and have stuck together since, that is until his change in 2007. Now he just seems strange and distant. Something's up.

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