Emily Young
Kristen Kruek as Emily Young
Fullname Emily Maeve Young
Birthday June 12th
Species Human
Age 20
Height 5'4"
Weight 115lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Parents Cody and Ellen Young
Siblings None
Occupation Teaching student


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Emily Maeve was the child Cody and Ellen Young had wished for again and again throughout their fifteen-year marriage. Ellen stayed home with Emily and home-schooled her all of the way through high school. Oftentimes, Ellen and Emily would spend the day outside, hiking in the woods and noticing everyday miracles: the elegant leap of the deer, the stone turned smooth by the sea's tumultuous waves, or the crimson color of the leaves in the fall. Emily was a bright, poetic child that thirsted for knowledge. She often read several books a week and for the most part, kept to herself, with the exception of visiting her extended family, most notably the Clearwaters - Sue was her mother's cousin.

Emily's insightful and gentle upbringing molded her into a polite, gentle young woman by her teenaged years. To break up the large amount of time she spent at home learning from her mother and helping around the house, Emily was involved in helping preserve the Quileute culture through a variety of crafts and activities with the other young women in the community. At sixteen, she was often said to be more mature than most of the other girls, though she was at times quiet. She didn't date much - though beautiful, Emily intimidated some with her wise demeanor. She didn't drink or party like the other teens, and some even thought she might be a little stuck up.

Emily's family life had been, for the most part, uneventful and ideal up until the year she turned eighteen. Near the end of that year, the family had a large gathering at the Clearwaters'. Emily was looking forward to meeting Leah's serious boyfriend, Sam Uley. Emily and Sam's meeting, however, ended up nearly ruining the entire gathering. Sam was visibly struck with Emily, despite the fact she talked to him very little. He followed her around and strived for her attention so much so that it irked and embarrassed Emily and infuriated Leah.

Sam's affections only got worse. He'd swing by her house in his car with some excuse that he needed to see her parents, or he'd accidentally run into her at the store. There were flowers and love notes at her door, and of course, his intense, loving stare. Naturally, Sam's sudden love for Emily broke up his relationship with Leah, and eventually eroded Leah and Emily's relationship. Out of respect for Leah, Emily avoided Sam for several months, but his efforts did not cease.

One day as she backed out her driveway only to find Sam leaning on the mailbox, Emily decided to change her strategy: maybe if she hung around Sam for a few days and politely turned him down, he would back off. So she opened the passenger door, gesturing for him to jump in, assuming there wouldn't be much to talk about and he'd be on his way after a cup of coffee at the diner.

Sam and Emily ended up spending the entire day together. Funny thing about love - it's hard to ignore the affections of an admirer so adamant. They began seeing each other soon after, but keeping it quiet; as quiet as one can in a small reservation like La Push. Inevitably, the gossip began to spread, and soon it was well-known that Sam and Emily were dating. Emily didn't get the chance to tell Leah herself - her second cousin had formed her judgments and hardened against them both. After nine months, they were betrothed to be married.

A fairytale ending seemed set in motion for the couple, until one late night in the woods near the beach. They were out for a stroll, just after sunset. Sam was caught up in dealing with some family issues as well as picking silly arguments with Emily like couples do. Reaching a pivotal point in the argument, an uncontrolled and rage-ridden Sam phased into his wolf form. Intending to run or perhaps just hunt, Sam's instincts blurred his thoughts and he ended up bearing down on Emily, a sharp paw coming down across the side of her face and the arm she raised to shield it. He managed to change back and get her to a hospital, but the scars never healed right. They explained the scars off as a bear attack, which seemed to suffice for most people not privy to the supernatural.

Emily forgave Sam shortly after, to the surprise of many. The pack is still growing, and Emily is still standing strong beside Sam. She keeps up with her studies, babysits children on the side, and teaches dance lessons, all while serving as the pack's "mother" and "sister".


Emily is usually described as mild-tempered and sweet. In fact, she's the sort of girl that will go to the grocery store and have people shake their heads and smile after talking with her, noting that she's one of the nicest girls in town. Emily makes an earnest attempt to remember peoples' names, and makes it a priority to remember something special about each person. She's very self-serving, liking nothing more than to be able to make somebody else smile. To that extent, she can at times forget about her own mental well-being, and worry too much about others.

Emily is not a quiet person, though she is conservative - she's very spiritual and doesn't partake in many risky activities, aside from dating a werewolf. She can easily talk to anyone, and likes making others feel comfortable - it's this talent that makes her an excellent candidate for teaching.

Though she has few, if any, enemies, Emily often believes in killing them with kindness, however cautiously. She's rather non-confrontational, and when she is upset or angry, she'd prefer to be alone or think on the problem or emotional for awhile before talking to anyone. That being said, Emily is a sensitive, emotional person, but she isn't very outward about it.


Name Relationship Description
Sam Uley Fiance Sam imprinted on Emily.
Jacob Black Friend A packmember Emily is close to.
Seth Clearwater Cousin The two have a neutral relationship.
Leah Clearwater Cousin They used to be best friends, but now do not speak.
Lorelei Meinkoth Friend Another packmember Emily is close to.
Marshall Starstalker Friend Packmember.
Thomas Owens Friend The two struck up a friendship when he moved to town.
Josdina Whitetail Friend The two have known each other a long time, but only recently became good friends.
Bella Swan Friend Emily calls Bella "vampire girl" in a teasing way.

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"Thank You" - Alanis Morissette
"I'll Be" - Reba McEntire

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