Portrayed by: Unknown
Fullname Emma Wood
Birthday May 19, 1975
Species Werewolf
Age Late Teens (35)
Height 5'4
Weight 125 lbs
Eyes Pale Grey
Hair Sun Bleached Blonde
Power Telepath (CotM Only)
Parents Amber (deceased) & Wilbur Wood
Siblings Lee (brother year older)
Occupation Feral


Emma was born in 1975 in Mineral Montana. Her mother died in childbirth. She and her older brother Lee (one year older) were raised by a single father. Occasional mother figures drifted in and out of their lives but none stayed. Emma was never exactly very bright in the academics, preferring physical activities or mechanical ones. She was quite the tom boy and very competitive with her older brother. She struggled with school lessons but did well in other esoteric interests such as camping, fishing, hiking, swimming and various athletic games, her favorite being soccer. Her father took them out on frequent camping excursions, something they all enjoyed and were quite good at, to include the occasional hunting trip.

Emma was bitten on one of these forays and suffered a mild concussion in the process. The details are blurry to her but she and everyone else concluded she must have been attacked by a wild animal while checking fish traps in the river during one of these camping expeditions during spring break, 20 years ago. The truth is that she was saved from a vampire attack by the Children of the Moon patrolling the area and the bite was a means to protect her from the vampires should they want to finish the job.

The changes came upon her slowly, the increased senses first, then the speed and agility, not to mention the strength. Emmma did not know what to make of it but knew enough to keep it secret. And then there were the strange dreams that permeated her sleeping hours. A male voice calm and caring but also firm and unyielding. A man, always silhouetted by a full moon his features always too vague to make out in its light. Calling to her, beckoning to her.

She kept the secret and was eventually free, though it didn't stop her from sneaking out at night to run with her pack. The five of them patrolled the wilderness surrounding her town of Mineral with severity. Ridding it of both potentially dangerous wild animals, but also any human criminals with evil intent. Even the occasional search and rescue for stranded hikers and mountain climbers or other injured parties, always maintaining their secrecy in the process. The members of her pack included the local police chief, owner of the local camping store, a teacher she knew from school, and a not so local national park ranger.

Well, there is very little to actually threatened the existence of a pack of werewolves except a coven or group of vampires. Emma had little to no experience of vampires. None of them did except for the one episode when they actually saved her life. The one went down fairly quickly after they picked up its scent again, after all. Well, this coven apparently was looking for werewolves specifically for whatever reason. Emma has since deduced that they just weren't secret enough and were found out, tracked and hunted. She woke to the ferocious anger, fear and instinctive revulsion one night as the attack began. She immediately went to help but was far too late, they being too far away and her pack mates split from one another, and torn apart well before she could get there. Run and Hide she did….. for 20 years.

For two decades Emma has survived on her own in the wilderness of Montana. At first devastated and unwilling to lead any potential enemies to her family she slowly grew apart from civilization all together, evading any contact with living beings, except when absolutely necessary and almost always by stealth. Every night she strained for thoughts from her pack mates and every night she heard nothing but the furthest whisper, most likely her imagination. She learned to live off the land, almost as a creature of it. Hunting and feeding and watching from afar. Remembering the scents of the vicious killers that destroyed her new family, she avoids it at all costs, still straining and hoping and listening for others of her kind….

And lately she's heard the whispers, and her loneliness is so absolute she's beginning to think she's imagining it, but headed that way none-the-less, hope blossoming…. and to her delight the thoughts became more and more clear… and closer.



Emma is fairly well removed from civilized society at this point, though she has no problems remembering her past, it just seems alien and dangerous to her. She's spent the last 20 years taking care of herself in methods and manners that would shock civilized human society. She's almost animalistic in many ways. The loneliness has also had its toll on her. So her reactions are going to be odd for some time till she adjusts to society a bit more and some of her old personality can come back out.


Emma is very much a tomboy and has been. Never really having the opportunity to explore her girly side with only a brother a father and the family's constant outdoorsy activities, not to mention her joining the pack. She's playfully competitive or will be once her feral natures passes back into the background. She enjoys physical activities over mental ones any day.


Emma is shy. Mostly because she had just started to bloom or finishing blooming and the relationship between her and her best friends, all of them boys, mostly due to her tomboy nature, began to change and she didn't know how to cope or handle it. On top of this, Emma has been a loner for so long she will have trouble with not just guys but humans in general, not quite sure how to interact, it's sure to bolster her shyness to new levels.


Should Emma ever find another pack, she will be fiercely loyal. Driven by guilt, loneliness and just pure gratitude in finding others once again, it will shoot this trait sky high. It may even include any friends outside the pack she makes if those ties are strong enough. She will not hesitate to accommodate anyone she feels loyalty, even if she doesn't necessarily agree with them or like them.


Name Relation Notes
Spencer Friendly Emma considers him a very straight forward person and rather likes that, though she's not sure if he likes her or just wants to be mean. She enjoys his sense of humour.
Ellis Aquaintance She met Ellis at the same time as Spencer and is pretty sure she likes Spencer or at least finds him more interesting than bowling. They seem to know each other fairly well.
Helena Aquaitance Helena once gave Emma a few dollars and some advise on how to get the vending machine outside the Ice Box to give her a damn Butterfinger.
Isabella Swan Unknown Emma only met Bella briefly while her soon-to-be family shopped at Newton's. She didn't pay much attention to her.

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