Emmett Cullen
Portrayed by Kellan Lutz
Full Name Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen
Birthday Unknown
Species Vampire
Apparent Age 18
Height 6’5”
Weight type here
Eyes Golden
Hair Brown
Power Strength
Occupation Student


Emmett was the only child born to Rose and James McCarty in the early nineteen hundreds. He and his parents enjoyed many outdoor activities throughout his childhood, often having outings in the woods surrounding the small Tennessee town they called home. Throughout his childhood, Emmett was picked on for being tall and lean. However, the young man filled out just before entering high school. Remembering those early years, he would not often pick on other kids for being younger or looking different.

Emmett was often in some sort of trouble during his school years, either for playing harmless pranks or for being overly outspoken, even a few fights. His marks were average, simply because his attention and preference was for physical activities or sports. He lived for competition of any kind, and consistantly kept an upbeat attitude no matter who won.

To celebrate his graduation in 1932, Emmett and his family took yet another traditional family camping trip. While his mother and father were preparing dinner at the camp, the young adult wandered off into the woods, being very secure in his knowledge of the outdoors. During his venture, he came upon a bear cub. Enjoying this find, he mistakenly observed the animal a bit too long. The cubs mother returned, and fearing him to be a threat the bear attacked.

The assault was fierce, and Emmett was mortally wounded in the struggle. If not for Fate, he would have died. What happened next changed his life and more. Emmett was saved by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His heroine, Rosalie, took his battered body to Carlisle so that his life would be saved, by changing him into a vampire. The young man was turned by Carlisle, and he was welcomed into the family as the doctor's son.

He had all the usual struggles a newborn faces, however the support he received from Rosalie and the rest of his new family helped make the transition into his new life a bit easier. Gradually he grew close to them all, feeling more and more protective of each. Emmett was kept from view as he learned to deal with his thirst, as well as his new strength.

There were accidents, and each a setback had the family moving to a new location due to 'unusual deaths' in the town. The lessons and challenges Emmett faced were difficult, but he soon learned control himself, to a degree at least.

Emmett was finally able to publically join the others, pretending to be a normal family. He was able to go to a nearby college for classes, and maintained positive marks for his classes. Yearning for the outdoors once more, he would spend much of his free time in the woods again, hunting and trapping .. and looking for the bear that attacked him. On one winter's day the bear was found, but this time Emmett was the victor. After confronting his would-be killer, he gained his peace.

It is after this that Emmett was able to truly see his savior. His newfound admiration of Rosalie's kindness drew him ever closer, and he was nearly always found near her whenever possible. He and Rosalie became close, a relationship slowly forming. In the years that followed he proposed, and she accepted. The two were soon married in a private ceremony in the woods.

The years passed, and the family continued to move to new cities. Emmett and Rosalie decided to join them and continue to play as the daugter and son to Doctor Cullen. They sometimes lived separately, but always kept in contact and returned to there adopted family. When the town of Forks was found, Emmett and Rosalie joined the others in enrolling in high school. It was still important to keep low key, and they did a good job of it.

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Title Date Quick Description
Inter-Pack Hunting May 28 Three wolves from two packs go a hunting and encounter Bella, Rosalie and Emmett doing the same.
Pink Balls and Insanity! May 11 A family outing to the local sporting goods store proves interesting.
A Housecall April 29 Caius and a number of the Guard arrive in Forks and pay their respects to the Cullens.
A Farewell in the Forest April 7 Against his family's wishes, Emmett meets Stasia in the forest.

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