Esme Cullen
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
Fullname Esme Ann Platt Evenson Cullen
Birthday July 7, 1895
Species vampire
Age (Actual) 113; (Apparent) 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 131 lbs
Eyes Gold/black
Hair Caramel-brown
Power Empathy
Parents unknown
Siblings none
Significant Other Carlisle Cullen
Occupation Proud Mom


Born in 1895, Esme Anne Platt lived her early years fairly uneventfully. Her parents treated her well and she was brought up to be a well refined young lady, though she did have a bit of a rebellious streak. In 1911, when she was 16 years old, the young Miss Platt fell out of a tree that she had been climbing. Her parents, lecturing her the whole while on how un-lady like it was to be climbing trees, rushed her to the small hospital. At the time the local doctor was away, and wouldn’t be able to make it back, so her leg was set and she was attended to by a Doctor Carlisle Cullen.

Esme didn’t forget the young, enigmatic doctor that she met, but she moved on with her life, wanting to go out into the wild west and become a school teacher. Her parents were firmly against this idea, to the point that her father pressed her to wed the son of a family friend, who wanted to take Esme as his wife. Indifferent, Esme accepted the proposal and Esme Anne Platt became Esme Anne Evenson, wife of Charles Evenson, in 1917, she was 22 years old. In the early months of their marriage everything was fine, bliss ensued, at least outwardly. Charles treated Esme like any good husband should, this, unfortunately, didn’t last. By their sixth month of ‘wedded bliss’ the honeymoon phase wore off, and Charles became infuriated by the slightest of things, if dinner was mere moments late, Esme would feel it, literally. It started with simple names being thrown her way, but soon the physical abuse followed.

The young woman could only take so much of this, and soon she resorted to approaching her parents, this was of no help to her. Both mother and father counseled her on how to be a good, proper and obliging wife, telling her that marriage was not about love, it was about making a suitable match that would benefit both man and wife. Thus, Esme had to live with this. When she heard that Charles would be going off to fight in World War One, she couldn’t have been happier, though she kept this hidden well inside her. She was incredibly happy the moment he left her side to go and fight, and inwardly she hoped that he would come back a changed man. However, upon his return in 1919, when she was 24 years of age, this thought proved wrong. The war had made him worse; he didn’t spare a thought for backhanding her. She bore it, being the dutiful wife that she knew she had to be.

She couldn’t last for long, however, when she found out that she was pregnant. This was the catalyst for her escape. In 1920 she ran away from home and went to Milwaukee, where some distant relatives of hers lived. She stayed with them up until word had gotten back to her parents where she was. She took off running again, determined not to be returned to the hands of her tormentor, she moved further north, to Ashland. She taught school there, blending in as a war widow, like many other women in the area. Soon she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Unfortunately her little boy died shortly after his birth in 1921 from a lung infection. Esme didn’t know what to do with herself anymore, she’d run away to keep her baby safe from his father, and in the end, he didn’t even make it a week. Having nothing left she jumped off a cliff, plummeting to, what should have been, her death. She was pronounced dead and taken directly to the morgue of the hospital, no one stopped to see if she was still alive, save one person.

Dr. Cullen, who was now working in the hospital at Ashland, heard the very faint, nearly gone, heartbeat of the woman who he met once when she was sixteen, but had now grown into a lovely young woman. There was only one way to save her life at this point, and thus, he did what was necessary and turned her into a vampire, to join him in eternal life.
Esme was somewhat startled when she opened her eyes, three days later, to see the familiar face of Carlisle Cullen standing over her, but she took the news in stride, as well as one could to find out that mythological beings used to scare little children were, in fact, real, and not as bad as everyone made them out to be. She adapted, though, and fell in love with the man that had changed her, eventually the two would marry, and Esme found herself in a far more blissful state than she had in her days as a human.

The woman, was quick to take on the role of ‘mother’ in the Cullen family, as they slowly expanded from Dr. and Mrs. Cullen and Edward, through their move to New York, where Carlisle brought Rosalie into the family, and Rosalie asked him to do the same for Emmett in 1935. The family of five then moved to Hoqiam, where a treaty between them and the Quileute Tribe was made. In 1950 Alice found her way, with Jasper, to the Cullen family, expanding the clan to seven.
Due to their inability to age, the Cullen Clan could only stay in one place, usually no more than ten or so years. They would move about, using the cover of Carlisle and Esme having adopted the Cullen kids (Edward, Alice and Emmett), as well as the Hale’s (Rosalie and Jasper), who would repeat school many times. One of their many moves lead them to Alaska, where they found a coven of vampires similar to themselves in their vegetarian views. The Cullen’s and the Denali’s stayed together for a time, eventually, though, they parted ways, the Cullen’s leaving the Denali’s on a good note.

In 2003 the family moved to the small, rainy, cloud-covered town of Forks, Washington. There they lived in peace for a good two years, until Edward met Bella. Esme worried for her son, worried about his mental state and what the ‘boy’ would do. When he left for Alaska, Esme, herself, was in a state of worry over him, constantly concerned about how he was, until the day of his return. He did return, however, and life carried on, with a new addition to the family, so to speak. Esme was quick to accept Bella into their lives, happy to have another ‘daughter’ to look after, as was the rest of the family, it would seem, as was proven during a baseball game one March afternoon, when a group of nomad’s heard the Cullen’s playing their game, and caught whiff of a human in the group. The family did what was necessary to protect Bella from the nomad’s, to the point that the tracker, James, was eliminated.

What the future holds for Esme and her family, only Alice has a chance of telling, but Esme’s happy in her life, with her family.


Esme tends to let love lead her life. She’s got a very large heart, despite the fact that it no longer beats. She’ll give most everyone a first chance, possibly even a second chance. She’s a fairly non-discriminatory woman and will treat everyone with respect, be they human, vampire or wolf. She’s incredibly loyal, holding her family close to her heart, she worries about all of them, though, especially Bella.


Name Relationship Description
Carlisle Cullen Husband Carlisle is Esme's husband and other-half, she is fiercely loyal to him. He is the love of her life. They were married on June 21, 1933
Edward Cullen Son Edward is Esme's 'oldest' son, and the broodiest.
Rosalie Hale Daughter Rosalie is Esme's oldest daughter, and the third addition to the Cullen Clan.
Emmett Cullen Son Emmett is a goofball and can easily lighten a mood. He is Rosalie's husband.
Alice Cullen Daughter Alice is Esme's shop-a-holic daughter, and one of two of the Cullen's not turned by Carlisle.
Jasper Hale Son Esme's most recent son and Alice's husband. He is the only other Cullen (outside of Carlisle) that Carlisle didn't turn.
Bella Cullen Daughter-in-law Bella is married to Edward and is Esme's youngest 'daughter'

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