Plots and Players

Okay. To kick off the new server, we're going to be kicking off some new directions in the theme. Hopefully these plot lines will draw people together and help pull RP into a direction that will actually produce story. We can only hope. That said the second goal is to allow the races to participate in RP together that won't result in a MUD style PK-fest. It will require communication, maturity, and OMG-Participation. It will also require people to actually connect and RP with one another, this including people outside their normal groups. It will not put Features center stage either. In fact everyone will find themselves relatively equal. Those that put forth effort however will be rewarded in the end.

That said, we need to know who is and isn't up for some actual RP, and also need to recruit you guys to get a hold of your fellow players who have been inactive and drag them back here. Or…let us know if they need to be 'removed' of their stations.

If you're interested in going along with some of the new plotlines, please @mail Puck on the game!

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