Strange Happenings

Signs are posted around town and in the newspaper, advertising a very vague sort of lecture to be happening at the Nature Center next week. There's a blurry photo of some sort of towering creature silhouetted against the woods next to the boldface text.

Your family could be in danger! Learn what "THEY" won't tell you about what is happening and why. We must protect ourselves!

One hour lecture brought to you by SSI, Inc will take place at the Forks Nature Center.

The time and date are listed as well, and there is generic e-mail address to send "serious inquiries only!" to.

OOC Note:
Will try and make this happen Monday, September 14th around 9:00pm EST or so. Anyone's welcome to foil it, support it, or whatever ICly. @mail me with questions of if you need to set up a scene beforehand.

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