Halloween Party Turns to Violence for Forks Teens

Halloween Party Turns to Violence for Forks Teens
by Norma Wensing for the Forks Forum

It was every parent's worst nightmare: paramedics responded to a call placed in the very early morning hours of Friday - a plea of help from a sobbing teenager at an undercover party happening just inside the city limits, at an abandoned logging camp. Two teenagers were treated for severe injuries rendered by assault; both were admitted to the hospital early Friday morning. As per request of the police and the teens' parents, their names are not being released, but reportedly, their injuries range from broken bones to severe internal bruising.

Police have a few witnesses, but most of the teens scattered when the violence broke out; others remained completely unaware of the situation as they were safe inside an abandoned cabin. One FHS student witnessed the whole event, though her name is being kept confidential. The student claims a man wearing a Dracula costume flung one teen into a tree, and threw the other on the ground with the help of a woman dressed like some sort of Greek goddess. The suspects acted erratically, as if they were under the influence of heavy drugs. A sketch of each suspect is provided below, citizens are asked to come forward with any information. (Two sketches are pictured with the article: one loosely resembling Alexander, one resembling Idrissa).

As a result of the incident, a lead has been found on the Beverley McKinnon case. The girl was reported missing weeks ago from her home in Forks. McKinnon was spotted with the two suspects, also appearing to be somehow intoxicated. It is believed the girl may have been kidnapped by the two. Unfortunately, McKinnon disappeared along with the suspects, and police have found no evidence of the individuals at the scene. Police encourage anyone with information to step forward.

In the aftermath, parents in Forks are wary. "I just don't understand why someone would want to hurt a bunch of teenagers. But when alcohol and drugs are around, there's just no telling what can happen," lamented Bernice Perriott, president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at FHS. Perriott and school officials are putting together a self-defense meeting for teens, as well as a Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) advocacy group. "It's tragic… it can't happen again. I just hope they catch whoever did this," Perriott concluded.

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