OOC Meeting - November 3rd, 2009

Log of the meeting. Largely unedited for the time being.

Cordelia says, "So first, just an admin change, I think we mentioned it before… we're going to split the different races up among staff."

Cordelia says, "For you, that just means if you have a question about your character, ask that person that's overseeing your race first. This is to help us field questions better and not have them all come to one person always."
<OOC> Bella says, "So Racist staff…good start ;)"
Anastasia has arrived.

Natalia chokes!

Miyuki grins.

Amaya laughs!

Cordelia says, "It also helps us become more focused in one area so we don't get stuff wrong, because I can admit to the fact that I have before."

Kyler raises a hand. How do we find out which staff is appropriate for our race?
Carly has arrived.

Kyler says, "And my apologies if you were already going to answer that question. ^_^"

Kado says, "I'm sure it'll be listed in their position.."

Cordelia says, "I'll update +who to remind, but it's going to be Me: Vampires/humans, Puck: Werewolves, Hermia: Shifters."

Cordelia says, "Any questions about that?"

Bella says, "Clarifying Werewolves=Moondoggies?"

Miyuki says, "Who does the control of the Brothers fall unto?"

Cordelia says, "Yes, Bella."

Cordelia says, "The sphere of vamps in general is me, Miyuki, so if you have questions about that, you can come to me first… though we'll probably share the NPCing of the brothers."

Miyuki says, "Alrighty."

Cordelia says, "Which brings up another point — and let me know at any time if you guys don't agree or have issues — but staff will NPC the brothers from now on. Just seems like too big of a power to play on a daily basis."

Miyuki agrees. :)

Natalia agrees with that, yupyup.

Cordelia says, "Cool."

Anastasia wonders who the Brothers are… "Think I missed that plot."

Natalia says, "The Volturi."

Miyuki says, "Aro, Caius and Marcus."

Cordelia nods.

Anastasia nods. "Okay, got it." :)

Cordelia says, "Okay, back to the species thing — please review the 'news species changes' file. So, if you are human and you're changing, you'll need to follow those policies."

Carly says, "Question…"

Cordelia says, "yep?"

Carly says, "When one wiz goes on vacation, will the others pick up the slack? I've played in many places where things just died when their wiz left for more than a week"

Anastasia says, "Know that feeling."

Cordelia says, "Oh. Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's not hard and fast. If I go on vacation it's not like you can't page Puck or Hermia and have them answer a question."

Valerie says, "I don't think that this game is like any WoD game, which usually have sphere wizards."

Anastasia says, "Still on one of them, which is probably a mistake."

Valerie says, "And, staffers have worked without specific fields to govern before on this game, so!"

Anastasia says, "We're probably better set up for it than most games, considering what Val said."

Carly says, "Just making sure that one wiz won't have ultimate control over the entire sphere… that players can still go to other wizzes when that one isn't around."

Cordelia says, "Oh, yeah. For sure."

Cordelia says, "Most plots and stuff will probably still be more game-wide, so it's not like if one staffer is less active that sphere will be boring."

Cordelia says, "I think it will actually help giving some spheres a specific person over it, since we tend to ignore some of the spheres here… like the poor shifter sphere."

Cordelia says, "Sound okay? Or still have doubts?"
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Miyuki thumbs up.

Anastasia says, "From here, it sounds good overall."

Valerie is biased. :'( "I know two of the staffers well, so I have faith."

Bella says, "Sounds good, will be good to have someone with a focus as I have had questions in the past on the WW's"

Kado says, "Maybe there could be something done that players could volunteer to help out. Sort of like Player Helpers. Players the new people can go to if Staff are offline or afk."

Cordelia nods. "That's something we've considered. Not so much with the newbies since there aren't usually many, but maybe plotting or something."

Bella says, "We have that elsemu, Non staff positions, just newbie helpers"

Cordelia says, "We need more newbs first!"

Valerie says, "For me, elseMU*, that has led to accusations of favouritism. :("

Miyuki nods sagely. "Player helpers can be a hassle as much as a boon."

Carly accuses Val of being a favorite already!

Bella nods

Cordelia says, "How do you mean, Miki?"

Valerie says, "I think we're all capable of helping newbies without a dumb, fancy title."

Bella polishes an apple for Cordey

Cordelia says, "I know you've staffed before! Share insight. XD"

Natalia has to agree with Val.

Miyuki has. xD Alrighty..

Bella says, "There is that Valerie, if everyone feels comfortable talking to guests, all areas of the day are covered."

Valerie says, "Exactly."

Hermia says, "I don't think that that there really needs to be a given title of Player helper. Like Val said, everyone can help if they feel comfortable with it."

Carly says, "From my experience (as a staffer) player helpers (with title) tend to hold themselves above the rules."

Hermia says, "All guests and new characters are on the Newbie channel. If you want to be available to help that's the channel."

Valerie says, "Sometimes, people jump to conclusions and say 'HAY, why aren't I a player helper? Do the staff not like me as much as so and so? WHY DO THEY GET TO BE SPESHUL?!'"

Miyuki says, "Player Helpers are generally seen as a step above Player, but not quite staff. Semi-Authorative even if its not meant to be that way. Because of that; there can be rifts where people start to complain that they can't have that 'position', but so-and-so can. The players here have always done famously without flashy titles to help the players. Its just not needed. While they can do their 'jobs' wonderfully, it can lead to internal problems."

Anastasia says, "If Carly's experiences come from where I'm thinking of, I can back that up. Same with Val."

Natalia nods. "I've seen that too, Carly, give someone a title, they start to act snooty, or can act snooty… not that anyone here would."

Cordelia says, "Okay! Well that'"

Miyuki says, "Basically keep Staff Staff and players players. No midway."

Cordelia says, "…That's a consensus."

Valerie says, "LOL."

Cordelia says, "But thanks for the idea, Kado."

Cordelia says, "Ideas are good."

Miyuki says, "Shot down in burning flames, love."

Kado says, "No sex for you."

Valerie says, "I prefer it that way, honestly.'"

Valerie says, "Just from an outsider's perspective, there. <.<;"

Miyuki nods. "In my experience midway can just lead to problems. :) I've Headwizzed before; it ends up being a headache in the end."

Cordelia says, "Okay. Moving on, still on the topic of species."

Miyuki quiets. O:)

Carly says, "I think that if players want to help with plots and stuff, they should be able to apply for them, but any kind of title that comes with it can only lead to trouble. I mean, I think I can speak for pretty much everyone when I say we'd like to help with plots."

Anastasia says, "The Player Helper thing also led to "MUSH nepotism" of a sort, since the title had a tendency to go to people the staff of that particular game really did favor in some cases. But that was the fault of the staffers, not the players."

Miyuki shakesfist. We need teachers so we can make their lives miserable at school.

Cordelia says, "I updated the werewolf newsfiles! So if you are one… look. It's just clarified a bit because I saw people were getting confused."

Kado says, "You're never at school anyway, Miki."

Valerie says, "There be a bear shifter newsfile, yet? :("

Miyuki says, "Hush Kado. — Another idea though; Storytellers."

Cordelia says, "Also, the shifters. I think there's some confusion between shifers vs. werewolf. Or there is for newbies?"

Cordelia says, "Ahhh yeah, Miyuki. Lemme get through this thing about the shifters/weres and we can get to that."

Miyuki salutes.

Miyuki will type up proposal in the meantime. ^^
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Cordelia says, "Anyway. I updated the shifters files. I'm going to add bear files. So if you go here: http://eventidemush.wikidot.com/shifters you can see what I mean."

Cordelia says, "My question to you guys is… do you like the adding different animals thing? Should we continue with that, or is it too far from the theme/too confusing?"

Cordelia says, "I don't see many people playing these chars and I'm not sure why?"

Valerie says, "Everyone wants to be a pretty vampire, obviously."

Carly says, "I just want to play a human :D"

Abbey says, "I think one of the issues is that the books are based mostly around vampires and humans. Which leaves wolves/shifters/etc sorta like the black sheep."

Natalia says, "Personally, I'm not fond of having different animal-shifters, maybe it's just my bias that it wasn't in the books, but I like just having the featherdoggies."

Valerie says, "I say keep it at bears and wolves for now."

Cordelia says, "IF more animals were going to be added it was going to be slowly, so it wasn't like 'wtf, tons of random animals in town?' all of the sudden."
<OOC> Bella has surgery now, but will keep window open

Anastasia says, "No idea. The shifters really did sort of get the third-party treatment in the books, from what I read (haven't finished the third novel yet)."

Valerie says, "I think having the bear shifters turned a lot of heads and probably spiced up things ICly, simply because they are new."

Carly says, "I think if another animal is to be added there should be at least 3 players wanting that type of animal."

Abbey has no problem with the bears. "But Ya I don't think we need to go adding other animals into the mix. At least for now, if the place was to pick up and more become interested then who knows.

Carly says, "And by wanting… they should app characters of that type."

Valerie says, "Yeah, and if we did make more shifters, keep 'em as predators."

Valerie says, "Like, no bunny shifters. :("

Cordelia says, "No bunnies?"

Valerie says, "LOL."
<OOC> Bella says, "New Moon may well cause another influx and more focus on shifters"

Abbey says, "But.. the bunnies could revolt again Kyler.."

Miyuki says, "I want to shift into a rat."

Cordelia says, "Rats /are/ mean."

Carly says, "Naked molerat for me."

Miyuki says, "And people run from them."

Kyler randomly says… I like the shifters! I'm behind and trying to catch up here so bear with me a second….

Miyuki says, "And they can run up pant legs."

Carly says, "And crawl out of toilets."

Cordelia says, "Anyway! Any more comments about the shifter sphere, were sphere, confusion between the two, etc. before I move on?"

Valerie says, "They'd be huge, Miyuki."

Natalia snickers, bunny-shifters attacking Ky!

Abbey says, "Though like Bella says, with the new movie coming out there may be more interested in shifters."

Miyuki is good. :)

Valerie says, "Or more people interested in Jake's abs. HOHOHO. :0"

Abbey admits she is. XD

Natalia agrees with Abbey and Bells on that, and yah, everyone wants to see Jake half-nekkid ;)

Abbey says, "Well.. who wouldn't? XD"

Kado says, "Me"

Anastasia says, "Watch out for those Monty Python vorpal-bunny shifters! ;) Oh, and are all shifters strictly native american? More than one religion over the millennia believed in animal spirits (such as the druidic faith of the British isles, and the Shinto religion from Japan)."

Abbey huffs at Kado.

Miyuki says, "He's a guy. He doesn't count."

Valerie says, "Rotfl, the Shih Tzu shifter from Japan!"

Carly says, "I have to agree with Kado… I don't want to see him naked either :("

Valerie says, "I don't want to see him naked, but I don't mind looking at his face-izzle."

Cordelia says, "Okay, next topic… FCs! Then plot stuff, then etc. stuff."

Kyler wants to add Cordy, I can't catch up! :(

Cordelia says, "Oh! Okay."
Hermia says, "As far as the shifters being Native American, Ana, yes. From what I've seen as far as cannon goes all shifters are descendants of a particular chief of the tribe. When it comes to the wolves at any rate."

Hermia says, "Not that they are required to be Native American in the strictest sense, but they would have the blood in them somewhere along the line."

Cordelia says, "Was going for the same thing with the bears, so yeah. Though not necessarily Native American. The bears are Canadian, too."

Cordelia says, "But it's still an indiginous tribe"

Cordelia says, "Waiting for Kyler to catch up and add?"

Anastasia says, "True, but that's canon. We've stepped a half-step beyond canon, so I thought I should bring it up for the sake of completeness, and to open the possibility up for future expansion (likely far future expansion."

Kyler says, "MY TWO CENTS ON THE SHIFTER ISSUE: 1) I like the idea of having other animal shifters. I think the people who don't want other animals are sourpants, but that's mostly because I want a falcon shifter because that just would make my day. Also, I've never been that tied to the books. I thought they were poorly written. *ducks the rotten tomatoes* Luckily we've got a lot of really great RPers here who turn it into something wonderful. :) 2) Either have new animals or don't. Personally, I think there shouldn't be limitations on what sort of animals, but have a stipulation that shifters are HIGHLY scrutinized during app. That way, when you get that super creative person who wants to be some crazy animal shifter, they don't get thrown in the trash when they could have added a lot of fun to the game. And that's my two cents, feel free to continue! :P As for the native american thing, I would say you need to decide WHY the shifters shift. If it's a spiritual thing, why limit it to native american? If it's genetic, at least that limitation makes sense. Okay, I'm done for real this time."

Kyler says, "Also, I apologize for spam. :("

Cordelia nods. "True — for now, we'll probably try and stick in the North American region though regardless; considering the location it doesn't make as much sense for more international people to be in town than already are. But you're right about stepping beyond canon."

Anastasia says, "It sounds like the idea could follow totem spirits/animal guides, and there are a pretty fair number of those. Dunno about falcon, but the eagle is a major spirit guide, like the wolf and the bear. So are the horse, snake, rat, cat, raccoon, alligator, orca, and shark (though the utility of a sea animal in a land-based settting is up in the air at best. ;) But I thought I'd toss it out)."

Anastasia says, "And as cold as this area is, I don't see many gators staking it out for future residence. ;)"

Miyuki wants to be a shifter house cat. *nods*

Kado facepalms.

Valerie says, "Gator shifter in the bath tub. :D"

Cordelia says, "Yeah. I like the idea of the spirit animal type thing as well, Stacy."

Abbey grins at the thought of a gator in a blanket.

Amaya says, "Wasn't the wolf the spirit warrior? In the books, or I could be way off. Butif it were the warrior, mice or prey animals probably wouldn't be common, at least."

Natalia nods at Ama.

Kado knows nothing about the books.

Kyler hasn't read the books, so my opinions are highly uninformed, theme-wise. :P But I like the spirit idea.

Cordelia says, "I think what we're getting at is… more animals is a possibility, but maybe not RIGHT at this moment. If they are, you guys do have some good ideas, though. And yes Kyler, I like the restricted app thing."

Abbey dittos kado.. heh

Amaya says, "Also, I'm on telnet, so forgive the plethora of errors."

Anastasia says, "Each embodied an aspect of a person. Raccoon was the clever thief, wolf the savage protector, bear the conpemplative healer and berserker… those are really too general, but my shamanism is more than a little rusty."

Cordelia says, "Okay. Yeah, I think the books got at the spirit idea."

Cordelia says, "I'm going to move on so I can get through what I wanna say, then more comments after, k?"

Miyuki says, "kk"

Anastasia says, "That's why it's not just predators on the list. Okay, Cordy, I'm done. ;)"

Amaya says, "Okay. :)"

Cordelia says, "Okay FCs. So, if you type +fc, you get lots of options and as you can see, there's LOTS of empty spots. Lots."

Cordelia says, "I think that's something we're okay with at this point."

Cordelia says, "The game grew in another direction, one more suited toward OCs, and we think it's awesome."

Cordelia says, "But that being said, there's this dilemma of these unplayed characters 'being' here."
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Cordelia says, "What I'm toying with doing is just eliminating some of the spots for app… like those characters that only got mentioned once or twice in the books."

Anastasia says, "Lighten the restrictions a little, and there may be more interest. ;) I can't get six hours public RP with my OC, and I know others have had similar problems."

Cordelia says, "The ones that would stay would be the Cullens, Volturi, and the shifters, because, well, we can't exactly operate in this setting without them."

Miyuki says, "What about limiting the FC list to those with signifcant roles?"

Cordelia says, "Right, exactly."

Cordelia says, "And Ana, you'd be fine. :P"

Anastasia says, "Most of the time restrictions are tacked on to keep down apps for characters that would be highly in demand, like Jedi Knights in a Star Wars game, or major gang leaders/corporate figures/authorities in general in a Shadowrun game."

Miyuki says, "Like for the humans… Charlie is still a big spot; as he's also the Chief of Police. But the highschoolers wouldn't be so significant"

Natalia says, "With what Ana said, I /try/ to send Esme out, and offer RP with her as frequently as I can, but I don't want to force anyone to RP with Es if they don't want to, and some people want to RP, but with Bev or Piper, not Esme, it's slightly difficult to get in the required hours when no one wants to play with her."

Cordelia says, "I understand, Nat."

Valerie says, "FCs are fine, I guess. I don't personally like having them on games (the characters, not the players), BUT, I hate hate hate hate it when you have one person playing and FC, and then they leave, so you need to reopen the slot and get someone else to fill it. Throws me off tons, just with trying to get that person to get caught up on what's happened. o.o;"

Carly says, "Well for my reasoning behind it, it's hard for me to justify Carly hanging out with Esme, or any of the Cullens without a really good reason. The scene at the bowling alley was fun, but you can only do so many of those. You know? The Cullens were a rather tight group to themselves, they didn't mingle much."

Miyuki nods. "It is hard sometimes to get FCs involved when it would be out of character."

Valerie says, "Yeah. You need a really intrusive character to go and hang out with them. :>"

Cordelia says, "Yeah. I understand that… that's not why I bring it up."

Cordelia says, "I just mean, we're going to eliminate some of the positions, because they are pointless. Like, Mary, for example. Peter. People like that."

Valerie says, "I'm all for that. :D"

Cordelia says, "Furthermore."

Miyuki says, "Personally on the human list, I think Billy and Charlie are worthy. Not the rest. xD"

Valerie says, "Death to trivial parts! >:]"

Natalia says, "Okay, cool. And the idea of cutting down on the FC's for app, yah, the lesser roles don't need to be filled. And, I think, if people RP with an FC, it'd be awesome for them to log it, so that if the FC is re-opened, they can be caught up via logs. And Carly, I know that we all try to be out in the open for everyone to play with. It's a rare day that I'll say to someone 'no, Esme has no reason to do a scene with you', if nothing else, a random run in in the park, book store, woods, etc. will be a good way of introducing one of the Cullen's to anyone else. (stops now)"

Cordelia says, "As I mentioned, the shifters haven't seen much interest. What do you guys think about an OC pack leader? Who will presumably be more active so we don't have to wait for a Jake/Sam/whatever?"

Valerie says, "OMG BEST IDEA EVER."

Hermia nods. I've been working on getting log links on the character pages on the wiki for those FCs who are in logs.

Valerie says, "Except pick wisely."

Natalia says, "I think an OC pack leader is best, stability to the pack, etc."

Miyuki says, "Would have to have a story behind it."
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Kyler has personally found the Cullens to be INCREDIBLY open and creative about finding ways to interact. They want to be out playing with you guys! :> And they're going to get tired of Ky harrassing them eventually, so… XD

Hermia says, "Also there's the Relationships code where information can be added which should help too in the change over of players of FCs."

Natalia loves Hermia's codes :D

Kyler is still learning Hermia's code, but also loves it! XD

Cordelia says, "Yes, she's awesome. :D"

Cordelia says, "Abbey, what do you think about an OC pack leader?"

Kado flexes. "I'll lead the pack." Revs the motorcycle.

Miyuki >.>

Valerie says, "I think she means shifter?"

Cordelia says, "She might be idle. Anyway, it's something to consider."

Kyler says, "Randomly… if anyone needs and excuse to hang out with the Cullens, just let me know. I can most certainly find something to get you involved. :>" }

Kyler says, "…./an/ excuse…"

Cordelia says, "Okay. So now what I really was excited to talk to you guys about!"

Valerie O

Miyuki says, "Feel free to get ahold of me too. Eddy needs to get out more so he doesn't kill Kyler. <3"

Kyler waits with baited breath!

Cordelia says, "Alrighty. Well, I kind of have felt like the game lacks some sense of direction, which is my fault. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I play too quite often… it seems to be a lot of social RP and some supernatural stuff tossed in. Which is fun to me, it is! But I've struggled in the past to bring about a more cohesive plot that encompasses more conflict."

Miyuki says, "Conflict breeds fun."

Natalia says, "Kyler causes lots of conflict."

Kado says, "I need to meet more of the werewolves so I can try to start some trouble for the sparklies."

Cordelia says, "Right. And yes, he does! But I'm talking more large scale, I guess?"

Valerie says, "Forks is hit by a massive hurricane!"

Anastasia says, "I wonder if he knows two 'sparklies' saved Miyuki from Alexander? ;)"

Valerie says, "Let's see what happens!"

Kado says, "Nope."

Anastasia says, "Didn't think so."

Miyuki says, "This genre is a bit hard."

Cordelia says, "Anyway. We have a plot we're looking to run soonish. Like this weekend or next week, but for it to work, I need everyone to go with it. By that I don't mean 'OMG you must participate in my plot!' More like… if you do want something to do beyond social RP, then be willing to jump in? Share your ideas? Take risks?"

Carly says, "Well… for a wider plotline.. you need to have a direction for the mush. A final destination. Every plot that's done needs to lead somewhere closer to there."

Cordelia says, "I realize right now IC consequences are kind of severe for any sort of trouble. That's a barrier that can be toyed with."

Miyuki says, "I hate one out point in the distance to get to. I like a direction, but I don't like to have a set end. You know? I prefer open/flexible plots myself."

Miyuki says, "Because you never know how people are going to react. What they will do."

Cordelia nods! Yeah, agreed, Miyuki.

Kyler says, "THAT REMINDS ME. I totally had an idea for a plot. Whenever y'all aren't busy with other plots. :P"

Miyuki says, "And the surprise players give the plot staff are always fun in my experience. ^^"

Cordelia says, "So, I guess my first question is this. Do you WANT something more than social RP?"

Carly says, "What I mean by final destination is… death to all vampires. Human cataclysm."

Valerie says, "Yes."

Miyuki says, "Yes, please and thank you and cookies."

Amaya is open for plots. And I should be more active now, too. But I'm good with any and all RP.

Carly says, "Definitely!"

Miyuki says, "Aww, but we like vampires. xD"

Cordelia says, "By that I basically mean an actually rift/reason to fight sort of thing between the species and all that sort of drama."

Valerie says, "This means everyone needs to really pay attention to consent and combat rules, though. o.o;"

Kado says, "I want to take over the city. *sagenod*"

Miyuki says, "They throw 80lb girls for fun."

Cordelia says, "And political stuff."

Miyuki says, "Political intrigue is always fun. Never done it on a modern game though."

Cordelia says, "Yeah. We've had like, 6 fights here, EVER."

Cordelia says, "Okay. Well, that's good that we're all on the same page with that!"

Kyler says, "Really Cordy? If that's true, I've been responsible for like half of those. XD"

Kyler says, "Otherwise, you have more fights on game than you realize. :P"

Cordelia says, "I don't want to give away any details and at the same time I'm all nervous about being 'we're going to launch this plot and it's going to make everything awesome!' in case it doesn't, but it's going to hopefully spark more of a reason to want to hurt each other. Which sounds kinda mean, actually, but it might be better."

Valerie says, "Conflict is better than pretty frolicking and typical drama."

Miyuki says, "Conflict is good. It breeds roleplay."

Cordelia says, "I need some things from you guys to make ANYTHING happen, though. First, take risks! I mean, not if your char wouldn't, but don't be afraid to make things happen."

Cordelia says, "I sometimes feel like some players are hesitant to do stuff that will be IC newsworthy. Don't be afraid!"

Kado goes to steal the Cullen's cars.

Miyuki does the Afton point at Carly. O:)

Kyler hunts down Kado and mud-balloons him.

Cordelia says, "And also, I know everyone's super busy, but if staff asks people to @Mail them something and it's relevant to you, please try and do it?"

Amaya should make an alt. Ama is to shy and careful and nice to do anything that would involve conflict. And to naive/willingfully deaf and blind whenever she sees any.

Kyler proceeds to get told off by Esme for making the cars muddy. :(

Miyuki says, "It only takes a few minutes to do. :)"

Natalia swats Kyler.

Cordelia says, "It can be disheartening to think that nobody is really interested. And we all just want to have fun and RP."

Kyler kidnapped Amaya awhile ago. We should follow up on that, Maya. :P
Puck has arrived.

Amaya says, "We should! :D"
<OOC> Puck says, "okay. I officially suck. Sorry."
<OOC> Amaya patpats.

Natalia gives Puck a cookie.
<OOC> Kado says, "Admittance is the first step to recovery."

Cordelia says, "Sooo can you guys do that?"

Cordelia says, "Hi Puck!"

Kyler has been distracted by being especially insane lately. You can blame Esme for that. ;p

Valerie says, "I did. :E"

Kyler says, "And yes we can, Cordy!"

Amaya will reply!

Natalia says, "Stop blaming me, Ky :P"

Anastasia says, "I've never been asked to @mail anyone anything that I can remember, but I /do not/ like the @mail system here. I had to ask for help just to find the help files on it."

Puck nods. All the requests are on the boards

Kado says, "There was one asking us to @mail about if we have an IC job."

Miyuki says, "Oh yeah. Plots."

Puck says, "you guys also need to set your emails on your characters"

Miyuki says, "Can I do my storyteller thing now? :)"

Amaya should get Ama and IC job, but yeah.
<OOC> Amaya says, "an*"

Natalia says, "Ama can have Bev's old job."

Cordelia says, "Hang on Miy."

Valerie says, "I never ever check my email. o.o;"

Puck nods. Then if for whatever reason the server goes down or moves, your SOFL

Carly says, "I use my wiki mail more than anything…"

Valerie says, "Haha."

Miyuki says, "Thought we set our emails in chargen"

Carly says, "And I know that Val is a wiki stalker… so I can track her down really easy."

Cordelia says, "Anyway. Any more questions or concerns about a plot? I want us to move forward here! Everyone clear on my vision? Not saying it /has/ to be that way, but it's something to shoot for besides he-said-she-said RP."

Anastasia says, "We do. Thanks to bad experiences, mine and others, on other games, I no longer put my email addy on my +finger, ever."

Puck says, "Regardless. Set the email/"

Valerie says, "Not with the file I use for here, Carly. :'("

Valerie says, "I've only edited two sites with it."

Puck says, "it wont show up to anyone but staff"

Amaya says, "How do we set Email? Sorry."

Natalia says, "What's the command to set one's email?"

Natalia says, "My braincell, Ama."

Carly says, "I thought I set it at chargen?"

Puck will post it…when he remembers

Cordelia says, "There's a post on board 1 already."

Puck points to Cordy

Amaya says, "But it's my only one, Natalia!"

Cordelia says, "I'm assuming everyone's cool with what I said."

Miyuki nodsnods

Amaya nods.

Carly says, "I'm cool with it. I was born to die."

Cordelia says, "Okay. Puck, anything you want to say?"

Puck is lost

Puck ohs!

Cordelia ruffles. Yes.

Anastasia shrugs. "Okay here. I'll take part as much as my schedule allows."

Miyuki says, "Just leme know when I can toss my idea out. ^^"

Puck says, "a little while ago I posted about wanting to know who was interested in RP plots"

Anastasia kicks her shower. "Two days in a row that damn thing's made me late getting on here…"

Puck says, "like 2 people responded. DO NOT ASSUME that I will simply involve you. If people ignore or fail to respond to my stuff, I will ignore them."
<OOC> Kado is backed up. "I'll read the log later."
<OOC> Valerie says, "Same, actually. Gotta jet."

Cordelia nods!

Miyuki is staying.

Carly says, "I would like to participate :("

Amaya is interested in plots! Sorry, Puck. :( And I have to go in five, ten minutes. :(

Puck says, "another thing is that people need to make an effort in getting /away/ from comfort zones and groups and RPing with other people. I'm super guilty to. Making an effort myself. People are feeling ignored and left out. We all need to work on including others."

Anastasia says, "Time for me to go. I'll leave the screen open to catch the rest."

Anastasia says, "Puck, I think we've already covered this, BTW."

Puck shrugs. I'm the plot wiz (for the most)…its my job.

Puck has said it, so his bases are covered.

Miyuki hugs a Puck.

Cordelia says, "Yep. Try and RP with newbies!"

Cordelia says, "Otherwise they go away."

Puck says, "or bitch to me"

Puck says, "and THEN go away"

Cordelia says, "Alright welllll I think that was it."

Miyuki jumps around.

Cordelia says, "So if you guys have other comments and stuff yeah."

Carly says, "Perhaps melding the pub and rpn channel."

Carly says, "I didn't even know that the RP channel existed until 2 weeks into the game."

Puck laughs. RpN isn't /supposed/ to be a talking channel.

Miyuki raises hand.

Cordelia says, "Hrmm. People turn pub off though, because they talk to much."

Bella says, "I suppose for me, I have been so busy with stuff lately, that RPing with a person who knows what I am going through and knows I will be slow is one thing, inflicting my slow on other people is another. Though all the big stuff should be sorted now and I will be back out on the grid"

Puck says, "and that"

Miyuki admits to keeping pub off. » Spaaaammy

Carly says, "So when people were advertising that they're available for RP, I didn't know it."

Cordelia says, "I talk too much. >.>"

Bella says, "But please page me if you want to RP!"

Puck nods. but like, an example. My alts always stand out because they will /always/ be silenced on the pub, which is why we can't meld them.

Miyuki says, "I'm not keeping it a secret that I also play Edward and Afton. If I don't have them on, and you want to play with them, just page me. ^^"

Puck nods. I know you guys aren't snobs. But the newbies don't know you. and on games (like the ones I'm from) paging and randomly asking for RP gets you in trouble,

Miyuki says, "I do work as a GM on a private WoW server, so sometimes I'm semi-busy, but I'll play with you anyway if you can handle me being semi-slow."

Puck says, "so most people wont do it."

Carly says, "My point is, that only people with RP channel on knew that there were people looking and when. I didn't know so when people would set themselves to LRP, I never knew it and I stayed idle."

Cordelia says, "I think the newbie @mail tells you to turn on +rp/on…"

Puck knows Carly. I don't work the RP channel very effectivly either

Miyuki whistles.

Puck thinks maybe we'll set it up to do that automatically.

Miyuki says, "May be best."

Miyuki says, "I just turned Miki's on."

Puck laughs

Miyuki 0:)

Carly says, "That would be awesome if it was auto on at creation."

Cordelia says, "K."

Puck would also like to point out to people, don't be afraid of the Volturi. We will NOT be PKing if at all possible. Dead PCs make no RP. Just don't be retarded.

Miyuki says, "Stoooooorytellers."

Miyuki says, "Be afraid of Afton. He's pretty."

Puck says, "the retarded will be stupid."

Puck says, "and dead"

Carly says, "Afton is scary :("

Cordelia says, "Okay, Miyuki, tell us your idea? :)"

Miyuki says, "Shhh, Carly, they aren't supposed to know that."

Puck eyes Yuki. What about Storytellers? I already tried it once and guess what happened….I got ignored!

Miyuki says, "YAY! Spam time."

Miyuki says, "Okay… I know from personal experience, Plot Staffing can be grueling, especially if its a lone job. However, something that has helped with that in the past have been 'Storytellers' or 'GMs'. They have no special power or authority, but they can help out staffers with running NPCs/plots, etc. If a player has a small scene they need to be ran, say… a car accident and a Police Officer spoofed, etc, they can call on the Storyteller/GM to help do such things instead of bugging staff constantly. Though, like before, any extra 'duties' put on a player can cause the whole favoritism fad, but I've found this to be a very effective means in the past. Especially if there is one Plot Staffer/Wiz, they can have the GMs work directly with them, etc. Completely voluntary type of thing. And I'm tired, so I hope this makes sense."

Miyuki sits. "I feel better now."

Puck snickers. She already had it typed

Miyuki says, "I've been waiting like… thirty minutes. xD"

Puck has talked about this already with Cordelia.

Miyuki sniff.

Carly says, "Hee hee"

Miyuki says, "Storytellers = Plot Wiz Sanity"

Miyuki says, "Trust me. >.>"

Puck doesn't mind having help. People that Rp with me enough know I love RPing NPCs. But I can always use help. I just beed /dependable/ help.

Puck says, "especially since it looks like my arm isn't getting better"

Cordelia says, "Yeah! I've heard of that before, Miy. I haven't played at a game like that before."

Puck leans on Cordy. It's niiiccee

Carly says, "I've played in many a game where there's been ST's and Troubadors."

Miyuki has used them in the past where I did PlotWiz. Keeps headaches to a minimum. *nodsnods*

Puck says, "well I guess those interested can @mail me and Cordy."

Miyuki says, "Elsemu they have a whole GM Faction, but god to they need it. They rate 80+ daily playing or more."

Puck says, "if they can deal with my OCD"

Cordelia is just worried about the same bit w/ the player helper thing.

Miyuki says, "Don't need THAT much here. Just a few :)"

Miyuki says, "Well see.."

Miyuki says, "The way I've see it done in the past is that the 'Storyteller' has a different name. Kind of like staff."

Miyuki says, "For only Plot/NPC purposes."

Miyuki says, "So no one knows who they are, unless they blab it."

Carly says, "At a place where I staffed we had a volunteer board."

Carly says, "People signed up willing to play NPC's for other players."

Carly says, "Like pretend Carly wanted a family dinner… I'd make a call to the volunteers and they'd put on Robertson faces for a scene."

Miyuki says, "Player helpers you are you. But GMs/Storytellers were a separate identity."

Miyuki should play your brother. He sounds fun. *snicker*

Carly says, "The volunteers/troubadors were also the ones the GM's called on to play NPC's for plots."

Cordelia says, "The volunteer board is cool…"

Bella says, "Having family NPC's listed on your Wiki page that are available for NPCing can help"

Miyuki says, "Having established personalities for those NPCs are also a plus."

Bella says, "It can help build connections between PC's 'Oh I work with your brother at the bookstore' can be an opening for RP"

Puck nods. We'll talk about it in /our/ meeting. But we'll figure out our own way of going about it. I've also staffed on these types of games and ran the plot hooks myself so.

Carly says, "It would also aleviate the FC problem.."

Miyuki says, "So people know what they're getting into."

Miyuki says, "Not everyone can play every personality type."

Puck nods.

Puck can't play a romantic. At all.

Miyuki says, "I wonder why…. O:)"

Puck smirks

Miyuki pets.

Carly says, "It's because Puck is the ultimate incarnation of evil :("

Puck sighs. Yeah.

Cordelia says, "Okay! Well it seems like a popular idea, and I'm all for anything that can help people RP more and have fun."

Cordelia says, "Give me some time to consider the details."

Miyuki says, "Maybe an NPC board too."

Cordelia says, "and we'll come with with a decision about it."

Carly says, "Actually.. I'd like an NPC place on the wiki."

Miyuki says, "If you play an NPC, can put name, personality, etc there. So if anyone else wants to spoof them, the NPC can stay the same"

Carly says, "I'd put up full sheets on Carly's family if we had one."

Miyuki says, "And be established. And who knows, someone may turn them into a PC later on. ^^"

Puck sighs. Do we REALLY need more freaking boards?

Miyuki says, "Never can have too many baords. *ducks*"

Miyuki says, "*boards"

Puck says, "yes you can"

Cordelia says, "Let me clarify something…"

Puck says, "there are 8 with 1 or less posts"

Cordelia says, "On the games you guys played w/ the storyteller and the board, is it the same? Like you request a scene w/ the storyteller from the board? Or ANYONE can play your NPC request from the board?"

Miyuki says, "The board thing was a separate idea. On my end anyway."

Carly says, "Anyone on the list could play the NPC that you request, at the time of the request. They'd make a note on the character page with "played on 10/09/09… link scene log""

Cordelia says, "Ohh."

Cordelia says, "Then what's the point of the storyteller?"

Carly says, "That way, the next guy could pick it up and there would be continuity."

Carly says, "The storytellers kept the plots sane."

Miyuki says, "To NPC, but the NPCs were usually one shotters."

Carly says, "Storytellers were there for bigger pictures."

Puck nods. We'll talk about it.

Miyuki says, "Or to help out in the Plot Wiz's plots; especially if there were multiple scenes going on at once."

Carly says, "Like Volturi ball, ST's and Troubs would control multiple vamps so there was stuff going on without one person running everything."

Miyuki says, "But the NPC Board/Wiki Page would help keep the NPCs played more of a recurring role. And if you didn't have an idea for an NPC type, or a person wanted a particular NPC to be palyed, the info would be there."

Miyuki nodsnods.

Carly says, "Exactly."

Amaya sneaks out. Night, all!

Miyuki says, "Nini"

Puck nods. We'll talk about it. Staff have yet to have our meeting because Hermia was letting me zone out on the TV…

Carly feels like she's on the same wavelength as Miki.

Bella says, "Re RP (sorry belated) Snob and Shy can be a fine line to the person that doesn't know the person in question, but I would not consider myself a Snob, but I do get self conscious with new people at times, but I do try to get out there when I can (which should be a lot more now that the event is over)"

Bella says, "So to those here, if I am on, I probably want to RP"

Miyuki hugs Carly

Miyuki says, "If I'm too swamped to RP, I won't be on :)"

Puck nods.

Puck will…but he'll be hella idle.

Puck says, "like today"

Carly says, "I'm always game if I'm on."

Cordelia says, "If my alts are on, I want to RP."

Cordelia says, "Okay. Well… anything else?"

Miyuki is good

Cordelia says, "Cool! Well, thanks for hearing me out."

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