Three Volterra Citizens Murdered in Napoli

A spot that ran on national news networks throughout the day, mentioned in passing. It's not a big story, after all, people are killed every day…

"…And tonight outside of Napoli, investigators are on the scene of an apparent act of a brutal triple homicide that is believed to have occurred in the middle of the day, around 12:30pm. A car carrying three business people was believed to have been stopped on its way into the city. The car was abandoned on the side of the road, and in a vacant home about a mile away, the three were murdered." (Scene shows abandoned car)

"Witnesses saw a house on fire and called authorities - upon arrival, only one of the bodies was recognizable; the two others had been burned to the point where DNA comparison will be difficult to apprehend. The body appeared to have been mauled by a wild animal of sort before it was burned. The victims, names of which are being withheld, were residents of Volterra." (Scene shows shot of the home)

"The mayor of Volterra responded quickly (the TV screen cuts to a photo of Aro, looking remarkably human probably due to some mad graphic skills, and his quote alongside the screen). 'We're very saddened to hear about the loss of our friends and city members. We are a peaceable people here in Volterra, and we are shocked and astonished that some of our own would be murdered in such a way. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our people. We will not stop until every murderer is found and put to justice.'"

(Scene cuts back to reporter, who laughs nervously) "Well, he certainly means business! In other news…

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