The war begins...supposedly

The word spreads rather quickly after the Volturi's so-called "press conference." The Volturi have declared war on the Children of the Moon. But what's more? Aro has insisted it is not just the Volturi's battle, that every vampire should rise and defend their kind against those that threaten their longevity and their power in the supernatural world.

Some have been quick to embrace this. Reports from outside of the Olympic Peninsula tell of fights breaking out, hunts for werewolves, and in some disturbing cases, stories of vampires packing up and going into hiding. It's a tense time for the supernaturals.

Still, others feel indifferent - feelings of hatred cannot be so easily created, after all - especially for those with no love for the Volturi. A 'reward' has been offered to the vampire that proves him or herself 'brave' enough to defend their kind until the end, bringing justice about…or maybe just bringing as many wolf skins as possible to the Volturi. Power, money, and fame, all without the strings of actually being /in/ the Volturi. It's enough for some to take action, and again, enough for some to scoff at, at least until things get personal. Let's hope they don't.

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